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 Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)

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PostSubject: Re: Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)   Wed 01 Apr 2009, 11:43 pm

Name: Lexi
Age: 15
Height: 5'5''
Grade: 9th
Team (currently): Spoink, Shuppet

I awoke and looked around the room. i noticed spoink and shuppet eyeing me ansixly. (A/N: i cant spell) i looked and then and muttered, "give me a minute ill be done soon." i grabbed a spare change of clothes and headed to the bathroom. i looked at my sweat shorts and checked my tee for any marks and then put my hair up and parted my side bangs. i walked out of the room and noted that i had some pokeballs in my purse, all different for i thought i would start a journey but could never be sure.

"OK GUYS, LETS GO!" i exclaimed, grabbed my bag, and headed downstairs. the two small pokemon could do nothing but follow me in my pursuit of a journey. as i headed out the door i checked to make sure they were coming and i opened the door and went out now me the one following them. i had just taken the first few steps into my journey.
one week later

the trip was going smooth.. so far i mean we had been going to watch people and we were just making our way into pewter city (A/N i just remembered that i never said what region i was in) i wasn't realy watching were i was going and before i knew it


"oww" was all i could say and then i looked up to see who tripped me. i noticed i had run into a guy about about a couple years older than me with icy blue eyes.

"hey" he said in a casual voice as best he could. "im jake."

"hi jake im lexi" he held out a hand to help me up. i gladdly accpeted it.

"hm... you look familiar." i noted.

"yeah i probably do im jake razze... famous coordinator." he finished. i looked at him with a stunned look. i had seen him on tv so many times he had the best team, or the best i had seen at the moment. i remembered he had a brother... Zane i think it was.

"do you have a brother?" i asked

"yeah, Zane he is a battler and a coordinator." he noticed my awwed look. "i can intruduce you if you like." he said again very casual.

i looked at him with huge eyes... wow. i never knew being a klutz could work out so good.

hmm i think that was good lol today in math at the end of the period we put the chairs on the desk and the bell was about to ring but i was kinda tired so i put my chin on the chair and it went crashing to the floor. lol everyone looked at me like even my teacher and i muttered, "god im kinda a klutz ok no need to stare"
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PostSubject: Re: Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)   Thu 02 Apr 2009, 2:03 pm

I wonder if anyone liked mine...
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jirachi luver

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PostSubject: Re: Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)   Thu 02 Apr 2009, 2:10 pm

i liked urs icy is good
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PostSubject: Re: Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)   Thu 02 Apr 2009, 2:46 pm


Early the next morning Nathan's alarm clock woke him up at 6 o'clock.


Nathan sighs and pulls himself out of bed and wakes up his Eevee. He decided the night before that Eevee shouldn't have to stay in its poke ball while it's asleep.

"Good morning Eevee! Are you ready to leave for Johto? Let's go eat and get ready for our trip." Eeeeiiivvvuiiii!!!! Eevee cried, obviously annoyed at being woken up so early.

Then the duo walked downstairs to get some food. "Hey Eevee what do you want for breakfast? We got eggs, (of course) some bacon, and some Captain Chatot cereal. So pokemon food for you Eevee?" Eeeevveee!

"Okay then eat quickly so we're ready for when Jay gets here."

Later that day Jay walked up and knocked on Nathan's door. "Hey Nathan? Are you ready to leave?"

"Yeah! I'll be right out!" Just then Nathan's mom came down the stairs.

"Are you leaving so soon?"

"Yeah Mom I told you I have to leave early to make it to the port before night."

"I just want to tell you something. I'm going to miss you!" All of a sudden his mom broke down crying.

"Oh come on Mom you don't have to do that. I'll be back to visit soon."

"I know but what if you get hurt?"

"I'll be fine. I have Jay to help me with everything. Now he's waiting outside, and we have to leave."

"Well okay then. Just remember to call me right before you get on the boat. And be careful in the Wary Woods."

"I will Mom don't worry! Good bye now. I'll talk to you later."

And with that Nathan shot a bright red beam at Eevee and returned it to its poke ball. Then he went outside to meet Jay.

"Ready to go Jay?"

"Yeah. I couldn't even sleep last night because I was so excited! Now quick we have to go."

So the pair started walking down the path that led out of the small town of Barrington. Soon they came to a gate into what looked like a forest. Outside the gate Jay ran up and started shouting.

"Look Nathan look! It's the gate to the Wary Woods!"

"Okay let's see what this sign says."

There was a sign hanging on the gates stating, "The Wary Woods Named after its founder the trainer and breeder Matthew Wary"

"Let's go in there now!" Jay shouted.

Once past the gate the two trainers became surrounded by large trees. Suddenly they heard some screams coming from a tree nearby. After running to where they heard the noise, the pair spotted a small Asian boy wearing glasses and glowing shoes up in the tree. The they saw that the trunk of the tree was covered in what looked like very pissed off weedle, wurmple, and kricketot.

"H-h-help me!!!!" The boy shouted.

"Well Jay? Should we help the nerdy kid?"

"I don't really want to but I think we should."

"Okay then. Go Eevee! And I think you should use your pokemon too Jay. I don't think I saw what you had."

"Okay then. Go! Ditto!"

The the trainers threw their poke balls and their pokemon popped out in a flash of white light. Eevee! Ditto! the two pokemon yelled.

"Quick Ditto use transform and turn into Eevee!" Jay shouted.

"Eevee you use Shadow Ball and blast those bugs!" Eevee shot a dark orb looking thingy at the tree and around half the bugs were knocked off the tree and were knocked out.

"Ditto you do Shadow Ball too!" Then the ditto that transformed to look like Eevee fired the same orb as Eevee did. This knocked out the other half of the bugs.

"It's okay little nerdy Asian boy! You can come down now!" Jay yelled to the boy in the tree.

"A-a-a-are the bugs gone?" The boy screamed.

"Yes! We got rid of them! You're safe now!" Jay screamed back.

So the small boy shinnied back down the tree trunk and said to the trainers, "Hi, I'm Abbas. Thanks for saving me. I think I better walk back home now. Maybe I'll see you another time."

"I doubt it. We're on our way to the Johto region. We were just coming through the woods to go to the port."

"Oh. well I have family in the Johto region maybe we can see each other again! But for now I have to leave. Bye!"

"Okay bye." Nathan said.

Then the small boy named Abbas ran back home pathetically slowly. The two trainers though kept walking through the woods and eventually made it through to the other gate.

All of a sudden Jay ran ahead and started shouting, "Hey Nathan! I can see the port from here! We can make it in about 20 minutes if we run!"

So the two boys started running downhill to the port and their trip to the Johto region.

The end of chapter 4. More should be coming tomorrow or saturday
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PostSubject: Re: Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)   Thu 02 Apr 2009, 3:33 pm

since im still banned from the chat box (-_-) i suppose now would be a good time to try this

Grade:Out of school
Team(so far):
p.s lots of diolouge in here and forgive grammer/spelling errors ok?

"stupid alarm clock"
"Wait a sec. today is the day i get my 1st pokemon!!!!!!!"
Jay practically flew out of his bed and down the stairs were he saw his mom cooking breakfast.

"Hey honey" Called his mom.

"Hey jay" Groaned his sister

"Hey mom! Hi ate... can't talk right now i gotta get my 1st pokemon!!"

"but the Prof. doesnt open his lab till 12:00" she shouted after him, but it was to late he was already gone.

Jay walked along and felt like he was being followed. He thought he heard a kinda of jiggley, slooshie sound so he turned around. All he saw was a puddle on the side walk.
"must have been nothing" he thought as he quickened his pace.

When he saw the lab he sprinted there. He saw that the doors were the kind that push open so he kept speeding along. Up the stairs he went then...


He hit the door smack in the middle and fell down the stairs.

Inside the Prof. was working on a new type of pokeball, he called it the super ball. It wasnt as effective as the master ball but more effective than the ultra ball. As he worked on the hinge system he heard a loud thud he walked leasurley thinking it was just his imagination. He unlocked the door, it was already 11:55 anyway so he'd be opening soon. He looked around and saw nothing as he was walking in he heard something that soundid like a dieing shinx. He stopped and looked around then heard it again.

"UUGGGHHHAAAA" It was coming from dow the stairs. He looked down and saw that it wasn't a shinx but a boy.

"Are you okay?!"

"UUGGGHHHAAAA... Whaaa?...I..Wha?.....Who are you?"

"My name is Prof. Oak. Why are you here?" he said in a slowly.

"Uhhh hold on lemme think....Oh yeah! im pretty sure i came to get my 1st pokemon."

"Of course! Didn't your mother tell you i dont open until 12:00? Well, no matter. Come in! please ill make some tea! Are you okay with oolong?"

"Yeah what ever" they walked in side and Jay sat at the table while the Prof. got the tea. Jay was examining the half completed pokeball on the table thinking about it.

"Cream or sugar" asked the Prof.

"Sugar. Are you haveing trouble with this hinge system?"

"Why yes! How'd you know"Said Oak walking in with a steaming tea kettle.

"Well have you tried replacing the lever part with a remer 1200?"

"No... How about we give it a shot?!" He left the room and came back with the piece of machinery."I dont beleive it!"He exclaimed as he opened and closed the pokeball without a noise"It works perfectly! The other worked for all the other pokeballs but i guess this one is special!How did you do this?! Wait... your Jay arent you? You were top of your class in your school. You graduated from colledge just last year."

Jay just sat there smiling drinking in all the attention before he said"please i dont wanna meet like this i just want to be a normal kid."

"Okay well since your 1st here u get 1st choice at pokemon."

"Awsome! What can I pick from?"He said stairing at the 4 pokeballs.

"Well we have with us a squirtal, torchic, and turtwig today!"

"What's in the 4th one?"

"You wouldn't want that one, it's just a glob of jelly that only knows one attack.(Ppppsssshhhh ill never be rid of this one!)"

"It sound like a DITTO!!!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! i love me some ditto!!!! Can i have that one please!!!!!!!!?"

"Well, i guuess you can have it your lucky you were the 1st here or else he'd be gone in a flash!(Holy crud. I cant beleive my luck!!)"

"Cool, well lets go Ditto"

Jay started walking out the door, but proffeser oak stopped him.

"Jay since you helped me make it and were so helpful i want you to take this" Oak handed jay the super ball.

"I've decided to name it after you and redisign it to give it a J on the front. Also, this will be the only one ill ever create special for you."

"Thank you so much i want my ditto in it though and i want to name him Jack!"

"Of course ok then!"

So they transfered Jack from the regular pokeball to the J ball. Jay had his 1st pokemon, but he also had a huge bump on his head and thought he could have people ride on it to make a living. He went home and to sleep with his 1st pokemon in his hand.

Hope you liked it tell me what you all think!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)   Thu 02 Apr 2009, 4:21 pm

i liked the (holy crud i cant believe my luck!!) part
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PostSubject: Re: Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)   Thu 02 Apr 2009, 4:37 pm

i just cant wait sooo Time for Ch. 2 YYYYAAAAAYYYY plz tell me wat you think plz!!

Grade:Out of school
Team(so far): Ditto(Jack)

Jay woke up and looked at his alarm clock and saw that it was only 6:00 A.M and tried to go back in but was interupted by a sight that made him happy he was holding his pokeball under his pillow as he slept.

Smalley, a moron that thinks he owns every dimension, and his goons,Jacob,Kieth, and Conor, walked in. As they pulled him up Jayhid the J ball in his PJs(which were 3 sizes to big).

"Smalley... What do you want with me?!" Jay yelled

"if your trying to warn someone being that loud its not going to work we tied up your mom, dont worry she is un-hurt... for now"He eerily finished
"and as to what i want with you well...your a super genius and i just plain hate you after this were going after the only other person that is smarter than you!"

"Ok, fine...i guess ill go with you" Jay said as he thought to himself nathan just got his evee i hope he has it with him.

They pushed him into their heli-copter and off they went.

Nathan woke up at his usual time somewhere around 7:00, but instead of it being his alarm clock it was a chopper. He looked out side and saw his friend Jay stepping out he looked a bit glum but still very gleeful. He was about to run out and say hi when he saw none other than Smalley Stepping out.
"What has jay gotten himself into this time?! I mean come one he had to have done something real bad if he had SMALLEY accompinying him."

He grabbed his newly evolved espeon and slowly opened the window and onto the lower roof so he could get them from behind.
He watched them go in and dropped down. Looking through the peephole he saw they were up the stairs looking for him. He let his espeon out.

"Espeon" He whispered,"i want you to use shadow ball to make an explosion next to them ok?"

"EEESSSPPIIIIIO" came the answer.

He opened the door slowly tiptoed up the stairs then whipered

"O.K Espeon go now!"

Espeon hurled a shadowy blob at them and it caused a small explosion. Nathan saw Jay was in his PJs as he ran over and they greeted each other.

"Move over Jay ill take this"

"No way! Im gunna help!"

"You dont eaven have a pokemon!"

"Well... what do you call this then huh?" He said as he pulled out his J ball and threw it releasing Jack in a explosion of white light.
Nathan stoopd there awed as the others sent out there pokmon. Even they followed some rules and they greatly respected pokemon so it was only Jacob a Kieth vs. Nate and Jay. Jacob sent out a carvanna and kieth sent out sharpedo.

"Jack use transfrom and turn into espeon!!!!" Jack imediatley obeyed and almost magically changed.

"Espeon use grassknot on sharpedo!!" Yelled nathan as he recovered from the daze of seing Jay's ditto

"Jack use Grassknot on carvanna!!" Jay shouted

Almost simultaneously carvanna and sharpedo went down. As Jay and Nathan high-fived,their oponents sent out the exact same pokemon except with a different trainer. Must i even tell you what happened next? well i will anyway

"Use grassknot" Yelled Nathan and Jay at the same time.The result was the same.

"Stupid idiots can't do anything right!" yelled Smalley as Jacob and Kieth returned to their spots behind him.

"Ill be back! you can count on that! you stupid smart people!" Smalley yelled as he practically flew out the window with his lackies.

They rushed to the window and nathan yelled

"Yep i never heard anything that makes more sense than that!"

"So... Nathan," began Jay " after this encounter i figure we might need to get more pokemon so i was wondering if you-"

"Of course!!!!" Nathan cut him off

"well then lets get going im thinking starting at sinnoh get some of the more newly discovered pokemon and maybe discover some new ones our selves!!"

"Oh yeah! lets get movin k?"


"Im gunna need to tell my mom 1st" again they said sumultaneously. And so that is how their adventure together began.

Yay my story is awsome yes or no? and also its more of a began again cause of nate's story but watever
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PostSubject: Re: Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)   Thu 02 Apr 2009, 4:38 pm

Thx icy i appreciate the praise now could you bow to me
im just kidding...for the most part
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PostSubject: Re: Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)   Thu 02 Apr 2009, 8:18 pm

Im un banned hooray!, back to buisness. ch3!

As Jay and nathan taveled they taled about what they wanted to catch 1st.

"I want to catch the 1st wild pokemon I see!" Exclaimed Nate

"Well i want to ,browse, i guess you could call it, before i make my decision. Any way we need pokeballs 1st." He reasoned

"Well then, what are we waiting for!" At this they went to look for a pokemart.

They finaly found one in sandgem town. They enterned and walked right up to the cashier ignoring all the awed looks.

"Let me do the talking"said Nathan"my mom gave me some money before we left. Hi!"

"Hello." replied the cashier

"We just need a few Ultra balls pleasse"

"ok thats 1200 for one, but considering who you are... 650!"

"Ok ill take 99 for each of us please!"

"Are you insane!!!"Said Jay"we need some of that money to survive on stll!"

"PPPPSSSSHHHH, my mom gave me a ton and i had a bunch from other research ive done its no problem at all."

"Fine but i only want 50 for now. Don't want the extra weight to slow me down."

After they got their pokeballs they decided to look around. They wandered into one building where they found Prof. Rowan.

"Hello prof." They toned

"Hello youngens. I see that you have pokemon but no pokedexs?"

Jay and Nate hudled up and whispered to each other

"Jay, thats right we totaly forgot them at our houses whenwe rushed away!"

"Well then i hope he'll give us some" And with that they returned to the professor.

"See, professor, we kinda left them at our houses..." Said Nathan

"Yeah, we were just so excited to see you we weren't thinking.(I hope he likes a kiss-up)"Jay said

"Well, in that case," began the proffessor with a slight tinge of red on his cheeks."you can have these" He handed the two young trainers pokedexs were they would record all their pokemon sightings.


Suddenly they saw the lab doors fly open.

"Lets see here, Bag, check,map, check, empty everything out except a couple of things aaannd... there done!"

Cody was just 12 years old, and ready for a huge adventure. To bad he couldnt go with his friends. They wanted to stay here and be 'scientists' well he would just have to make new friends. He started day dreaming about what his new friends would be like.

When he came too he realized it was almost time to get his 1st pokemon!

"Oh boy!!!" He raced down the stairs and out the door.

He was half way there when he hit someone that was small and as he fell he thought he saw a flash of blue.

"UUUGH what was that"the boy asked.

"Oh im sorry" said cody

"Its ok im on my way to the lab to study but im not very fast."

"well im going to get my 1st pokemon so ill go there with you, but youll have to run, Im almost late lets go! WAIT i forgot whats yor name?"

"Abbas" Replied the small kid

"Then let go Abbas!"

As thy rushed off Abbas fell behind with every step and cody wondered, what is with his 2 front teeth?
As the mysterious figure came in he was identified to be a boy with short brown hair.

"I MADE IT!" he said heaving

"Oh yes! i had an appointment to give someone their starter. Lets see," the proffesor went to get a clip board he looked down the page."AHH, Cody you made it"

"Yep" replied the figure now known as cody

"Well lets go get your pokemon, we have Piplup,Chimchar,and turtwig, some one came here earlier and got the special pokemon i had so to late!"

"Well in that case i suppose ill go with... Chimchar!"

"Indeed, well good luck and here is your pokedex(I dont know why but this id seems naturally anoying to me!)"

As the prof. was pushing cody out the door another figure came in and colapsed on the floor.

"Hi! I'm-"

"You're Abbas! remember we met before in the wary woods?" interupted Nathan and Jay

"That was you who saved me? Thanks, my parents wanted me to give yo this as a reward. thats a shiny stone, helpful if you know what you can use it on... Wait! of course you'll know wat to use it on! I didnt realize who you were"

"Ok well nice haveing you all here bye!" So the trio left the lab.

Then as they were walking they had to stop while some cars went by. Abbas bumped into cody who bumped into Jay who bumped in to Nathan who almost got hit by a car.

"ABBAS!!" the three of them yelled simultaneously.

"Sorry i was just looking at the angel of my life across the street...Sooooooooo pretty cant stand it!"

"Abbas thats really wierd" The trio said

But they had to admit she was pretty.

This marks the end for my storys for a while. im getting grounded tomorrow in case your wondering why im getting a couple of b's
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PostSubject: Re: Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)   Thu 02 Apr 2009, 9:11 pm

Here it is, Chapter 6 =D

The trio raced to the airport as fast as their legs could take them. They arrived within minutes out of breath, and fearing they were out of time. Breathlessy they ran to the front desk and asked the lady at the computer if she saw a man come through.

After explaining what Romulus looked like the clerk replied, "Oh yes, I did see him. He came through to find out when his plane took off."
"When did he board the plane!?" Brian practically shrieked.

"I told him the plane wouldn't leave for another 2 hours, so he left again."

"He left?" inquired Shiki.

"Yes he did, now if you have no further questions, I have more boarders to take care of."

The three exited the airport, and took a short walk to the pokecenter. Brian decided if he was about to embark on something that would no doubt be dangerous, he decided he would have his full A-Team. He found the computer at the pokecenter and dialed through to home. The first thing to greet him when it was answered was his mother.

"Where have you been!?" shrieked his mother turning a few heads in the pokecenter, "I was worried sick about you!"

"Mom, it's ok. I'm at a town called Bright Town."

"Bright town!" yelled his mother once again turning heads, "What are you doing all the way out at Bright Town!?"

"Look mom, I was attacked the other day, and i've just been trying to find my assailants. Besides i'm fine, my pokemon are keeping me safe, and my friend here is keeping me out of trouble."

"Your friend?" replied his mom, "what friend?"

And with that Shiki walked into view and Brian's mother got her first look at Shiki.

With a sly smile his mom said, "I see Brian has good taste in friends."

"MOM!" Brian shrieked a now blushing Brian turning a few heads himself.

"I'm just teasing you honey." laughed his mom, "now is there anything you need?"

"Yes mom, there is one thing I need. I need to send regigigas home, and can I get you to trade it out with my other pokemon?"
"Sure thing honey."

Brian placed regigigas's pokeball on the teleporter, and with a flash of light, it vanished. Shortly after a new pokeball appeared in it's place.

"Thanks mom." said Brian.

"Don't mention it honey," replied his mom, "you be careful. And
ummm...what's your name?"

"Shiki." replied Shiki.

"Shiki huh? You and Brian stay safe now. He has a tendency to get himself into trouble." and with a wink of her eye, the call ceased.

"I like your mom," laughed Shiki, "now what pokemon is in that ball?"
Without answering Brian threw the ball out and with a blast of light, the pokemon appeared. Standing before them, about as tall as Shiki, was a slender green and yellow pokemon. It's eyes were oddly placed with a large opening above them. There covering up the opening was a leaf, and a vine running down it's back.

"Awwww what a cute victreebel." cooned Shiki scratching the place behind victreebels ear that connected the leaf to the rest of the body. Victreebel seemed to like that.

"Is there anybody you need to call? Your dad possibly?" asked Brian.

"No, my dad's not home right now. He's at a conference."

Without a further word Brian returned victreebel to it's pokeball, and they took off once again. They arrived at the airport hoping to find Romulus. When they arrived they caught the tell-tale glimpse of Romulus's somewhat receding hairline. In hot pursuit they chased after him bumping into lots of people on the way getting many angry shouts. But they weren't quick enough Romulus took the corner to get onto his plane, and as they were catching up, an airflight attendant stopped them.

"Tickets please?"

Realizing then that there was no way to catch up with Romulus, they had to take a new approach. "We're trying to catch up with that man." said Brian.

"Why do you need him?" asked the attendant.

"He's our uncle!" Shiki chipped in quickly.

"Yeah!" said Brian playing along, "he's our uncle and he forgot one of his pokeballs."

"I'm afraid I can't let you through unless you have a ticket. Besides, i'm sure you can send it to him when he arrives in his destination."

Knowing they were beat, the two sulked away. When they got outside BuzzBee came to greet them, but seeing their downcast expressions, knew something was wrong.

"We have to catch them!" exclaimed Brian ONCE AGAIN pointing out the obvious.

Suddenly an idea sprung to Shiki. "We can catch them!" she exclaimed joyously.

"How?" said Brian now genuinely curious.


Soaring through the air as fast as the could, the golden dragon, and the emerald dragon tried their best to keep up with the retreating jet. The flight was incredibly arduos, but to their relief, they only had to fly for a mere hour. As it turns out the plane was flying towards a private airport. They circled high above out of eyesight, watching as the passengers exited the plane. When they vanished into the hangar below they dropped to the ground lightly.

Without thinking the four ran into the hangar ready to fight every one of those grunts. Instead what they found were 12 grunts blocking their entrance to the plane. And there in the middle of the grunts stood Romulus himself.

"Romulus!" barked the chairman somewhere behind them, "Keep those annoying brats busy."

Simultaneously the grunts sent out their pokemon. Before the two dragons stood 4 absol, 3 raticates, 1 slaking, and 6 Honchkrow.
"12 against 1?" asked Shiki, "seems a bit unfair."

"Your right," said Brian, "we should close our eyes."

And without another word the two yelled in unison "OUTRAGE!"

A bluish fiery glow enveloped both dragonite and flygon as they began their violent counter-clockwise, almost hypnotic attack. As they moved closer to the awaiting pokemon, they gained velocity with each passing second. Before the grunts realized what was happening, the twin dragons slammed into the opposition knocking out everything in their path. When the attack ceased, the only thing remaining standing was a slaking. Before either trainer could call out their next command, the slaking collapsed flat on his face.
Romulus stood there watching everything with an intense calmness, and wordlessly removed two pokeballs from his belt. From the pokeball came out an aerodactyl and a tyranitar.

Shiki and Brian knew this would be difficult for dragonite and flygon, so they recalled them to their pokeballs. Then they threw out 2 new pokemon. Standing on the field ready to face the aerodactyl and the tyranitar was Brian's victreebel, and Shiki's gligar now stood on the field. Brian was unaware Shiki had a gligar, but knew this wasn't the place to ask.

"Victreebel sleep powder!"

"Gligar stone edge!"

From beneath victrebel's leaf, a storm of green pollen rained down putting the mighty tyranitar into a deep slumber. Likewise a barrage of sharp stones slammed into aerodactyl. Brian was unaware of what kind of power such a small gligar could dish out. But the battle wasn't over yet.

"Aerodactyl use Hyper beam!" "Tyranitar use Crunch!"

Without warning a powerful green beam of energy flew through the dust cutting it like a knife, slamming directly into gligar. Likewise, what Brian had presumed to be a tyranitar that was down for the count was proved very wrong. Charging at victreebel was tyranitar. With massive power it clamped it's mighty jaws down on victreebel leaving him at it's mercy.

Gligar had withstood the powerful hyperbeam and looked as though he wasn't hurt much at all.

"Gligar use stone edge on tyranitar!"

More pointed stones flew through the air crashing directly into tyranitar knocking it backwards a step, and loosening it's grip on victreebel.

"Victreebel! Take the shot now! Use Leaf Blade!"

The tail-like vine on victreebels back suddenly stood rigid and began lashing back and forth repeatedly crashing into tyranitar. When the attack was finished tyranitar fell to the ground with a thud.

"Now gligar! Finish off that aerodactyl with ice fang!"

Gligar's serrated canines began glowing a pale blue as it raced towards the still re-charging aerodactyl. With bone chilling accuracy, the gligar sank it's fangs deep into aerodactyls back causing it to shreak in pain. Before the pain could worsen Romulus returned both pokemon back to their respective pokeballs.

He ran to the waiting jet, but before he entered he gave one last look back at the two children below. He had a pained expression on his face as he glanced back at the two children, and without a word he ran into the jet. Through the loud heat of battle, Brian never heard the jet start up, or the turbines winding up. Before they had a chance to blink, they were forced to get out of the way before being squashed by it.

After the jet had passed the two looked at each other wondering to themselves why Romulus had looked back. Knowing they still had to stop the evil chairman, they returned their current pokemon to their balls, and sent out their respective dragons. Exchanging one last glance at each other, they took to the skies chasing after the fleeing jet.


What's with Romulus? What was in the note? Find out the answer to these questions in the excitement of chapter 7 =D

If I was on death row and given one last meal I would ask for a fortune cookie. "Come on 'long prosperous life!'"

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PostSubject: Re: Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)   Fri 03 Apr 2009, 1:15 am

I figured I'd give this a shot. Hopefully I can sub down and activate my creative writing boosting berry. (Look! A pokemon joke! hahaha.) =P


The window was banging as the shutters slammed against it repeatedly in the strong wind. Rain was pelting the roof, as it had been doing for hours. Occasional cracks of thunder would rip through the house at an ear splitting decible. Nick hid under his covers, desperatly trying to keep himself safe from the storm that was ravaging his quite, sea side hometown of Frazilsmith.

Nick was a young boy then, only 7 years old. His whole life was laid out for him. His parents were well known in the town and it was almost certain that one day he would become mayor or someone of great importance. Intelligent and determined, Nick seemed to have the inate skill to become a leader. But that was all about to change.

There was a loud crash but this time it came from the door. Nick gave a small scream and hid under the covers especially hard as the sound of footsteps could be heard entering the room. These steps weren't familiar though. They were heavy and didn't move through the room like his parent's.

"Well, well, well. Lookie what we got ourselves 'ere mates," said a gruff voice. A hand grabbed the top of the sheets and pulled down. There were three men standing in the room dressed in tatered shorts and grey or white t-shirts.

"Looks like the purty couple downstairs has a little purty boy."

"How much do you think it'd hurt to watch their little boy get taken away?" One of the men asked the others.

"More than what I had planned for them. Bwahaha!" The man shook the sheethed sword at his side. "Com' on little boy. Yer comin' wit us." He reached over and grabbed Nick at the hip.

"NO NO NO NO!" Nick tried to cling to his bed but he was dragged away from his safe spot. The look on his bound parents faces as the men walked out the front door could have broken anyone's heart but apparently these men's hearts had been lost to the cold sea a long time ago. They just snickered as they stepped out into the stormy night.


Nick found himself in a new bed the next morning. He looked around the room and was horrified because he realized that what had happened the night before was not a horrible nightmare but actually happened. He was sitting on a bed in the corner of an entirely metal room, the walls were an off white and the paint was chipping in a few places. There was a sink attached to the wall to his right and a door across from him. To his left was window and a small shelf. Almost too scared to move Nick stood up and looked out the window. There was no land around him, only water for miles and miles. He fell to the ground and started crying. The door opened behind him but he didn't turn to look.

"Look at the lil' boy. He be cryin' like a lil' baby. Hahaha," said a rough voice different from those the night before. Nick stood up and turned around. Suddenly infuriated by the taunting he rushed toward the man and tried with all his might to inflict the pain he felt in his heart at the moment. But all his blows didn't phaze the man at all.

"Whadaya expect ta do? Hahah." The man kneed Nick in the stomach. "Now, the Capin' be wantin' a word with ya. Get yer breath an' follow me." Nick gasped for air for a few seconds. The man grabbed Nick by the back of the shirt and forced him to start walking. After a few yards he was able to get his balance and started walking by himself. They walked down a hallway, up some stairs and down another hallway until they reached a door.

The man knocked on the door. "Ay Capin'! The runt be here fer ya." There was a clunk as the door latched opened and a tall, man dressed in what looked like a blood red suit like all the captains from tales of pirates stepped through. He bent down and smiled at Nick. The Captain's face was cleanly shaved except for a stylish gotee and his hair was dark brown, almost black, and went down to his neck.

"How are you doing this morning, son?" Nick stood silent. Too afraid to answer. "What is the matter with you boy? I'm an important man. The least you can do is greet me."

"H-h-h-hi." Nick managed to get it past his lips.

"Are you afraid of me son?" Nick nodded as a tear slipped out of the corner of his eye. "Hahahahaha. Now why would you fear me? I have given you a bed and the opportunity to become a greater man than you ever could have been back in your sad little town. Here, step into my cabin and I'll explain more. You're excused Henry." The man that guided Nick to The Captain took his leave. The two that were left walked into the room.

"Now, you see that? That was respect. On my ship, you give me your full respect and I'll treat you with respect. Disrespect my rules and I'll have you walk the plank. I'm not a bad guy, you'll find. In this particular field of work you need to be tough so don't expect anyone to show emotion. As you can probably guess you are now a member of my crew on my pirate ship: The Nevenger.

"The men that picked you up last night were three of the ten other men on the crew, excluding myself. They are some tough hearted deck hands but loyal to the end. If you follow your orders and help them out they will accept you and I highly recommend you do so or you may not wake up one morning. Do you understand what I'm telling you?" Nick stared blankly at The Captain.

"You're a pirate now, son. Aboard the most feared ship this side of the world and you best respect the position you are now in. Do you understand me?" Nick nodded slowly.

"Good. Now go find yourself some shoes from what was pillaged last night and head up to the deck. I'll meet you up there."

"H-h-ho-ok," Nick agreed and turned around and walked out the door.



Ok, good start. Don't worry, this will get around to pokemon soon. I just needed to get some initial plot and character set up. It also won't be so depressing the whole time. (It's called motivation people, deal with it.) =P
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PostSubject: Re: Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)   Fri 03 Apr 2009, 10:51 am

dittotastic pie wrote:
eveeloutions rule... just sayin
of course they do
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PostSubject: Re: Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)   Fri 03 Apr 2009, 3:16 pm


"Two tickets for the ferry to Johto please." Nathan asked the clerk at the port.

"Well that will be 3000 dollars young man."

Nathan hands her some of the money he had saved up from his birthdays, Christmas, and allowance for the last 2 years. Then he takes the tickets from her and walks over to where Jay is sitting about 20 feet away.

"Okay Jay here's your ticket. Let's go to the boat now."

"All right I'm ready to leave! But shouldn't you call your mom like you told her you would?"

"Oh whoops! I almost forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me."

So Nathan walks over to the nearest phone he sees and punches in the number for his house. On the second ring his mom answers the phone.

"Hi Nathan. Are you ready to leave yet?"

"Yes Mom. I just bought Jay's and mine's tickets. We're about to board the boat."

"Well okay. Just remember to be careful."

"Aww Mom you tell me that a million times a day. I will be careful."

"All right so you better go now."

Nathan saw his mother press a button and the screen went dark. He went and met Jay by the plank to get onto the boat they would be taking to the Johto region. They handed their tickets to the sailor by the boarding plank, and walk onto the ship they would be taking. It was about 200 feet long and looked cool enough to be a cruise ship.

"Hey Jay, I'm gonna go explore the ship. Maybe I can find another trainer or something."

"Okay then. Meet me back here in an hour though. It's only a 6 hour boat trip."

So Nathan started to walk down the hallway they were standing in. Before he made it halfway down the length of the ship, a boy around Nathan's age walked out of a room next to the hall.

"Hi my name's Cody! I'm going to the Johto region to visit some friends. I just found a pokemon before I left to come here... So do you want to battle? I assume you're a trainer because I can see your poke ball."

"Uhh sure. I'll battle. Let's start now!"

Then Nathan and his opponent walked onto the deck and began their battle.

"Go Eevee!" Nathan yelled.

"Let's hurt 'em Rotom!" The boy named Cody shrieked. Then he threw his poke ball and a small pokemon that looked like a top with plasma for arms popped out of the ball.

"Woah! That's a weird pokemon!" Nathan exclaimed. "Oh well. Come on Eevee use yawn!" And then Eevee opened its mouth wide and let out a huge yawn. The yawn attack hit Rotom right in the face.

"Oh no! This is my first battle! I don't know what to do! Uhhh, quick Rotom use Thundershock!" Rotom shot a small shock of electricity towards Eevee and when the pokemon was hit it started to slide backwards. Suddenly Rotom just settled down and fell asleep on the deck of the ship. "Rotom! What happened!"

"Hehehe. I was just waiting for this to happen. That's what happens when I use Yawn. "Eevee fast! Blast it while it's down! Use Shadow Ball!" Eevee shot a shadowy blob at the sleeping pokemon and it was evident the pokemon couldn't take another hit like that. Then the Rotom woke up and started levitating again.

"Yes! Rotom you woke up! Let's go! You use Shadow ball right back at Eevee!" So the Rotom tried doing the same thing that Eevee had done to it. But when Eevee recoiled to brace itself from the shadow ball the blob just passed through it harmlessly. "Wait! What just happened? Why didn't that hurt Eevee?" Cody yelled.

"Ha! This must be your first battle. Ghost type attacks like shadow ball can't hurt Normal type pokemon like Eevee. Eevee! Jump up and finish this off with another Shadow Ball!" Eeeeevvvvuiiiii!!!! Eevee hollered. Then it blasted another shadow ball attack.

"Rotom use Thundershock again! Try to block the Attack!" The Rotom blasted another electric atack from its arms straight at the Shadow Ball. For a moment it looked like the Thundershock might stop the Shadowy attack, But then the Ball overpowered the weak electric attack. In a split second the attack hit Rotom for the second time. "Rotom no!" Cody yelled, but it was too late. the electric ghost was on the ground and was unable to get back up.

"That was a good battle Cody." Nathan said, walking over to where Cody was returning his pokemon to its ball. "It really looked like that thundershock would stop Shadow Ball."

"Thanks... that was fun! Even though I lost." Then a voice yelled from the sidelines.

"Why is it that whenever I'm not with you you have battles?" It was Jay.

"Hi Jay. I'd like you to meet Cody. I just battled him." Nathan said.

"Oh hi Cody. I'm Jay."

"Hi Jay. Well I'm tired. I think I'll go back to my room and go to sleep just like my Rotom." Cody said. "Maybe we can meet up again once we're in Johto."

"Yeah I'd like that. Hey Jay I think I'll go back to the room too. Cody had a good idea about the sleep."

"Okay then..." Jay said. "But I'm going to keep walking around the ship. Maybe I can find a battle. See you later Nathan."

So Jay walked away to wander around the ship, leaving Nathan and Cody to go back to their rooms.

"Well bye Cody. When we get to Johto I want a rematch though. Maybe we could meet up where you're staying with your friends."

"Okay so if you're ever in Ecruteak just come to the pokemon center. I'll probably be there a lot because of this Rotom."

"Oh don't be like that. Your pokemon is really strong. Well I have to go now, bye."

Then Nathan walked back to the room and fell asleep. By the time he woke up Jay was shaking him saying, "Nathan wake up! We only have a little while till we dock in Johto!" So the two went and stood on the deck looking for signs of land so they knew how much longer until they could get back on land.

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alright im grounded so shhhhh its time foooor CH 4!!!!!i think it was here we go!
Grade:Out of school
Team(so far): Ditto(Jack)

For the past few blocks they talked about Abass's "Angel" and they soon found out her name was Rebecca. After a few block of teasing and threatening to go talk to her about it Cody realized something.

"Why are you eaven here Abbas? you said you were gunna go study."

"OH!!!!! you right! ****! I gotta go!! see ya!" Abbas swore as he ran at a very uninpressive speed back to the lab.

"That Abbas is one strange kid..."Nathan stated the obvious

"No! Really? Any kid with a gap between his front teeth and light up shoes is deffinatley normal!" Jay sarcastically said.

So they decided to leave sangem town and head off too JubiLife. As they wandered the paths they realized something.

"We have to catch some pokemon here. Orburgh is the 1st gym and a user of rock types." Explained Jay

"Yeah thats right. We'll be headed there after jubilife lets go catch 'em all!"(gotta catch 'em all! he he he)

So they split up and wandered around in the tall grass. The 1st person to spot a pokemon was Jay. He heard a sudden shriek that sounded like this.


"Ready Jack?" he said as he un clipped his pokeball from its place on his belt."

Jay threw ditto out and he immediatley transformed into budew. Jay knew that around these parts all they knew were absorb and growth. If he caught it he'd have some work to do.

"Jack use Growth!!!" Jack, now looking like the budew they were battling, appeared as if he grew, but jay knew it oculdnt be. The budew used absorb but since Jack was now a grass type it basically did nothing."

"Jack now relentlasly use absorb till i say stop!" So Jack started taking away all of budews energy. When it looked almost about to faint Jay yelled

"Ok thats enough Jack! Now GO Pokeball!" Jay whipped the ultra ball and hit budew right in the head(which is also its body) and a flash of red light enveloped budew then retreated into the ball. The pokeball shook back and forth a few times on the ground before it dinged and was safe to pick up.

"And thank you Nathan for providing these for me." Jay whispered to himself.

The next person to encounter a wild pokemon was Nathan. He had his espeon walking next him when he saw a staryly grazing.

"Ok espeon we dont want it to die so just use a nice easy shadow ball."
As espeon was hurling the shadowy blob Nathan readied his ultra ball. The moment shadow ball hit Nate flung his ultra ball and caught starly.

"Ooooh yeeah!"He exclaimed over joyed at getting his 1st pokemon here in sinnoh.

Cody was the last one to find a wild pokemon, buuut his catch didnt go as smoothly as the other 2 had.

Jay and Nathan ran to the spot they said they would meet and reached there one after the other.

"What pokemon did you catch Nate?!" Asked Jay

"I got me a starly! How bout you" replied Nathan

"I got a budew! hoo haa!" Jay exclaimed.

After waiting a few minutes they decided to go looking for cody because he hadn't come back yet.

Cody saw a shinx walking along and sent out his chimchar.

"Chimchar use scratch!" He yelled

"CHIIIIIIIIIMMMMMCHAAAAAR" Chimchar yelled what sounded like his battle cry.

Cody knew the shinx was ready to be caught but as he groped around he remembered something"Lets see here, Bag, check,map, check, empty everything out except a couple of things aaannd... there done!" He had forgoten to pick up his pokeballs before he left.

"AAAAAAAAHHHH!" he screamed "Im such an idiot! uhh... Chimchar just keep doging while I think of something..."

He wanted to catch this shinx soooo bad. how would he look is the others had pokemon and he didnt?! At that moment he heard something so uplifting comeing from his 2 best friends.

"Need a pokeball?" Said Jay and Nathan at the same time.

"Soooooo much, please?" asked cody

Jay opened his mouth but Nathan beat him too it.

"Here take mine," he said," i have way more than Jay and i dont want him to spare anything he might need."

"Thanks!" said cody as he threw it at the shinx he though one thing.
"I need to work on my aim."

The ball clipped the shinx's ear just barley though enough to catch it. It shook on the floor but eventually stopped the three of them had caught there 1st pokemon in sinnoh.

YAAAY! ok im gunna make ch 5 now
Hope you like it!
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PostSubject: Re: Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)   Fri 03 Apr 2009, 4:51 pm

time for.... Ch5!

Grade:Out of school
Team(so far): Ditto(Jack)Budew

The trio was nearly at jubilife, or at least thats what cody's poketch said. Th wandered along testing there new pokemon against any threat that came along.

At last they made it to jubilife. There they wandered the city looking for oponents. They walked into the pokemon school where they saw people with pokeballs. 3 of them one for each of the three companions.

Cody battled 1st. He sent out his shinx and the opposing trainer sent out a starly.

"Shinx! Use tackle!" Shinx threw himself full force at starly.

"Starly use wing attack!"Yelled the opposing trainer.

"Pssshhh, its not gunna do much to an electric type mr. school boy! now if you wanna do some real damage you'll need something super effective like this! shinx, use spark!!!!!!!!" Shinx tackled the starly just like last time except he charged up and electric force field this time, so when he was running there was a yellow field around him.

Starly fell like a stone and "mr school boy" withdrew his starly.

"Great battle!" said cody.

"Like wise."

"Alright now its my turn!!" yelled Jay.

"Ill take you on woose boy!" yelled the girl trainer.

"Go geodude!" she screamed

"Well lets see how much you like my little friend. BUDEW GO!!!" With a birst of white light the small green bud appeared.

"you know what im just gunna end this now!" Jay exclaimed" Budew use absorb!"

Before the girl could command her pokemon to move budew drained all its energy away and it collapsed in a heap.

"Ha!" He yelled

"...What happened again?" The girl asked.

"Finally its my turn!" Nathan said.

"That means its me too!" said the bi "alright lets see oh yeah! Go budew!"

"Jeese man this might end up just like Jay's"

And indeed it did, infact it was shorter than Jay's.

"Thanks so much for the battles." Said Jay

"Yeah we got some good exp. from that!" followed Nathan

"I bet our pokemon will be evolving in no time thanks to you guys!" Ended Cody.

"Bye!" the six of them said as our trio left.

" Hey! how bout we hold a mini tournament between the three of us. Okay?" asked jay.

"Well, we need one last person to make it complete." Reasoned nate.

"We can ask my cousin! Rebecca" Cody found a soulution to their problem.

Nathan realised something just then.

"Rebecca is the name of the girl that abbas is crushing on!"

"I knew that when i saw her across the street i was about to yell hi when abbas said 'She is the angel of my life' so i didnt want to."

"Im gunna go get him while you go get your cousin" said Jay.

Jay went back to sangem town and told abbas that he had a suprise he thought he'd like. Cody went and told his cousin about the turny and then they headed back to jubilife.

"Whats the surpri- OMG!!!!! sooo pretty......"droaned abbas.

" Hey so whats the match up for the turny(oh no! its the kid that obssesses over me. Just play it like you don't know.)"Rebecca thought.

"well i was thinking abbas will be the ref. and heres the match up Jay v.s Cody and Nathan v.s Rebecca then winner v.s winner o.k?" Jay informed her

"Alright lets see how you guys fare against each other."

"Alright this will be a 2 on 2 battle no substitutions on either side are the rules clear?" Refed Abbas

"Yep!" Jay and cody said. They sent out Chimchar and Ditto. Ditto automatically transformed as usual.

"Let the battle begin!" Yelled Abbas.

HA! end of this ch. How do you think the battle will end? how will abbas relationship thing work? The answers are very obvious so Think on it!
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PostSubject: Re: Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)   Fri 03 Apr 2009, 5:28 pm

the not so long awaited ch 6! im gunna title this one
The Mini turny
Name :Jay
Grade:Out of school
Team(so far): Ditto(Jack)Budew

"Jack use scratch!" Jack charged his newly developed claws ready to rake his foe.

"This is gunna be my strongest attack! Ember!"
"CCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMCCCCCCHAR" was his battle cry as he sent glowing embers flying at Jack. It looked as though nothing happened
"WWWAH?" Exclaimed cody

"Remember dittos type changes along with his image! duh" said Jay

"Oh no!" then Jack Started clawing at Chimchar's face

"Uhhhh Chimchar use Leer!" Cody said starting to worry.

"Jack just copy everything Chimchar does!" Yelled Jay

"Now we will se who is truly the strongest." He continued

Chimchar used leer and so did Jack. Chimchar used scratch and so did Jack. Chimchar used Ember so did Jack. Eventually they both got worn down.

"Ok Jack now we have to finish this use scratch!"

Jack clawed at chimchar's face and he fainted.

"grrrrr...Alright Shinx its all you now!" Cody said as he sent out shinx.

"Stay as chimchar and use ember!" Yelled Jay

"AAARGH! Okay use spark!" Shinx charged at Jack while charging up an electric field. As he hit Jack flew back slid a few feet on his face changed back into ditto and couldn't get up anymore.

"Hmmm... OKay GO BUDEW!" Jack threw out his budew.

"Use Absorb!"

"Shinx use spark!"

Spark hit 1st then then Budew gained its energy back bye taking shinx's. After they did that one more time shinx got a critical and absorb couldnt recover all that hp.

"Alright shinx last one!"

"Uhhhh wuuhh. What are you doing budew?." Glowing leaves floated around budew and she launched them at the charging shinx."Thats magic leaf! you learned magic leaf!"

"Nooo! my shinx! it fainted..." Cody said depressed.

"The winner is JAY!!!" Abbas exclaimed.

"Alright Rebecca its you and me now!"


"He's got a huge crush on you Rebecca" said cody

"Yeah... I know. since a couple weeks ago. shhhh dont tell him." said rebecca

"UUUUhhh OH yeah! OK Rebecca UUUUGGghllluuhh pretty V.S Nathan."

they sent out their 1st pokemon

"BEGIN! heeeaaagggurrlee pretty uh.. BEgin pretty..." Said Abbas

Tell me if you like it!
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PostSubject: Re: Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)   Sat 04 Apr 2009, 10:04 pm

Pokemon Role Play,


Chapter One, Part One.

Change my mind.

How dismal, how foolish, how sad, daybreak wakes the apathetic world, shining light into umbra. Eyes open, disturbed, unwilling to wake.
"Get up."....."its day." dazed, tired and at a loss, I greet the day with pessimism, angry still at what life is under the dictatorial rule of youth.
"what time is it?"......"day."... I give a feint smile to acknowledge his sarcasm, "don't keep the light waiting". I am Kyle, a young professor in the world of Pokemon, new, naive and unsure. "Hello Professor, 'I'm here to pick up my 1st!" there a weak, giddy child looking up at me, "Professor?" "I'm sorry, i trailed away in my own thoughts'. "I'm here to pick up my 1st!" "very well, which starter would you choose?".
"ummm, SQUIRTLE!" "please, tell my assistant, and he will arrange everything." "ok!". Annoying...I am after all not a lover of children, young untapped, and raw, How annoying.

I remember when i was young, so full of life, so interested. A smile falls on my face, curious. I am many things, but nostalgia is uncharacteristic. To research pokemon, to brighten the obscurity of their existance, is that not my job? when did distributing starters to children become my responsiblity?

"Kyle, we are wanted in Pastoria." "Nick, go without me, my strength is dim still, i am not recovered." "We are being air lifted, they seem to really want us there." Nick is a professor, just like me, he is a year my junior and has become vital in my success. He is of average height and build, sarcastic, but a saint. "ok nick, I suppose i could suffer a trip." "good."

Chapter One Part Two.
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PostSubject: Re: Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)   

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Role-playing topic (And not the dirty kind)
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