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For pokemon Diamond and Pearl players who need a place to find others to trade/battle with.
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 The Grimmace

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Prof. Cowie

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PostSubject: The Grimmace   Sat 04 Apr 2009, 11:19 pm

Pokemon Role Play,


Chapter One, Part One.

Change my mind.

dismal, how foolish, how sad, daybreak wakes the apathetic world,
shining light into umbra. Eyes open, disturbed, unwilling to wake.
up."....."its day." dazed, tired and at a loss, I greet the day with
pessimism, angry still at what life is under the dictatorial rule of
"what time is it?"......"day."... I give a feint smile to
acknowledge his sarcasm, "don't keep the light waiting". I am Kyle, a
young professor in the world of Pokemon, new, naive and unsure. "Hello
Professor, 'I'm here to pick up my 1st!" there a weak, giddy child
looking up at me, "Professor?" "I'm sorry, i trailed away in my own
thoughts'. "I'm here to pick up my 1st!" "very well, which starter
would you choose?".
"ummm, SQUIRTLE!" "please, tell my assistant,
and he will arrange everything." "ok!". Annoying...I am after all not a
lover of children, young untapped, and raw, How annoying.

remember when i was young, so full of life, so interested. A smile
falls on my face, curious. I am many things, but nostalgia is
uncharacteristic. To research pokemon, to brighten the obscurity of
their existance, is that not my job? when did distributing starters to
children become my responsiblity?

"Kyle, we are wanted in
Pastoria." "Nick, go without me, my strength is dim still, i am not
recovered." "We are being air lifted, they seem to really want us
there." Nick is a professor, just like me, he is a year my junior and
has become vital in my success. He is of average height and build,
sarcastic, but a saint. "ok nick, I suppose i could suffer a trip."

Chapter One Part Two.

The Straw Man.

"Cheer up, its like a vacation!" Nick is happy as usual, we arrived in Pastoria, about a two hour trip from State "ha, am i to express jubilation to appease your insisting need of optimism?".......I walk away with a smile on my face. Ah the calming sound of cascading waves, sultry, silk, satisfying. "Kyle, they seem to have found a thick population of relicanth" "and so what?"........"They need to be rehabilitated"...."*sigh* is marine biology not your specialty?"....."yes...i was being objective."...."and I, am being lazy."...."Pants."

"Sir"....A man, slender, pale....strange, and eccentric dresser, odd to say the least. "yes? what is it? i am very busy."

"May I take a moment of your time professor?"..."Are you certain you dont want to talk to nick?"...."We need your expertise in the psychology of pokemon."....How annoying.... persistent, strange, gormless.... "what is your name, and why do you bother me?"...." I am Price, im a new trainer...and my pokemon wont listen to me"....."how....unfortunate, but what am i to do?"...."please, advise me."..."Be better."

"...Professor...must u be so harsh?"....."hahahahaha"....Nick walks in with a bag of groceries. " please pardon the professor, he isnt one for social interaction...."...."and where have you been?"...."at the beach for a bit, trying my luck at some no avail."...."haha...your problems make life all the more bearable"...."PROFESSOR! my problem please...." What a child, so imposing....and unaware of it. "take your leave boy, i do not wish to be in your prescence."

".... OK.....I apologize if i have inconvenienced you"....."Kyle, you could have been nicer..." "i could have been meaner too"....
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Prof. Cowie

Number of posts : 137
Age : 30
Trainer Type : Edumacator....
Friend Code D/P : gonna hve to be my friend to get it >=3
My Pokemon Team :
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Registration date : 2008-02-25

PostSubject: Re: The Grimmace   Tue 07 Apr 2009, 1:36 am


PROFESSORS! (as both nick and kyle look back at a terribly hurried young man) "yes?" (they both say) "Im sorry to bother you, but we are in desperate need of help!"..."what with?!" (a fast response by nick, Kyle left impressed by his willingness to give aid.) "what is the matter matter...?" (How worrying this was kyle thought to himself) "THE YIELD ARE HERE!"

The yield. The yield are a group of resistance who wish to re-establish the monarchy, "old blood" usualy sprouted from nobility.

(Nick was surprised, but kept his cool.) "The yield you say? where are they?"..."I would imagine they would head for the square... something about the timing sounds like a statement." "No sirs! they are in the west corner of the city! PLEASE you must help us!"

"Lets go Kyle, they might be in danger."
"Fine. but ready yourself for a fight..."

Arriving on a scene of chaos members of the Yield were attacking the west corner of the city.

"NO! we need to put a stop, they are burning the city!"



A massive current of air put out a part of the flame.

"Now Floatzel use rain dance."

A large man walked their way

"haha, and what pray I would you be able to do to hinder us?"
"Kyle! forget this guy, i'll take him, put out the rest of the fire."
"Always the hero...."

HAHAHA! Meek professors like you think you can stop me?!




A giant bolt of thunder came down on machamp. It fell to the ground, leaving its trainer disgusted.

what....what was that.....

" went all out there nicky...that sir, was the power of a professional. between us, are 2 of the international battle elites."
"...LOOK WHAT YOU GUYS DID!, POINTLESS DESTRUCTION! THE MONARCHY?! a king... and queen... the gods did not pick them why are they to take their place here!"

"relax nick...."......"I DO WHAT I WANT!"..."haha ofcourse, take your men sir, and leave. if next we see you we may not be so sympathetic."

The forces of the yield shuffle off, cursing under their breath.

"I really hate people, who would so cause such damage to a place of dwelling."
"Nick, the thread lies in the seam."
"what does that have to do with anything!"
"I dont know... but it sounds so cool =D"
"twisted. being light hearted now at the face of destruction"
"Quit your nagging. shall we summon authorities?"
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The Grimmace
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