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 a Nesstastic story :3

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PostSubject: a Nesstastic story :3   Sun 05 Apr 2009, 11:01 pm

There was a cool breeze softly blowing on a bright sunny day. It was the perfect day to start traveling.

Ness had no pokemon of her own, but decided to start on her journey anyways. Ever since she saw her first contest she had always dreamed of becoming a pokemon coordinator, and starting out now she realized she was starting to make her dream a reality. This sudden realization made her jump with glee and nearly pee, vomit, and faint all at once. Luckily she didn't...

hmm... where should i start looking for a pokemon... oh, i remember prof. oak telling me i had to be extremely careful out here with no pokemon. i should find a stick to be safe....

She wondered into the forest and came upon a tree with garbage around it.
what in the world? pretty sure trees dont litter... oh! maybe its a pokemon!!!!
Ness quickly took out one of the pokeballs prof. oak gave her and chucked it at the unsuspecting tree. The pokeball bounced off the tree and SMACK! right into Ness' face.

"OUCH!.... either this pokeball is defected or that isnt a pokemon.." She suddenly found a stick and used it to whack the tree a bit to see if it would move.

"aww... i guess it isnt a pokemon.. But why is there so much garbage here?"

Suddenly there was a small noise, "...urp...".
Ness looked around alarmed, What was that?!

"Oh my! the tree just farted!" Ness whacked the tree some more in an attempt to show it some manners, when " paaaaa!!.." a little white thing fell from tree and right into Ness' arms.

"OH! I'm pretty sure THIS is a pokemon!" i guess i didnt need a stick after all...

The pokemon was white and blue, and had yellow cheeks. Ness held it in front of her so she could see it better and instantly fell in love.
Its so cute! oh.. but it looks sick..
"Did you make this mess?" The cute little sucker opened it's eyes half away and passed out.
"Ill take that as a yes." I need to get this little guy some help... Ill take him to prof. oak right away.

And right away she did! After explaining what happened and being laughed at, prof. oak finally said, "This Pokemon is called a Pachirisu. It's an eletric type pokemon. It sounds like he just got into some trash and ate too much, he'll be fine later today after some rest. Why dont you go home and wait till I come by with the pokemon."
"ok.. I guess thats all I can do right now.. " replied Ness. Man.. this sucks..

*later in the evening*

"Hello? Ness? I'm here with Pachirisu!"

Ness raced down the stairs, tripped, crashed into her mom, who crashed into the dining table which knocked over sending the dishes flying like kamikazis on a mission.
"AHHH!!" they both fell to the floor. The table had tipped over and the surrounding chairs had been knocked over and scatter around the room. Ness jumped up and had to catch herself from falling again, then opened to door.

"Hi Ness, Pachirisu is all..." Prof. Oak saw Ness' mom passed out on the floor. "OH MY WORD! What happened here??"
"umm... an earthquake... you didnt feel it?" Ness said. "No.. I... really???" Prof. Oak said in confuzzlement.
"... Sure?..." replied Ness.

"um.. well.. uh. Pachsirisu.. is um. All better now...." Prof. Oak continued to stare at the disaster in front of him. Ness snatched Pachirisu from Prof. Oak and said, "Great! Pachirisu, would you like to travel with me!? I promise I'll make sure you never get sick again, and feed you, and pet you, and hug you, and not hit you with a stick!"
Ness took out a poffin from her pocket, "Here Pachirisu! EAT IT!" Prof Oak started to say, " Ness shouldnt we help your mother... NO NESS! Drop the poffin!"

It was too late, the Pachirisu had already munched that poffin up like it had never been munched before. The Pachirisu's eyes lit up and it gave Ness a big ol' hug. "Yay! It loves me!" Ness pulled out a pokeball and the Pachirisu went inside.

Ness called it back out and as she did her mom finally awoke.
"Oh.. my head.. " her mother said.
"Mom look! I has me a pokemon!!!" Ness screamed escididly. As Ness pushed the Pachirisu forward in front of her mom, she asked, "Now what were you saying Prof. Oak?"
"ohh, how cute.. " Just then the Pachirisu threw up right on her mom.
"AHHHH!" she screamed, "Ohh.." said a disappointed Ness.. "Thats what I meant Ness. Pachirisu is better, but wasnt ready to eat anything yet.."
Ness' mom said, "OK Honey! I think it's time for you to go!"
"But it's dark out... " replied Ness.
"Well, you'll need to travel in the dark eventually, so good luck, now bye!!" She pushed Ness and Prof. Oak out the door.
"Uhh.. well. Good luck Ness." Prof. Oak said.
"Thanks!" Ness called out as he went on his way.
Ness looked at the Pachirisu, "Are you ok now Pachirisu?"
The Pachirisu nodded. "OK! We can leave as soon as I'm allowed inside to get the rest of my stuff. I just know we'll make a great team Pachirisu!"

Pachirisu and Ness shared a well deserved High-Five.

The end. :3 of chapter 1.

Ness and her Pachirisu:

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PostSubject: Ch. 2   Wed 22 Apr 2009, 1:30 am

There was a warm breeze and the sun shone through the trees.

“Here is a good place to stop Pachirisu!” Ness said.

Ness and Pachirisu had been traveling since yesterday and hadn’t stopped since the morning. Ness set up a fire and started heating up some food. She took out her berry pouch and said,

“Oh. Pachirisu, we need to go and look for more berries after we’ve eaten and rested.”

Pachirisu gave an approving nod to her and scurried over to the small pond to drink some water. After Ness and Pachirisu had eaten, Ness said, “It looks like there are only two berries left. Would you like one Pachirisu?”

Pachirisu jumped up and begged for it. “Haha, ok! Here you go.” Ness said. Pachirisu took a few tiny bites to savor the flavor then gulped the rest down. Pachirisu looked up at Ness, starting to beg again for the last one. Ness pretended not to look, but eventually she gave in and grabbed the little squirrel to give it a hug. While Ness and Pachirisu had their little hug-fest, a quick, tiny brown animal snatched the last berry from Ness’ berry pouch and ran back under the bushes for safety.

“Ok, let me get you that berry now Pachirisu.” Ness reached in her pouch.. “Oh! That’s weird… I thought there was another berry in here..” Ness looked at Pachirisu, “Sorry Pachirisu, I don’t know what happened..”

Pachirisu took the pouch from Ness and inspected it. He stuck his head in it, got it stuck, and Ness had to help it get free. Once free, Pachirisu twitched his ears, and looked around. Ness started to pack her things up when suddenly there was movement in the bushes. Pachirisu reacted quickly and ran right into the bushes. “Pachirisu! Come back! I promise I’ll get more berries!” exclaimed Ness.

The bushes rustled around a little, when a brown pokemon ran out with Pachirisu hot on its heels. Ness’ jaw dropped, “I didn’t Pachirisu could run that fast…”

Pachirisu chased the pokemon around the camp, through the bushes again, up the trees and almost into the pond. He finally corned it and let out a surge of electricity. The brown pokemon was paralyzed. Ness looked at Pachirisus eyes and saw a fire in them that looked almost evil. “uhh.. Pachirisu?”

Pachirisu shocked the poor brown pokemon till it dropped what was left of the stolen berry. The brown pokemon fainted and Pachirisu went closer to it.

“No Pachirisu! Leave it alone!” Ness said.

Pachirisu glared back at Ness, Oh no! Now he’s gonna kill me!

Pachirisu looked back at the fainted pokemon, and stood there for a while. He looked back at Ness and ran towards her backpack. He managed to get a pokeball to come out of the bag and tossed it up in the air with his back feet. He used his tail to hit the pokeball towards Ness, and sped back in its earlier position by the fainted pokemon.

Remembering what had happened before Ness flinched back, drew her leg up and covered her face with her hands. “NOO!! NOT THE FACE AGAIN!!” Ness screamed. A few seconds had passed and Ness noticed there was no physical pain, she opened her eyes in time to see the ball roll gently to her feet.

“ohhh…” Ness said in relieve. Ness looked at Pachirisu. Then back at the Pokeball. Ness looked at the fainted pokemon next. Hmmmmmmmmmmm….. Ness thought.

“Pachi!” Pachirisu exclaimed glancing at Ness.

“What?” Ness asked.

“Pa-chi!!!!!!” Pachirisu yelled again.

Hmmmmm… Ness thought some more.

Pachirisu grew impatient, and glared at Ness. Ness flinched at the death glare, and slowly reached down for the pokeball. She looked at it and at the fainted pokemon.

Ness began to say, “Umm… I think.. Im ok Pachirisu.. I don’t think I need.. “

“PACHI-RISU!!!!!!!” Pachirisu exclaimed, but this time with a burst of electricity. Pachirisu sent a bolt of electricity to Ness.

“AHHHH!!!!! OK OK!!!!!!” Ness yelled. But if I get hurt again… it’s all your fault..

Ness pulled her arm back, hesitated, got another death glare, and finally threw the pokeball with her eyes closed. She opened them expecting to see the Pokeball make it’s final jumps, but found Pachirisu laying on the ground with a huge bump on his head.

“Oops...” a disappointed Ness said.

She snatched up the pokeball again, and this time went up to the pokemon and gently tossed it on top of the pokemon. Ness knelt down and watched to Pokeball work it’s magic.

Ness saw the final jump and yelled, “YAY!!!!!!!! I gots me another pokemons!...... Oh wait… Pachirisu!” Ness picked up the unconscious squirrel and layed him inside their tent to sleep. I hope Pachirisu isn’t too irritable when he wakes up…

Ness ran to the nearest Pokemon Center, got her new pokemon healed, and managed to stock up on some berries on the way back to camp. I hope these will make Pachirisu forget about what happened earlier…

When Pachirisu woke up, he rubbed his dreamy eyes and then glared at Ness.

“Before you get mad, open up!” Ness said, as she shoved a berry in Pachirisu’s mouth.

The little squirrel chewed and chewed and loved his Ness once more.

Ness said, “Lets meet our new friend now. Um.. please share the berries though.”

Ness called out the pokemon and pulled out her pokedex.


An extremely rare Pokémon that may evolve in a number of different ways depending on stimuli.”

Oh… it’s a rare pokemon… hmm… I wonder how many different ways it can evolve…

Ness started at her new friend for a moment, then smiled and pet it. Eevee was tense at first, then calmed as it sensed no more danger. Ness gave him a berry and watched as it happily ate it.


[20:37:41] @ Prof. Cowie : bish i run faster than u!
[20:37:53] @ Prof. Cowie : too bad i have a car >.>

[18:58:51] 2icy47 : im so caramel

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[19:29:41] @ Prof. Cowie : my friend humped a flark...
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PostSubject: Ch 3   Sun 26 Apr 2009, 11:02 pm

There was fog everywhere and all was dark. The sound of running surrounded Ness. The wind began to blow, and the moon's soft light began to glow stronger. The light that fell from it revealed a long stretch of grass before Ness. Flowers started to bloom before her eyes and small lights began to glow around them. Blue, White, Yellow.........


Ness opened her eyes and found Pachirisu and Eevee on top of her. She sat up and they jumped off her.
Ness rubbed her sleepy eyes.
"Mmmhmm... what time is it?" Ness looked outside, it was still morning.
I guess I was dreaming....
"Are you two hungry?" Ness asked her two companions.
"Pachi-risu!" they answered.

Ness smiled. She stared at Eevee for a while. "Ok then. Lets eat!"

It was mid-day when Ness and her pokemon got into a town.
There was a large crowd gathered around the center of town. There was a man and a boy in the middle.
"Whoa.. what's going on?" Ness asked.
"Its a Pokemon Battle!" someone shouted.

Hmm... a battle..... it wouldnt hurt to watch.

Ness forced her way in front. Ness felt a sudden weight on her head, she looked up, "WHOA! Pachirisu! You scared me!"
Ness turned back to the battle. Eevee came out of his ball too and sat next to Ness without her noticing.

"Come on Poochyena! Tackle!" the man yelled.
The little dog tensed up and ran with all its might toward it's opponet.
Ness held up her Pokedex to the pokemon.
A Pokémon with a persistent nature, it chases its chosen prey until the prey becomes exhausted."

Hmm.. that might be trouble for the other pokemon.

"Go Spoink! Try to dodge it!" the boy yelled.
Ness used her Pokedex.
It bounces constantly, using its tail as a spring. The shock of bouncing keeps its heart beating."

ohh... its kinda cute.. hmm.. this will be interesting.

Spoink jumped up high to try and avoid the opponets attack, but the Poochyena got to it. Spoink fell to the ground with a loud thud. It tried getting up but before it could the man had the Poochyena attack again. The Spoink rolled away.

"Finish it with Bite!" the man called. The Poochyena obeyed. With a fearsome bite, the Spoink was knocked out.
The boy called it back quickly and ran to the Pokecenter.

Or not.... Ness thought.
Ness looked up at Pachirisu. "Dont worry buddy, I'm not into battling. I wont have you getting hurt for no reason."

"Hahaha! Who else wants to take me on!? Come on now! Doesnt anyone think it's worth it?" the man yelled.

What is that old man blabbing about....

The man pulled out a small box and held it up to the crowd.

"Come on! Look at this! The last Poketch until who knows when! You wont be able to find another one of these anytime soon! It could be yours, if you beat me in a battle that is!" the man yelled.

Ness' eyes got big. AHH! Its shiny!!!!!!! AND IT LOOKS PINK!!!!!! I NEED IT!
Ness was about to step forward when she thought, hmm.... I just told Pachirisu I wouldnt make him battle. i can wait till I find a store with them in stock.
Ness began to walk away when the man noticed her.

"You there! Dont walk away from me! Are you not impressed with my skills?" he yelled.
Ness turned to see who he was yelling at. When she couldnt see anyone, she turned again.
"Stop! I'm talking to you girl! GIRL WITH THE SQUIRREL! COME BACK AND ANSWER ME!" he screamed.
Ness turned again. This guy is crazy.. i dont see anyone with a squirrel... Ness' eyes widened. oh.... me...

"Umm... yes? What was the question again?"
"Are you not impressed with my battling skills?"
"hmm... is this a trick question?"
"No! Just answer!"
"Well it depends."
"On what!!??"
"On what the right answer is!!"
"Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!! I've had enough of your games. Come and fight me!"
"*Gasp* You'd hit a girl!? With a squirrel on her head!!?" Ness exclaimed.
The crowd gasped aswell.
"No! I mean a Pokemon Battle! Are you afraid youre stupid little squirrel cant win?"
"Oh! You... you.. gah! Im so mad I cant even come up with something to call you! Urr!! Pachirisu! Get ready!"
Pachirisu woke up from all the commotion. He looked around and saw the glaring man, he went back in his pokeball to sleep more.

"Ohhh..... look at that.. too bad.. he went away. Oh well! Bye!!" Ness started to walk away.
"WAIT! Just call it out again!"
"I cant do that!"
"Why not!??"
"It would be rude to wake him up from his nap! Dont you ever get tired mister? How would you like it if something woke you up while YOU tried to get some sleep!?"
"UGHHHHH!! WHATEVER! You cant back out of this! You have another Pokemon!"
"Nuh-huh! Where?"

Ness looked down. Ah! Eevee!
Eevee smiled up at Ness.

"Uhm... I dont know.."
"No! Ugh!... Fine!" Ness yelled.

"Alright eevee.. so... um... will you.. battle?"
"Ok.. ill take that as a yes!! Lets give this a shot Eevee!"

Ness and Eevee took there positions in the center of the crowd.

"Ok Poochyena! Lets teach this kid not to play games with us!"

"I wasnt playing!! You're too old to play games!!!!!" Ness said.

"Ugh! You brat!" the man yelled.
"Tackle Poochyena!"

"EEVEE!! AHH! I dont know how to do this! Uhm... Be careful! and uhh.. attack when you can!" said Ness.

Eevee watched as the Poochyena ran toward it. Ohhh.. Eevee dont just sit there!..
Poochyena was within inches of his sitting foe. Eevee quickly jumped up. Poochyena hit the ground face first, and Eevee landed on top of it.
Eevee jumped off and spun around.

"POOCHH!!" Eevee had biten Poochyena's leg.
Eevee skipped back and sat again to watch for Poochyena's next move.

"Urgh! Poochyena! Shake it off and Tackle again! Then Bite!"

Eevee waited again till there was little space between him and the foe then jumped. This time Poochyena used it's front feet to push off the ground and flip backwards toward Eevee.

"Oh no! Eevee! Use youre tail!" Ness yelled.

Eevee spun and smacked the Poochyena right across the face. Poochyena fell to the floor. Eevee landed on his feet and charged toward Poochyena. Eevee hit the foe with a powerful Tackle attack. Poochyena flew back into his trainer.

"Uffff!!" The man got up.
"Come on Poochyena get up!" It was no use, the Poochyena was out cold.


"OH YAY!!!!!!" Ness screamed.
"You were amazing Eevee!! You made it look like you've been battling for ages! Thank you Eevee!" Ness said, picking up the Eevee and hugging him.

The man called back his pokemon and stared at the ground for a moment.
*Sigh* "Well... Here's your prize kid." He said to Ness.
"You should consider yourself lucky though. If you're Eevee wasnt so smart, you would have lost for sure. You need to practice more." the man said.
"Ohh... hmm.. Well actually. I dont want to be a battler. I want to be a coordinator." Ness replied.

"Hmph. Of course you do. Either way, you need to get to know you're pokemon more." the man said as he walked away.

"Huh? hey! what do you mean by 'of course you do' ?" Ness said. The man didnt answer and continued to walk away.
The crowd congratulated Ness on her victory and was gone.
Ness held Eevee as she walked to the Pokemon Center.

Hmm.. i wonder what that guy meant....
Well.. whatever.. I got this new.. Thingy.. and I got to see Eevee in action. I suppose he is right though.. I do need to get to know my pokemon better... I need to find out when the next contest will be. Then i can start working with Pachirisu and Eevee.

Ness smiled down at Eevee. "Good job today buddy.... good job.."


[20:37:41] @ Prof. Cowie : bish i run faster than u!
[20:37:53] @ Prof. Cowie : too bad i have a car >.>

[18:58:51] 2icy47 : im so caramel

[19:29:17] @ Prof. Cowie : FLARK!
[19:29:41] @ Prof. Cowie : my friend humped a flark...
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PostSubject: Ch. 4   Thu 30 Apr 2009, 12:29 am


Ness and her pokemon had just finished eating breakfeast at the Pokemon Center and were outside enjoying the nice cool day. Ness was a little tired from reading the Pokenav instruction book the previous night.

"Ok, so.. according to the map.. the contest hall here should be just around the corner." Ness said.

Ness turned the corner and saw before her a large building. She walked inside and saw many trainers with their pokemon getting ready to perform. Ness found the registration counter and asked, "When is the next contest going be?"

"The contest schedules are post on that wall over there." the woman pointed.

"Ok thank you." Ness replied.

Ness walked over to the wall and found that the next contest, a cute contest, was going to be the next day.
Oh no! I thought I would have more time... hmm.. ok! Ill need to work with Pachirisu really hard today!

Ness walked out of Gadsbury town, and into the nearby forest.

"Come on out Pachirisu!"

Pachirisu was out in a flash.

"Ok buddy, we only have the rest of today to train for tomorrows contest. Lets get to work! The first thing we need to do is figure out everything that you can do. So.. show me everything you got Pachirisu! Ill give you poffins as rewards, all good and sweet just like you like em'!"

Pachirisu jumped excidedly up and down. Then he got serious.

Pachirisu's first move was a thunder attack, then he growled. His next move was a fast attack that Ness barely saw. He finished with a cute, loving look towards Ness.

"AWWWW!!" Ness handed a poffin to Pachirisu.

"Hmm... ok.. so.. If Ive got this right, you know Thunder, Growl, Quick Attack, and Charm.. Hmm.. I dont know how to make those moves work..."

Ness remembered something that Prof. Oak had told her about Coordinators. "Being beautiful with Pokémon, that is a Coordinator."
hmm... how do I make those move beautiful.. or.. I guess cute in this case.. well... Pachirisu's Growl is very cute.. and Charm is a keeper.. What can I do with Thunder and Quick Attack though...

Ness left Pachirisu and came back with some pebbles.

"Pachirisu, when I throw these up I want you to use Quick Attack to build up speed, then try to do some flips and use Thunder on the pebbles. We'll how that looks and go from there."


Ness threw the pebbles in the air.
Pachirisu started gaining speed and made a giant leap a few feet away from the pebbles. He flipped as Ness had instructed and used thunder on the pebbles. The pebbles floated in the air for a few seconds and then fell down to the ground.

Oh.. that was pretty cool.. but I need something that looks cute...

"Good job Pachirisu. Too bad we can't really use in the contest tomorrow..."

Hmm... we need to battle. Maybe Pachirisu will learn something from battling other pokemon.

Ness and Pachirisu went through the forest and battled many different types of pokemon.


It evolves from Metapod. It is the final form of Caterpie.
It loves the honey of flowers and can locate flower patches that have even tiny amounts of pollen."


It releases a stench from its red antenna to repel enemies. It grows by molting repeatedly."


While awaiting evolution, it hides from predators under leaves and in nooks of branches."


It is docile and prefers to avoid conflict. If disturbed, however, it can ferociously strike back."


When it dangles from a tree branch, it looks just like an acorn. It enjoys scaring other Pokémon."


It looks like an aquatic plant and serves as a ferry to Pokémon that can't swim."

Ness and Pachirisu had returned back to where they started and were resting.
After giving Pachirisu water and more poffins, Ness asked, "Ok Pachirisu, so what did you learn from all those battles?"

Pachirisu gave Ness a dirty, exhausted look. He picked up a berry seed and threw it at Ness' face.

"Ouch! Pachirisu! I know that was a lot of work.. but.. think of how great you'll feel when you win a contest ribbon! Everyone will look at you and take pictures and think, 'Oh that Pachirisu is so amazing' and other stuff like that. Plus-" Ness stopped...

"Oh.. no.. Pachirisu.. I'm sorry.. I never asked you if you wanted to be a contest Pokemon. I sort of just.. assumed... I'm sorry... Pachirisu, would you rather go for gym badges instead of ribbons?"
Pachirisu looked down. He had a serious, thinking face on. A few minutes had passed when finally Pachirisu stood up and sat in Ness lap.

"Pachi-risu!" He smiled up at Ness.
"Does that mean you want to go for ribbons?"
He nodded.
"Oh YAY! Thank you Pachirisu!"
Ness kissed Pachirisu on his head.

"OH!!! Thats it!"

It was the next day and a crowd of people were at the contest hall, eagerly waiting for the contest to begin.
Ness looked out at all the people, sighed, and went into a dressing room to get ready.

"Come on out Pachirisu. Are you ready?"
Pachirisu nodded.

"Hello everyone and welcome to the Gadsbury contest hall!
Here are your contestants for today's Cute Contest!"

"Contestant number 1: Cassie and her Buizel!
Contestant number 2: David and his Lotad!
Contestant number 3: Riven and his Magikarp!
and finally, Contestant number 4: Ness and her Pachirisu!"

"The first event is the performance event! Good luck to all the contestants"

Cassie came out on stage with Buizel and tossed a ball out in front of her. Buizel hopped onto the ball and performed Water Sport.
David brought out a tiny pool and had Lotad act as a boat and carry around baby toy Pokemon, as well as perform a light water gun attack making the whole place sparkle.
Riven used the same pool David had used and had Magikarp use Splash.

Ness came out with Pachirisu.

"ok pachirisu, remember what we practiced yesterday. this is it, let's show them what we got." Ness whispered to Pachirisu.

Pachirisu stood atop a small stool. There was a box next to the stool with a "?" on it. A hoop was placed in front of Pachirisu and lit on fire.

"Ok Pachirisu! GO!"

Pachirisu made a great leap up high, and landed a few inches in front of the stood. The crowd laughed.
Pachrisu quickly jumped into the box and jumped back out in a few seconds. He was dressed in a Squirtle outfit and pretend to use Water Gun.

Pachirisu then jumped out of the costume, and ran in quick circles around the hoop. The wind made by Pachirisu's speed blew out the fire and Pachirisu jumped through and landed on the stool on his front paws. He pushed off and did a flip, and landed with his back toward the crowd. He turned half-ways back and blew kisses at the crowd with his cutest baby face.
The crowd cheered and awed at Pachirisu. It was certain that Ness and Pachirisu had won this round.

"Alright! Now for the last part of today's contest. The pokemon will dance for us!"

Buizel came out and gracefully danced across the stage with a long ribbon.
Lotad clumsily moved about, and Magikaro used Splash again.
Pachirisu came out and was bursting with energy. He danced all over the stage and blew kisses and did flips. He was so hyper he even finished off by running quickly in a circle and using the wind generated to jumped high and perform a giant flip in the air.

The crowd cheered again for Pachirisu.

"Well judging from the crowds reaction I'd say we have a winner here! Lets look at the results to make sure!"
A screen popped up and showed the judges scorings.
Ness grew excited as she saw Pachirisu's ratings go up.

"Our winner is, Ness and her Pachirisu!"

"YYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Ness.
"We did it Pachirisu! We won our first contest!!"

Ness was presented with her first ribbon.

Ohh.. I cant believe this is happening! Im so happy!


Ness, Pachirisu, and Eevee were walking back toward the Pokemon Center to spend the night once more in town before leaving.

It was dark out and they were walking pass an alley. They were almost around the corner when Eevee stopped and perked up his ears, he then ran back towards the alley.

"Hm? Eevee?" said Ness.
Ness walked back to where Eevee was and bent down to talk to Eevee when she heard,

"You useless Pokemon!"


"Shoulda gotten rid of you when you were a baby, then at least you'd still be with your mother!"


Ness whinced.

"Come on! Just leave it here, before someone comes and sees us!"

"Just one more..."

Ness peaked into the alley and saw two shadowy men standing over a tiny fox-like pokemon. One had a whip in his hands. Ness began to panick, and then looked down at the injured pokemon. She got mad and looked at both Pachirisu and Eevee. They had the same angry expression on their faces. Pachirisu jumped off Ness' shoulder and stood next to Eevee waiting for Ness to give orders. Ness ran into the alley and tackled one of the guys. She jumped back.

"Pachirisu! Thunder!! Eevee Bite!!"

Eevee ran first, and used Bite on the man with the whip. Then Pachirisu used Thunder on both men. They got up and Pachirisu used Thunder again.

"GO AWAY!!" Ness yelled at them.

They ran after getting up from Pachirisus last attack.

"You better watch out kid!" they shouted as they ran.

Ness turned toward the pokemon on the ground and tried to pick it up. The pokemon woke up and fire came out of its mouth right on Ness' right hand.
Ness felt the stinging pain immediately. She let go of the pokemon but before she did the pokemon had bitten the hand it had just burned.

"Oww" Ness cried. Ness grabbed her right hand and felt tears start to flow out of her eyes.

The pokemon started to run but Eevee had caught up with it and knocked it down. Pachirisu paralyzed it with a shock of electricity.
Ness opened one eye and saw the pokemon unconcious on the ground. She took out a special pokeball Prof. Oak had given her.
"Go... heal ball..." Ness whispered.
She tossed it at the pokemon and saw it shake one last time before she fell over.

Pachirisu was shaking Ness, and Eevee was licking her face. Ness finally woke up and forced herself to sit up. She looked at her Pokenav.
1 a.m .... UGH...
Ness felt the pain in her right hand again. She managed to get up and picked up the Heal ball with her left hand. She attached it to her belt and walked back to the Pokemon Center, with Pachirisu and Eevee on both sides of her.

[20:37:41] @ Prof. Cowie : bish i run faster than u!
[20:37:53] @ Prof. Cowie : too bad i have a car >.>

[18:58:51] 2icy47 : im so caramel

[19:29:17] @ Prof. Cowie : FLARK!
[19:29:41] @ Prof. Cowie : my friend humped a flark...
[19:29:45] @ Prof. Cowie : he's dead now
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PostSubject: Re: a Nesstastic story :3   

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a Nesstastic story :3
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