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 The Grand Adventure (Sort Of)

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PostSubject: The Grand Adventure (Sort Of)   Mon 13 Apr 2009, 2:41 pm

Name: Nathan
Height: 5"5'
Hometown: Barrington
Current team: Nothing yet


The sound of the alarm clock was ringing through the room at 7:00 am that morning. With a groan Nathan hauled himself out of bed and walked downstairs to get breakfast.

"Hey Mom what is there to eat?"

"Just eggs this morning."

"Awww maaannnn! I'm sick of having eggs every day! Especially since today is the day I'm getting my first pokemon!"

"Well the eggs will make you stronger. And speaking of pokemon you better eat quickly so you can go meet Professer Elm. Today is the only day he will be in town."

"I'm sure I'll be able to make it Mom. He doesn't even leave until ten o'clock."

"And it's nearly 8 now isn't it?" Besides you still have to take a shower and change your clothes."

"Ok fine then."

Nathan gulped down his eggs and walked upstairs grumbling about his mother. When he got upstairs he realized his dad was in the shower already so he would have to wait until he was finished.
Later at about 9:30 after Nathan had finished everything he needed to do. He set out to meet Professer Elm.

"Hi there, what's your name?" asked the professer as Nathan walked into the research center.

"Er hi, my name's Nathan. I'm here to get my first pokemon."

"Well hello Nathan. You're lucky, you get to choose which pokemon you want to take with you because you're the first new trainer here."

"Wow! Thanks professer! Ummm but what pokemon are there?"

"Well right now you can choose from a few of these pokemon. There's a Squirtle, a Cyndaquil, and a Turtwig."

"Excuse me? What's in that poke ball over on that counter?"

"Oh that's the pokemon I've been having trouble with. It's an Eevee. Though I doubt you'll want it. It has a very strange attitude."

"Really? What does it do?"

"It prefers to attack from afar. It actually tried to throw a chair at me!"

"Haha! That's funny. I actually think I want the eevee. It sounds like the kind of pokemon i would like."

"Really? Well okay you can have the Eevee. Good luck with your new pokemon!"

So then Nathan left the research center with his new Eevee. He let the eevee out of its poke ball and started talking to it. He said

"Hi there Eevee I think we're going to have some great adventures together."

To Be Continued

Before leaving to set off on his pokemon journey Nathan went back home to tell his mom he had gotten his first pokemon.

"Hey Mom! I'm home! And I got my first pokemon too!"

"Well welcome home. Let your pokemon out of the poke ball so I can see it!"

Nathan releases the Eevee and his mom immediately starts fussing over it.

"Oh it's so cute! Did I ever tell you how I used to want to be a pokemon trainer when I was little? I just never worked up the nerve to go and get my first pokemon."

"Really? But Mom I have to tell you something. I want to go to the Johto region and meet new pokemon."

"Oh, I don't know if you could do that. The Johto region is very far away..."

"Come on Mom this is one of the only things I really want to do. Pokemon are one of the most important things to me, and I'll be fine as long as I have Eevee with me."

"Well... I don't know if I can let you go right now. I think you should get to know your pokemon before you make a decision like this. And you couldn't leave for a while anyway because your cousins are coming to visit."

"Really?! YES!"

Nathan loved when his cousins visited. John had his own pokemon too. When he was smaller Nathan would always be amazed by how strong John's Bidoof was. It's moves just seemed so powerful, the way it tackled other pokemon.

"You might want to go outside with your Eevee now. See how strong it is and what moves it knows. You might want to check with Professer Elm first."

"Okay I guess I could go talk to the professer again."

So Nathan walked back over to Professer Elm's lab. As he got inside another trainer was about to leave. He seemed very impatient and started shouting at Nathan as he was going out the door.

"Hey move out of the way!"

"Hey professer who was that?" called out Nathan.

"Oh that was just another trainer that just got his first pokemon. He was angry because there was a Squirtle here and not a Totodile. Apparently he really wanted one."

"Oh. Well I've been with Eevee for a while and my mom wanted me to come back over here to see what attacks Eevee can use."

"Well Nathan, this is a very special Eevee. It hatched out of an egg I got from some breeders. Apparently it has some strange attacks."

"How strange are they? Can it like, shoot laser beams or explode?"

"Hehehe. No it doesn't do that. But it does know a move called Shadow Ball. It fires a shadowy blob at the opposing pokemon. And it also has yawn that puts the other pokemon to sleep."

"That is so awesome! Do you think I'm ready to start training with eevee though?"

"You should be soon. But I just spoke with your mother on the phone and she said you have family coming so maybe you should wait until tomorrow to train."

Nathan sighed, "Okay, I guess I can wait until then. And John is coming with his super awesome Bidoof!"

Later that day a dark car pulls up into Nathan's driveway. As soon as someone gets out of the car he runs outside and starts talking to the person. He is a couple inches shorter than Nathan with light brown hair and a completely clear complexion.

"Hi John! Did you bring your Bidoof? I just got my new pokemon yesterday! What's up?"

"Ummm, hi. I told you my name isn't John. It's John Michael. And yes I did bring my pokemon. What did you get yesterday?"

"I got an Eevee. Professer Elm told me it was very special because it had all these cool attacks. I told my mom I wanted to leave and take the gym challenge now though."

"Well that's really cool. Did you know there are 4 different regions with gyms in them?"

"Yeah I did. But I want to go to the Johto region now. What I really wanted to ask you though was, do you want to help me train my Eevee? It will be our first battle together."

"Well okay. But I'll go easy on you because you're a rookie. I really want to see your "special moves" though. what are they? Tackle? Sand-Attack?"

"hehe. You'll see eventually. Come on we can go around to the backyard to battle."

So Nathan brought John Michael around to the backyard and they began the battle. Nathan let his Eevee out of the Poke ball and John Michael of course uses BIDOOF!

"Ok time to begin! Go Eevee use Tackle!" Then Eevee sprints out and tries to tackle the Bidoof.

"Bidoof hold your ground! Let's see just how strong this eevee really is!" Eevee smashes into the Bidoof and it just slides back a few inches. "Ha! You're Eevee is weaker than I thought! Bidoof use Super Fang!" Bidoof opens its mouth wide and and dashes at the Eevee.

"Eevee quick run!" Eevee runs in a semi-circle around the other pokemon and Bidoof was running so hard it can't turn around. "Oh no! I only know 3 of Eevee's moves. Eevee quick use Yawn!" Eevee just opens its mouth and makes a big yawn.

"Bidoof go and ram straight into the pitiful yawn!" Bidoof begins to run and lets out its war cry that sounds kinda like BI BIBIBIBIBIBI BIIIIIDDDDOOOOOOOFFFF! It hits the yawn attack head on and keeps running towards Eevee. "Bidoof use Defense Curl in a combo with Rollout!" The pokemon curls up and starts to spin like a rolling ball on the ground.

"Eevee jump over the Rollout!" Eevee springs high into the air and Bidoof harmlessly rolls under it and hits the fence in the yard. Suddenly Bidoof stands up and falls over in a deep sleep.


"Hahaha that's what happens when Eevee uses Yawn! Quick Eevee use the fourth attack that I don't know that it's called!" Eevee is suddenly surrounded by a bunch of glowing orbs, then all of a sudden the orbs fly at the sleeping opponent. "Wow! Hidden Power! That's great Eevee!" Eeevuuiiii! cries the Eevee. When the orbs hit Bidoof it rolls over a few times and gets stuck in a bush. Then it runs out of the bush, fully awake and charges the Eevee.

"Quick Bidoof try to use Superpower!" After John Michael yells that his pokemon begins to glow a faint red and dashes at Eevee again.

"Eevee use Hidden Power one more time!" Once again the orbs surround Eevee and fly at the charging Bidoof. This time when they hit it the pokemon is knocked far backwards and can't get back up because it's knocked out.

"WOW! That was a great battle Nathan. You're a skilled trainer. I don't think I believe it's your first battle though."

"Well it is. You better believe it!"

Clap,clap,clap,clap,clap. There came a noise of someone clapping from the other side of the fence. There was a boy standing there obviously amused by the battle.

"Hi, I'm Jay. I was watching your battle. Your Eevee was very strong!"

"Er hi Jay. Thanks for the compliment."

"Anyway, I've been listening for a while and heard you were leaving for the Johto region. Do you mind if I tag along? I want to travel too, and I'm a new trainer." Said Jay.

"Well sure you can come. I was planning on leaving tomorrow to walk there though. Actually I was only going to walk to the port and then take a boat over to Johto."

"That's fine then. I'm not going to be doing anything. My mom said if I could find someone to escort me over to Johto I could leave home."

"Well okay then. Just meet me back here tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock sharp."

"Seven? That's so early! But okay I'll be here."

So Nathan got a travel companion to get to the Johto region.

Early the next morning Nathan's alarm clock woke him up at 6 o'clock.


Nathan sighs and pulls himself out of bed and wakes up his Eevee. He decided the night before that Eevee shouldn't have to stay in its poke ball while it's asleep.

"Good morning Eevee! Are you ready to leave for Johto? Let's go eat and get ready for our trip." Eeeeiiivvvuiiii!!!! Eevee cried, obviously annoyed at being woken up so early.

Then the duo walked downstairs to get some food. "Hey Eevee what do you want for breakfast? We got eggs, (of course) some bacon, and some Captain Chatot cereal. So pokemon food for you Eevee?" Eeeevveee!

"Okay then eat quickly so we're ready for when Jay gets here."

Later that day Jay walked up and knocked on Nathan's door. "Hey Nathan? Are you ready to leave?"

"Yeah! I'll be right out!" Just then Nathan's mom came down the stairs.

"Are you leaving so soon?"

"Yeah Mom I told you I have to leave early to make it to the port before night."

"I just want to tell you something. I'm going to miss you!" All of a sudden his mom broke down crying.

"Oh come on Mom you don't have to do that. I'll be back to visit soon."

"I know but what if you get hurt?"

"I'll be fine. I have Jay to help me with everything. Now he's waiting outside, and we have to leave."

"Well okay then. Just remember to call me right before you get on the boat. And be careful in the Wary Woods."

"I will Mom don't worry! Good bye now. I'll talk to you later."

And with that Nathan shot a bright red beam at Eevee and returned it to its poke ball. Then he went outside to meet Jay.

"Ready to go Jay?"

"Yeah. I couldn't even sleep last night because I was so excited! Now quick we have to go."

So the pair started walking down the path that led out of the small town of Barrington. Soon they came to a gate into what looked like a forest. Outside the gate Jay ran up and started shouting.

"Look Nathan look! It's the gate to the Wary Woods!"

"Okay let's see what this sign says."

There was a sign hanging on the gates stating, "The Wary Woods Named after its founder the trainer and breeder Matthew Wary"

"Let's go in there now!" Jay shouted.

Once past the gate the two trainers became surrounded by large trees. Suddenly they heard some screams coming from a tree nearby. After running to where they heard the noise, the pair spotted a small Asian boy wearing glasses and glowing shoes up in the tree. The they saw that the trunk of the tree was covered in what looked like very pissed off weedle, wurmple, and kricketot.

"H-h-help me!!!!" The boy shouted.

"Well Jay? Should we help the nerdy kid?"

"I don't really want to but I think we should."

"Okay then. Go Eevee! And I think you should use your pokemon too Jay. I don't think I saw what you had."

"Okay then. Go! Ditto!"

The the trainers threw their poke balls and their pokemon popped out in a flash of white light. Eevee! Ditto! the two pokemon yelled.

"Quick Ditto use transform and turn into Eevee!" Jay shouted.

"Eevee you use Shadow Ball and blast those bugs!" Eevee shot a dark orb looking thingy at the tree and around half the bugs were knocked off the tree and were knocked out.

"Ditto you do Shadow Ball too!" Then the ditto that transformed to look like Eevee fired the same orb as Eevee did. This knocked out the other half of the bugs.

"It's okay little nerdy Asian boy! You can come down now!" Jay yelled to the boy in the tree.

"A-a-a-are the bugs gone?" The boy screamed.

"Yes! We got rid of them! You're safe now!" Jay screamed back.

So the small boy shinnied back down the tree trunk and said to the trainers, "Hi, I'm Abbas. Thanks for saving me. I think I better walk back home now. Maybe I'll see you another time."

"I doubt it. We're on our way to the Johto region. We were just coming through the woods to go to the port."

"Oh. well I have family in the Johto region maybe we can see each other again! But for now I have to leave. Bye!"

"Okay bye." Nathan said.

Then the small boy named Abbas ran back home pathetically slowly. The two trainers though kept walking through the woods and eventually made it through to the other gate.

All of a sudden Jay ran ahead and started shouting, "Hey Nathan! I can see the port from here! We can make it in about 20 minutes if we run!"

So the two boys started running downhill to the port and their trip to the Johto region
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Number of posts : 238
Location : School most of the time
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PostSubject: Re: The Grand Adventure (Sort Of)   Mon 13 Apr 2009, 2:42 pm

"Two tickets for the ferry to Johto please." Nathan asked the clerk at the port.

"Well that will be 3000 dollars young man."

Nathan hands her some of the money he had saved up from his birthdays, Christmas, and allowance for the last 2 years. Then he takes the tickets from her and walks over to where Jay is sitting about 20 feet away.

"Okay Jay here's your ticket. Let's go to the boat now."

"All right I'm ready to leave! But shouldn't you call your mom like you told her you would?"

"Oh whoops! I almost forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me."

So Nathan walks over to the nearest phone he sees and punches in the number for his house. On the second ring his mom answers the phone.

"Hi Nathan. Are you ready to leave yet?"

"Yes Mom. I just bought Jay's and mine's tickets. We're about to board the boat."

"Well okay. Just remember to be careful."

"Aww Mom you tell me that a million times a day. I will be careful."

"All right so you better go now."

Nathan saw his mother press a button and the screen went dark. He went and met Jay by the plank to get onto the boat they would be taking to the Johto region. They handed their tickets to the sailor by the boarding plank, and walk onto the ship they would be taking. It was about 200 feet long and looked cool enough to be a cruise ship.

"Hey Jay, I'm gonna go explore the ship. Maybe I can find another trainer or something."

"Okay then. Meet me back here in an hour though. It's only a 6 hour boat trip."

So Nathan started to walk down the hallway they were standing in. Before he made it halfway down the length of the ship, a boy around Nathan's age walked out of a room next to the hall.

"Hi my name's Cody! I'm going to the Johto region to visit some friends. I just found a pokemon before I left to come here... So do you want to battle? I assume you're a trainer because I can see your poke ball."

"Uhh sure. I'll battle. Let's start now!"

Then Nathan and his opponent walked onto the deck and began their battle.

"Go Eevee!" Nathan yelled.

"Let's hurt 'em Rotom!" The boy named Cody shrieked. Then he threw his poke ball and a small pokemon that looked like a top with plasma for arms popped out of the ball.

"Woah! That's a weird pokemon!" Nathan exclaimed. "Oh well. Come on Eevee use yawn!" And then Eevee opened its mouth wide and let out a huge yawn. The yawn attack hit Rotom right in the face.

"Oh no! This is my first battle! I don't know what to do! Uhhh, quick Rotom use Thundershock!" Rotom shot a small shock of electricity towards Eevee and when the pokemon was hit it started to slide backwards. Suddenly Rotom just settled down and fell asleep on the deck of the ship. "Rotom! What happened!"

"Hehehe. I was just waiting for this to happen. That's what happens when I use Yawn. "Eevee fast! Blast it while it's down! Use Shadow Ball!" Eevee shot a shadowy blob at the sleeping pokemon and it was evident the pokemon couldn't take another hit like that. Then the Rotom woke up and started levitating again.

"Yes! Rotom you woke up! Let's go! You use Shadow ball right back at Eevee!" So the Rotom tried doing the same thing that Eevee had done to it. But when Eevee recoiled to brace itself from the shadow ball the blob just passed through it harmlessly. "Wait! What just happened? Why didn't that hurt Eevee?" Cody yelled.

"Ha! This must be your first battle. Ghost type attacks like shadow ball can't hurt Normal type pokemon like Eevee. Eevee! Jump up and finish this off with another Shadow Ball!" Eeeeevvvvuiiiii!!!! Eevee hollered. Then it blasted another shadow ball attack.

"Rotom use Thundershock again! Try to block the Attack!" The Rotom blasted another electric atack from its arms straight at the Shadow Ball. For a moment it looked like the Thundershock might stop the Shadowy attack, But then the Ball overpowered the weak electric attack. In a split second the attack hit Rotom for the second time. "Rotom no!" Cody yelled, but it was too late. the electric ghost was on the ground and was unable to get back up.

"That was a good battle Cody." Nathan said, walking over to where Cody was returning his pokemon to its ball. "It really looked like that thundershock would stop Shadow Ball."

"Thanks... that was fun! Even though I lost." Then a voice yelled from the sidelines.

"Why is it that whenever I'm not with you you have battles?" It was Jay.

"Hi Jay. I'd like you to meet Cody. I just battled him." Nathan said.

"Oh hi Cody. I'm Jay."

"Hi Jay. Well I'm tired. I think I'll go back to my room and go to sleep just like my Rotom." Cody said. "Maybe we can meet up again once we're in Johto."

"Yeah I'd like that. Hey Jay I think I'll go back to the room too. Cody had a good idea about the sleep."

"Okay then..." Jay said. "But I'm going to keep walking around the ship. Maybe I can find a battle. See you later Nathan."

So Jay walked away to wander around the ship, leaving Nathan and Cody to go back to their rooms.

"Well bye Cody. When we get to Johto I want a rematch though. Maybe we could meet up where you're staying with your friends."

"Okay so if you're ever in Ecruteak just come to the pokemon center. I'll probably be there a lot because of this Rotom."

"Oh don't be like that. Your pokemon is really strong. Well I have to go now, bye."

Then Nathan walked back to the room and fell asleep. By the time he woke up Jay was shaking him saying, "Nathan wake up! We only have a little while till we dock in Johto!" So the two went and stood on the deck looking for signs of land so they knew how much longer until they could get back on land.
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The Grand Adventure (Sort Of)
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