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 Little Cup RMT

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PostSubject: Little Cup RMT   Tue 28 Apr 2009, 5:19 pm

This is my first Little Cup team. Been through two matches, dominated both. Rate it, improve it?

At a Glance

PomPom @Focus Sash
-Sleep Powder
-Baton Pass
Compound Eyes, Timid
196 Def, 76 Sp.Def, 236 Spd

Venonat Sleep Lead and AgiPasser. Protect is there to scout Fake Outs and such so I can keep my Focus Sash.

Noah @Muscle Band
-Rock Slide
-Substitute/Stealth Rock
Simple, Adamant
36 HP, 196 Atk, 36 Def, 236 Spd

The main Agility receiver. With this EV spread and Simple, he outruns everything in the Little Cup tier with a frightful 39 Spd. After one Howl, he also OHKO's almost every Pokemon in the tier, besides a few bulkier things like Hippopotas. Sub helps to scout and prevent status- helps to keep Sucker Punch reliant Pokemon at bay, also. Stealth Rock is a strong option, though, considering it allows MUCH easier sweeping, particularly for a Pokemon I'll mention later.

GLaDOS @Shed Shell
-Hidden Power Ice70
Static, Naive
36 HP, 40 Atk, 236 Sp.Atk, 196 Spd

Just a speedy sweeper. STAB'd T-Bolt is super strong, while HP Ice makes up for coverage. Protect helps to scout things, while Explosion serves as a guaranteed OHKO against just about everything in the tier, making it effective for taking out troublesome foes. Shed Shell's there for Diglett.

Serra @Life Orb
-Aqua Jet
-Ice Beam
Rough Skin, Lonely
196 Atk, 76 Sp.Atk, 236 Spd

A VERY deadly Pokemon in my team. After Stealth Rock damage, Aqua Jet easily OHKO's the likes of Abra and Gastly AFTER Stealth Rock damage (hence why I still consider it an option on Noah), and OHKO's Diglett right off the bat- all common Scarfers. Crunch and Surf are for STAB, while Ice Beam covers her Grass weakspot. Life Orb helps to boost damage on BOTH spectrums, making her all the more deadly.

Liam @Oran Berry
-Ice Punch
Damp, Impish
236 Atk, 236 Def

Probably the weakest member of my team right now, but he has a niche... Liam is here to counter Voltorb, more than anything else. Damp prevents Explosion, while his typing walls Thunderbolt, and since most Voltorb run Scarf (and very few run HP Grass), Liam can happily Sub against the switch and put it to Sleep, opening an opportunity to setup or attempt to attack. Believe it or not, despite that it lacks arms, Wooper can apparently use Ice Punch. Nifty, huh?

Ditzy @Petaya Berry
-Thunder Wave
-Hidden Power Fighting70
-Shadow Ball
Unburden, Modest
44 HP, 200 Sp.Atk, 64 Sp.Def, 200 Spd

Okay, I have to be honest and say that Ditzy's new- this slot used to belong to a Croagunk, but I decided that Shed Shell on Voltorb was worthless if I didn't have something I could safely switch INTO- that's what Ditzy's here for. He gets to Sub first turn, set up T-Wave on the switch, and interchangebly attack and Sub down to Petaya Berry and Unburden, at which point he gets to attempt a sweep with 32 Spd, outrunning all of Little Cup. HP Fighting and Shadow Ball make for perfect type coverage.
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Little Cup RMT
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