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PostSubject: BACK IN BATTLING!!!!!   Tue 28 Apr 2009, 6:57 pm

This is my old OU team from like when I first began OU which was my first week of pokemon. Some of these sets are UBER weak and it turns out that the sets I'm referring to are the Smogon sets. This team is really just a bunch of potential sweepers with different types for easy switching. However, I HAVE A MONSTER ROTOM FORMES PROBLEM AND SOMETIMES VAPOREON!!!!!! I'm thinking of taking out Kingdra to replace something that can easily switch into Rotom and OHKO. Gengar is a possibility, but my Scarf Absol is sounding kind of promising as it OHKOs with Night Slash 93% of the time and 100% of the time with a boosted Pursuit. it is!



Ability: Snow Cloak
Adamant @ Focus Sash
6 HP/252 Attack/252 Speed
-Stealth Rock
-Ice Shard

A beastly starter if used correctly. With all the Steel-type leads out there, Mamoswine is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, Earthquake OHKOs Jirachi leads and leaves Metagross Leads with roughly 10-20%, making them easy to take down. The speed EVs outruns most Steel-type leads (not Jirachi), Swampert leads, and...well there aren't really any others that I have seen.

I have the option to set up some rocks or attack and I usually end up doing the latter of the two. Depending on the lead, I almost always EQ for massive damage, but I always Endeavor on faster pokemon like Jirachi, then Ice Shard to sweep away the last few HPs. I honestly think this is a great lead and I have used it to great success in the past.

Ability: Blaze
Naive @ Life Orb
64 Attack/252 SpAttack/192 Speed
-Vacuum Wave
-Fire Blast
-Close Combat

Ahh favorite pokemon on this team because it solves the gay Skarmbliss tactics used by so many Stall teams. Close Combat can OHKO a Bold 252 HP/252 Def Blissey with SR damage (nobody runs it...but it is still pretty cool). Fire Blast on Skarmory is pretty self explanatory. I have had a huge problem with Skarmbliss in the past so the EVs should stay where they are. Vacuum Wave is a lovely STAB Priority move. HP-Ice is for OHKOing Salamence, Dragonite, Gliscor, and 2HKO Zapdos, so it is pretty useful. This Infernape also has a nasty habit of sweeping entire teams. This pokemon should probably stay the way it is, if that isn't a problem.

Ability: Sniper
Hasty @ Life Orb
226 Attack/52 SpAttack/232 Speed
-Draco Meteor
-Hydro Pump

Very few pokemon resist the Water and Dragon combination, but too bad this is one of my weakest pokemon. I love the typing for Kingdra because it makes for great switch-ins on Fire-type and Water-type attacks (which aren't all that uncommon). Don't get me wrong, this Kingdra has done wonders for me, it just hasn't done as much as I had hoped it would. However, one time I got a crit from Draco Meteor on a Blissey and it OHKOd O_O. This thing is amazing sometimes, for example, I can OHKO any Dragon-type, Fire-type, Water-type, and Rock-type that is thrown at this beast. If anybody has any suggestions on how I could better this Kingdra, I will gladly accept them because I'd rather keep it but I think it would be a good candidate to switch out for Magnezone.

Ability: Clear Body
Impish @ Leftovers
112 HP/252 Attack/12 Defense/132 Speed
-Rock Polish
-Meteor Mash

This was suggested to me by another person in a different RMT some months back. It used to work fine but with the rising usage of those damned Bulky Waters and recent abundance of Steel-types, this Metagross's only use is to try to take out one pokemon with explosion. It really is the same old Rock Polish Metagross that isn't seen as much anymore. I always get walled by a Bronzong or Skarmory with this guy, but really any pokemon with enough SpAttack or Defense can take this gross down. I was thinking that maybe Magnezone could go here, but then I still have a Steel problem and a Water problem. If Kingdra gets covered by Magnezone, then what should replace this guy?

Ability: Intimidate
Adamant @ Leftovers
144 HP/100 Attack/88 Defense/172 Speed
-Dragon Dance
-Stone Edge

This is a Bulky Gyarados that has been modified to be able to outspeed other Bulky Gyaradoses (because you never know what could happen). Ever since I put this pokemon into my team, Gyarados has become my second favorite pokemon EVER. Taunt destroys OU pokemon. Period. Mid-game, nobody expects a Taunt to come there way when all they want to do is setup, status, haze, or phaze. It is a great addition because I always had trouble with Stall teams before, but now Blissey, Skarmory, Bronzong, and Tentacruel can f*cking eat it.

Edit: I switched around the EVs so after 1 Dragon Dance I can outrun Max Speed Starmie which has become a big problem for me.

Ability: Torrent
Modest @ Life Orb
6 HP/252 SpAttack/252 Speed
-Ice Beam

The star of the show! Empoleon is a beast once it solves its Speed problem. With Life Orb, this guy gets around 420 SpAttack and after an Agility it has a Speed stat of 438! Once Blissey is out of the way, my Empoleon can sweep entire teams before even breaking a sweat. Don't even get me started on how cool Torrent is. Some of you may be looking at this and saying, "Why doesn't he just SubPetaya?" Well, I use my Empoleon for cleaning up the rest of my foe's team once they have been damaged. That is why I am running HP-Electric; Bulky Waters give me a problem as Grass Knot doesn't hit as hard as you would think. I don't think I would replace Empoleon with anybody else just because it does such a good job at late game sweeping.

Thanks for reading and please RMT!!![/center]
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