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 AnyTrades UU Tier RMT

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PostSubject: AnyTrades UU Tier RMT   Tue 05 May 2009, 8:34 pm

My first UU team made from the AnyTrades tier list.

At a Glance


Charity @Leftovers
-Ice Beam
-Shadow Ball Hidden Power Ground70
Snow Cloak, Calm
196 HP 112 Def, 200 Sp.Def

I'll admit that this isn't the strongest lead, but it's not terrible. With Mixed-Wall stats, it can stand to Wish or Sub up against most incoming attacks, and because of its massive Sp.Atk stat, it doesn't really need any actual EV investments to deal good damage. HP Ground might be preferable to Shadow Ball. Anyway, this Pokemon can take QUITE the beating, and still pass a Wish or take something out. Like I said- it's not the strongest lead, but it's useful.

Havok @Leftovers
-Focus Punch
-Hydro Pump
-Vacuum Wave/Ice Beam
Water Absorb, Quiet
124 HP, 132 Atk, 252 Sp.Atk

Easily the strongest Pokemon on this team, and honestly, one of the best UU sets I've ever made. Because of its bulk and plethora of useful resistances, it has little to no problems setting up a nice bulky Sub to Focus Punch behind- but that's not all! As opposed to the usual SubPunch straight physical set, this Poliwrath is a MIXER, and a right nasty one at that. Fighting and Water have pretty good coverage, and a max Sp.Atk STAB'd Hydro Pump is NOTHING to sneeze at. Besides that, Poliwrath packs the ever-useful Vacuum Wave, one of the very few (only?) Sp.Atk based priority attacks (and STAB'd, to boot!). Ice Beam is sometimes preferable to Vacuum Wave for the sake of coverage (Grass-Poison types can give you problems sometimes, but that's what Charity's for). Either way, unless you actually decide to pack Hidden Power Electric, Mantine and Pelipper are going to give you a REALLY rough time. Besides that, however, Poliwrath is a very apt Pokemon, and runs one of the best mixer sets I've ever seen.

Kairo @Light Clay
-Shadow Ball
-Light Screen
Levitate, Timid
252 Sp.Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP

Havok's compliment. Kairo's main purpose is to handle those pesky Water-Flying types that switch in against Havok and take them down, but whenever possible... It can happily set up speedy Screens! Yes, even Rotom can take a hit if it has a Screen up. Reflect and Light Screen with Light Clay make Havok even MORE deadly in that it suddenly becomes a challenge just to break his SUBS without Super Effective attacks. Kairo usually goes down against more skeptical players that suspect some kind of trickery, but almost never do they kill it before it gets both screens up, setting up nicely for a Poliwrath sweep.

Ironside @Leftovers
-Stealth Rock
-Fire Blast
Sturdy, Modest
236 HP, 252 Sp.Atk, 20 Sp.Def

I've never considered Bastiodon that great of a Pokemon, considering its weaknesses, but Ironside rocks my socks off. Sure, he's not that fantastic offensively (although, he does help handle a lot of otherwise troublesome Pokemon with Fire Blast, surprisingly), but Bastiodon is a VERY central part of my team- the focal point, almost, in that he's an amazing BRIDGE. Yes, a bridge. While not incredibly useful as an individual Pokemon, Ironside can happily switch in against one attack it resists (taking little to no damage thanks to its interesting typing), and then out to another Pokemon that can happily take care of the opponent's active Pokemon or predicted switch in. Consider it a more entertaining and less fragile version of Shedinja. Besides that, it sets up Stealth Rocks nicely. Toxic to damage, Protect to stall, and Fire Blast to take care of Grass-Poison types and Steel types.

Cali @Muscle Band Life Orb
-Thunderwave Heal Bell
-Milk Drink
-Fire Punch Earthquake
Thick Fat Scrappy, Jolly
252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP

This is probably the most in need of work Pokemon on the team. I've never been very good at utilizing Miltank, and this set is no exception. I've been considering going ahead and bulking out its HP and Sp.Def a little, throwing in Leftovers, and almost completely ignoring Atk. I might go with a full-on Cleric set, like T-Wave, Milk Drink, Heal Bell, and Return. Walled by a lot of Pokemon easily then, yes, but that's why there are SIX Pokemon on a team as opposed to one. A nice suggestion for EV spread might be appreciated.

Breezy @Choice Scarf
-Seed Bomb
-Leaf Storm
Overgrow, Naughty
252 Atk, 16 Sp.Atk, 240 Spd

One of my favorites on this team for its uniqueness and surprise factor. Meganium packs a respectable 80 base Spd, meaning it does relatively well with a Scarf. Seed Bomb is for STAB, and helps take care of Ground types, Water types, etc... Earthquake is usually pretty unexpected- people just never see it coming until it's too late. Return is there for lack of a better option, while Leaf Storm allows it to hit hard on the Special spectrum, and it doesn't mind the Sp.Atk drop so much because of its hit-and-run nature, anyway. Sadly, it doesn't get Sleep Powder, which I would gladly replace Return with. Leech Seed could be a fun option, though.

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PostSubject: Re: AnyTrades UU Tier RMT   Tue 05 May 2009, 8:54 pm

A very solid team. This is surprisingly awesome to look at and it is very likely to perform as well as you say if you know when to switch out Poliwrath, which you do =D. Since you said you need help with your Miltank and I run one, why shouldn't I help?

Cali @Muscle Band Life Orb
-Thunderwave Heal Bell
-Milk Drink
-Fire Punch Earthquake
Thick Fat Scrappy, Jolly
252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP

Okay, so, by the moveset of this pokemon, I can see you want a Bulky Sweeper idea with some form of Status Abuser. However, this is a weak and predictable set. One of your main problems is Thick Fat. Yes, the extra bulkiness is always welcome, but I would NEVER take that over being uncounterable. Miltank also has a beautiful movepool and can seriously help your team, namely Poliwrath, with certain moves such as Heal Bell. I suggested Heal Bell over Thunder Wave because if your Poliwrath gets statused before it gets the chance to Subsitute, your entire team is likely to suffer and fail. Heal Bell solves that problem and prevents things like Toxic Spikes, Roserade and Venasaur's Sleep Powder, and other random statuses. Fire Punch doesn't solve your Steel problems with this guy. Earthquake is much more powerful and can deal out more damage than Fire Punch. The Life Orb over Muscle Band is for the extra strength which you will need to pull anything off with this Miltank. Plus, you can always Milk Drink off the damage.

Good luck battling =D
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AnyTrades UU Tier RMT
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