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 Welcome Challengers ONE AND ALL! To the mighty BATTLE HALL!

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PostSubject: Welcome Challengers ONE AND ALL! To the mighty BATTLE HALL!   Sun 17 May 2009, 6:54 pm

Ok, as we all know Pokemon Platinum re-invented the infamous battle frontier of Pokemon Emerald. In said frontier, there are 5 facilities you are able to test your skills in. The Battle Tower, Battle Castle, Battle Arcade, Battle Factory, and my personal favorite the Battle Hall.

Now, in the Battle Hall, a trainer can take his or her favorite pokemon into 10 consecutive battles, where the trainer can pick the type they want to encounter. Every time you win a battle, that types rank goes up. So if you get into a rank 1 battle against a rock type, and defeat a geodude, the rock type rank will go up to 2. Each type has a total of 10 ranks, and after all 10 ranks are defeated, you have finished that type and must move onto a differnt one. Now you may all be wondering why i'm posting this up...

Well, the answer to that, is I want people who are attracted to battling only with their favorite pokemon to post what pokemon they are using/plan on using, in the Battle Hall. They can post their current win streak, and any other odds and ends they can think of, just so they can share. Here's mine...

Flygon @ Choice Band/Yache Berry
Ability: Levitate
Lonely nature
252 Atk/168 Spe/90 Sp Atk
- Fire Blast/Flamethrower
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake
- Outrage

It only stand to reason that I would be using flygon as my pokemon of choice for battling in the battle hall. Fire blast/Flamethrower deals with steels, bugs, grassers, and pokemon that wall the rest of the set. Stone Edge takes down the fliers and Too powerful bugs of the world. Earthquake is awesome STAB that is a MUST in the battle hall. Outrage rips through dragons, as well as taking down anything that isn't a steel type. Choice Band is the primary item of choice, HOWEVER, after my last run through, I realize I will need to use Yache Berry during the water/ice type rank.

I started a streak at one point, but here's how it went...I got a 90 win streak b4 being defeated. I took down Rock, Steel, Poison, Electric, Bug, Ice, Dragon, and Ground. I was also at rank 3 fire, and rank 9 water. I go to my ninth water battle, to encounter a slowbro that survives my Outrage, and KO's with ice beam >.> lesson learned there. Now I feel like posting some other things you all may be interested in knowing, although I doubt you would be...

Types that would give flygon trouble...

Water Gyarados's intimidate might cause some minor trouble. Bulky Waters *Slowbro*
Electric Nothing particulary scary to worry about, Rotom and Zapdos MAYBE...
Ice Ice shards, and bulky ice types that will survive outrage...
Fighting Bulky things with ice punch perhaps...
Poison Gengar and Crobat due to speed, immunity to ground, and hypnosis...
Ground Hippowdon and Gliscor mostly due to bulk...
Psychic Slowbro...
Dragon Salamence maybe...

That's about it. So go ahead and post the pokemon you plan on using, you needn't give all the info I did, I just felt like it =P Go ahead and share folks.

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Challengers ONE AND ALL! To the mighty BATTLE HALL!   Mon 18 May 2009, 2:11 pm

Oh psh I am sooo gonna give all that information (I'm not about to have my hubby do all the work =P).

Anyways, we all know that my favorite pokemon is Wobbuffet, but I felt it would be a tad pointless to use him since he obviously would own with Counter and Mirror Coat. So, instead, I used Weavie.

Ability: Pressure
Adamant @ Focus Sash
6 HP/252 Attack/252 Speed
-Night Slash
-Ice Shard
-Brick Break

You may look at this set and say, "'s not great, but it's good." However, Weavile poses a serious threat to every pokemon in the Battle Hall. Night Slash and Brick Break do pretty well taking getting x2 on Normal, Ghost, Dark, Psychic, Steel, Rock, Ice, and neutral on everything else. Plus, with 372 Attack and 349 Speed, very few pokemon come close to being faster. Ice Shard can easily KO and pokemon that are within its KO range.

Counter is the key to Weavile here. There are MANY pokemon in the Battle Hall that are A) Too bulky for Weavile to 2HKO and B) Carry Physical moves. This means that I can Counter to quickly strip the foe of 562 HP max! The only pokemon allowed in the Battle Hall that have more than that are Blissey and Chansey! This means that Weavile can OHKO any pokemon that pushes through Weavile's weak defenses with Physical moves, which is pretty much every Rock, Ground, Dragon, Steel, Fire, Dark, Normal, etc.

It took me a couple of tries to get an idea of what I was up against in the Battle Hall. For some reason, the Battle Hall leader was ALWAYS kicking my arse with a Metagross. This is where I decided Counter was a must. After that it was smooth sailing to a streak of 79. I had beaten all the levels on Ice, Dark, Psychic, Ghost, Rock, Steel, and Normal, and was about to win the 10th level of Water when all of the sudden, a Gyarados came in. Damn that Dragon Tamer!

Anyways, I have an idea of what types Weaviles would have a hard time dealing with...

Water: There are some very bulky pokemon here that resist Ice Shard *kicks a Gyarados*
Fighting: Drown in Vacuum Wave and Mach Punch!
Bug: Resisting Fighting moves and super effectiveness to Dark doesn't give Weavile a lot of options.
Fire: Not too much of a problem, but many of these guys can carry WoW.
Poison: Oh don't even get me started...these guys are soooooooooo bulky...

Well anyways...good luck! =D
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Challengers ONE AND ALL! To the mighty BATTLE HALL!   Sun 11 Jul 2010, 9:46 am

When i get the TM's, this is what i may use:

Quiet/Rash nature
Evs:252 sp.atk,252 atk,6 def
~Grass knot
~Close combat
~HP Ice

This beast will kill a lot of stuff. Flamethrower will destroy Ice,Grass,Bug,Steel.Grass knot can stop Slowbro cause i'm getting revenge on Slowbros and all bulky waters out there.Close combat hits those *BEEP* Water/Ice types, and HP Ice scores on Salamence,Dragonite and (Sorry)Flygon.
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Challengers ONE AND ALL! To the mighty BATTLE HALL!   

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Welcome Challengers ONE AND ALL! To the mighty BATTLE HALL!
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