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 The prominent threats of BL and UU

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PostSubject: The prominent threats of BL and UU   Sat 23 May 2009, 1:18 pm

Well i've been working extremely hard on perfecting my clan team, and I recently started working on counter-testing. Counter-testing is the act of looking at every single prominent threat of the tier you are battling in, and seeing if your team has a way to deal with at least MOST of these threats. This is a somewhat long process, but it's well worth it in the end if you have your team ready to counter them all.

Now, somebody from somewhere else gave me a list of all the prominent threats in both BL and UU tiers. I think it would be well worth your time if you all took a look at it, and made sure your own teams have a way of dealing with them. Note, that your team DOESN'T have to counter EVERY single threat in the tiers, but at least MOST of them. And also note, that countering doesn't mean you have to have one pokemon on your team capable of dealing with it. For instance, if you have trouble dealing with something like honchkrow, then use multiple members of your team to deal with it. Have something to resist it's moves setup a reflect or light screen, then switch to some1 else to KO it behind the safety of higher defenses.

Also note, that when it comes to countering sets, go to smogon's analysis of the pokemon to find out exactly what sets you'll be encountering =P I suppose they're good for something. *Predicting the ever predictable smogonites ftw* Anywho...onward to the list...

Abomasnow: Sets up permanent Hail, can attack with dual 120 BP STAB moves
Absol: Huge Attack stat, powerful priority move, decent anti-lead, good supportive movepool
Altaria: DD + Outrage sound familiar to anyone? Good defenses.
Ambipom: Fake Out, Double Hit, Technician, good Speed and Attack
Arcanine: Powerful attacker on both sides of the spectrum, decent Speed, priority
Azumarill: Has great Attack when coupled with Huge Power
Blastoise: Rapid Spin, good walling capabilities
Blaziken: Arguably the best mixed attacker of UU
Chansey: Blissey's less morbidly obese sibling. Enough said.
Charizard: Belly Drum gives it insane power, and it has the physical movepool to use it
Clefable: Magic Guard, good Special Walling capabilities, great supportive movepool
Crobat: Fastest Pokemon in UU, good movepool, decent Attack, Nasty Plot
Drapion: Swords Dance, Agility, decent Attack and Speed, high Defense, Sniper, Toxic Spikes
Electrode: Fastest suicide lead yet, barring Ubers. Explosion, Rain support
Espeon: Most powerful Special attacker in UU, along with its cousin. Good Speed, Calm Mind, Baton Pass
Feraligatr: Good Attack, Agility, Swords Dance, DD, good physical movepool, okay bulk
Flareon: Wishes it had a movepool, but it is a good Special Wall and has good attacking stats. Wish, Baton Pass, Curse
Flygon: Passable Speed and Attack stat. Only dragon resistant to SR. Good immunities to switch in on.
Froslass: Hail abuser, good suicide lead, Spikes, Taunt
Gallade: Powerful physical sweeper, Swords Dance, STAB Close Combat, good Special Defense
Gardevoir: Good SpAtk and SpDf, Trace, good supportive movepool, Calm Mind, Wish
Glaceon: Hail abuser, most powerful Special Attacker in UU, good Defense
Grumpig: Good Special wall, Magic Coat, Thick Fat
Hariyama: Good Physical wall, good Attack stat, huge HP, Thick Fat, Knock Off
Hitmonlee: Powerful Physical attacker, Bulk Up, STAB Close Combat, unique speed tier
Hitmontop: Rapid Spin, tank, Technician abuser, good defensive stats
Honchkrow: STAB Sucker Punch, good HP, good attacking stats on both sides
Houndoom: Flash Fire, Nasty Plot, good attacking stats, Howl
Kabutops: Devastating rain sweeper, priority, good Attack
Lapras: DD, large HP stat, good Df and SpDf stats, Water Absorb
Lickilicky: Good HP, Df, and SpDf, STAB Explosion
Ludicolo: Really annoying in the rain. Good SpDf
Medicham: Huge Attack stat with Pure Power, OK Speed stat
Mesprit: Good all-around stats, good movepool
Milotic: Bulky Water, decent SpAtk, Recover, Marvel Scale
Miltank: Good Physical wall, Heal Bell, good Attack and Speed, Thick Fat
Mismagius: Sub + CM, Levitate, Perish Trap, good SpAtk, SpDf, and Speed
Moltres: Great SpAtk stat, good at stalling
Nidoking: Good sweeper, STAB Earthquake/Earth Power
Nidoqueen: Bulky, Toxic Spikes, Roar
Ninetales: Hypnosis, Nasty Plot, good Speed and SpAtk, Flash Fire, Good supportive movepool
Omastar: Powerful rain sweeper, good Defense and SpAtk
Persian: Fake Out, Technician abuse, Hypnosis, good Speed
Pinsir: Good Attack, Mold Breaker, okay speed, good attacking movepool
Poliwrath: Hypnosis, STAB Focus Punch, Water Absorb
Porygon2: Trace, Good SpAtk, good wall, good movepool
Primeape: Good Speed, good Attack, good movepool
Probopass: Good Special wall, great overall defenses, Magnet Pull
Quagsire: Bulky water, good supportive movepool
Raikou: Sub + CM, Good SpAtk, Speed, and SpDf
Regirock: Good HP and SpDf, outstanding Df, Curse, good suportive movepool
Registeel: great overall defenses, good supportive movepool, many resists
Relicanth: Head Smash with no recoil, Rock Polish, Swift Swim
Roserade: Sleep Powder, Toxic Spikes, great SpAtk, good speed, Natural Cure
Rotom: Somewhat bulky, great typing
Scyther: STAB U-Turn, fast, good Attack, good offensive movepool
Shaymin: Natural Cure, all stats are good, Seed Flare
Slowbro: Good physical wall, Fighting resist, good SpAtk
Spiritomb: Calm Mind, good defenses, no weaknesses, Will-o-Wisp, Rest, Pain Split
Staraptor: Intimidate, great Attack, good Speed, Close Combat
Steelix: Insane Defense, lame speed + Gyro Ball, SR abuse, Roar, Explosion
Swellow: Guts + Facade = Ouch, STAB Quick Attack, Brave Bird
Torterra: Rock + Ground resist, good Attack and Defense, Rock Polish
Toxicroak: Dark + Fighting resist, good Attack, decent SpAtk and Nasty Plot, Swords Dance, Sucker Punch, Dry Skin
Typhlosion: Eruption. Good Speed and SpAtk.
Umbreon: Mean Look, Baton Pass, Curse, Taunt, Wish, great wall in general
Uxie: Great defensive stats, good HP, U-Turn, Yawn, great weather inducer
Venusaur: Good Special wall, good SpAtk, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed

I know some of them are missing, but when I get a hold of them, I'll post them.

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The prominent threats of BL and UU
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