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 My Team (RMT)

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PostSubject: My Team (RMT)   Wed 03 Jun 2009, 11:55 am

yeah this team is pretty much more Offensive than Defensive but will the metagame now a days you gotta be ready to hit hard and fast

Swellow AKA Jet
Adamant @ Guts @ FlameOrb
EVs: 6HP, 252Atk, 252Speed
~Brave Bird
Standard Swellow but awsome lead it surprises a lot of people that I battle and its a good counter to those Ambipom and Yanmega leads

Raichu AKA Rai
Timid @ Static @ Salac Berry
EVs 6Def, 252Speed, 252SpAtk
This is an awsome Raichu sets up with Sub and Nasty Plot then subs down to activate the berry and turns into a pretty cool sweeper

Seviper AKA Pandora
Hasty @ Shed Skin @ ChoiceScarf
EVs: 252Speed, 128SpAtk, 128Atk
This set does work better with Life Orb but I have always wanted to try out a mixed scarfer and its pretty decent

Politoed AKA Croaker
Modest @ Water Absorb @ ChoiceScarf
EVs: 6HP, 252SpAtk, 252Speed
~Ice Beam
~Focus Blast
This set is based off of Nick's Politoed it is a very awsome SpSweeper

Hitmonlee AKA DropKick
Jolly @ Limber @ Muscle Band
EVs: 252Atk, 252Speed, 6HP
This is a pretty awsome pokemon especially with the new aquired attack Sucker Punch, I was gonna use Scarf Primape but didn't want to have a lot of scarfers so I decided on this pokemon =D *another one of Nick's great ideas*

Miltank AKA Ms. Moo
Impish @ Scrappy @ Leftovers
EVs: 252HP, 224 Def, 34 Speed
~Body Slam
~Milk Drink
Pretty awsome Celric the best I have seen so far =3 great Support pokemon too

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PostSubject: Re: My Team (RMT)   Wed 03 Jun 2009, 7:33 pm

The only thing that really bothers me about teams like this is that it seems like it would be difficult to happily switch out often. I personally prefer relatively bulky teams with tons of resistances that let me swap out whenever I feel like it, but today's metagame IS very speedy.

The Swellow's painfully obvious set is a distinct disadvantage in my eyes, but generally, it's good at what it does, particularly if it has some good Pokemon behind it. I honestly would consider making it Jolly, though, so you could actually outrun Jolly Ambipom. Also, I'll note that Toxic Orb hurts Swellow less for the first three turns she's out, which could extend her survivability, assuming you keep SR off the field.

The Raichu set's another pretty obvious one, though that Salac Berry adds a bit of an interesting twist. Unfortunately, it doesn't help to stave off priority attacks, which are the bane of PinchBerry sets, and are also pretty common in UU, what with Pokemon like Ambipom (Fake Out), Azumarill (Aqua Jet), and Honchkrow (Sucker Punch) running around. Just make sure their priority's all gone before you bother trying to really set this up- best as a late-game sweeper.

Sadly, I've never really seen a Seviper do very well in any tier, and the EV spread on this one, honestly, looks pretty weak. You need to consider what Seviper's meant to deal with, and modify his EV spread to deal with those particular threats- for instance, you might have MUCH more Spd invested than you actually need, and could throw a lot more into, say, Atk. Do some damage calculations and such, see how much you need in each offensive stat to 1-2HKO certain things that Seviper can deal with- I can tell you right now, you could try to EQ all day, and it probably wouldn't scratch Registeel, what with Curse and all...

I very rarely keep more than one random scarfer on a team at a time, and I'd recommend you do the same. Politoed's probably the better option here, being that it has an easier time switching in with spongier stats and a Water immunity, and can still hit back pretty hard. I WOULD, however, consider swapping out Psychic for Hypnosis- Psychic really doesn't have great coverage, and a Scarfed Hypnosis can really come in handy early game. You can bring Politoed back out later for some late-game sweeping then.

Hitmonlee's another one of those predictable Pokemon- besides Blaze Kick, its set is pretty clearly known by everyone who sees it. Otherwise, it's a good Pokemon. I might consider replacing Rock Slide with Stone Edge, and consider swapping Blaze Kick for Rapid Spin for the sake of protection against Rocks and Spikes.

Miltank only needs 212 EVs in HP for max Leftovers recovery. You could invest those extra 40 EVs in Spd or more Atk- although, with little to no investment, you already outrun pretty much every other tankish Pokemon in the game, including Claydol. I'd throw most of those EVs (if not all of them) into Atk.
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PostSubject: YAY NET!!!!!! AWESOME TEAM!   Wed 03 Jun 2009, 7:49 pm

Before I start, I'm still a little nublet when it comes to UU/BL/NU, so if this sucks, cut me a break, I'll learn eventually >.<

Ok, let's start.

Swellow. When I see a swellow, I ALWAYS plan for the protect and set up, not to mention that once the flame orb is activate, scouting may not even be worth it, as you will take useless damage. The thing I would do is Brave bird first turn, and drop protect for quick attack, as a STAB guts boosted quick attack will be helpful for revenge killing scarfers, especially because most scarfers pack almost no defense investement, and only 6 hp.

Raichu- Watch out for priority moves, those could mess you up badly. Eh, whatever, I don't use Raichu enough to be able to ive good advice on it. =/

Seviper- I have never seen a seviper in competitive play until this afternoon, when I saw this one in battle. I have no idea how this wil preail or fail, so I would follow someone else's advice ^^;;;

Politoed- psychic is only good against Fighting and poison. There are better moves that it learns. Maybe try Hidden power electric, hidden power dragon (only resisted against once type =/) or, as Shine said, you could try hypnosis.

Hitmonlee- A very cool pokemon. Other than saying stone edge> Rock slide, there isn't much I would change from this.

Miltank- Nick ran this too. In my opinion, body slam would be good enough for paralysis chance. But, if you want a sure fire paralisis, go for the t wave.

Well, there you go, a craptacular rate. At least I tried =[
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PostSubject: Re: My Team (RMT)   

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My Team (RMT)
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