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 A Story of a Villain

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PostSubject: A Story of a Villain   Sat 04 Jul 2009, 11:00 am

You all are writing stories where you are the heroes. I wanted to be different.

Name: Chris Pistachio
Team: Weavile Glaceon Magmortar Electivire Feraligatr

It was a little past 2 in the morning. The rain was pouring down as hard as it could, but even through the rain, you could still hear the faint sounds a steps walking through the streets. The steps soon began to speed up as the rain began to die out. Around 2:30 in the morning, only two sounds could be heard; a running set of feet and a single murkrow calling out in the night. Then silence.

*Bang* *Bang*

Two shots interrupted the silence in a powerful manner. When Bystanders finally arrived at the scene, they saw professor Rowan, with an empty bag.

The pokemon he had spent the last 5 years collecting, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, were nowhere to be seen.


Chris was walking the streets of Jublife City as if nothing had even happened last night, like he had not gone down to sandgem, like he had not shot the professor, and like he had not stolen 3 irreplaceable pokemon.

Chris worked for a man named Prof. Goodenbocker. He took in rare pokemon, then sold them for a pretty penny to illegal buyers. Chris’s job was to find rare pokemon to give to his boss, and he would receive a respectable 45% cut of the money.

Chris was from Kanto. He had originally been part of Team Rocket, but after a 12 year old boy got his first pokemon then took down the entire organization in a day, he knew that it was not right for him. Some Rockets wanted to go to Johto to try and get the leader to come back, but Chris didn’t go. He knew it would fail. And sure enough, a 12 year old boy and a man with a team who is raped by stealth rock by the name of Lance stopped them dead in their tracks.

Instead of going to Johto, Chris had gone to Sinnoh. He had contemplated joining a team called Team Galactic, but realized how stupid their conquest was. And sure enough, a 12 year old boy stopped them. Go figure.

He was still holding the pokeballs of Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf while walking along the road, not a care in the world. He was going to take the next flight to Vielstone to deliver the pokemon in an hour. At the moment, he was just walking along.

He lost track of time, and soon enough he found himself running as fast as he could to get on that fearow in the next flock flying to Vielstone. He ran into a pedestrian, and the three to-be-poached pokemon fell out of his bag. The pokeballs hit the floor, and out came the lake trio.

“Hey, aren’t those the pokemon that were stolen?”
“Holy cow, they are!”
“He must be the murderer!”
“Get him!”
Chris had been caught. He left the pokemon on the street and dashed as fast as he could out of there. He went north, jumping through a short cave, kept going until he hit Floaroma Town, with pedestrians hot on his tail the entire way. He had threatened to shoot them a couple of times, but s few of the pedestrians saw the gun come out of the bag too. He jumped into a house, then jumped out the back window, and while the nosey pedestrians began searching his house, Chris ran up to eternal forest. He dashed through, plowing any pokemon that got into his way over with his mighty magmortar. He arrived into Eterna City, still far from where he needed to be; in Veilstone. He looked for any flights out of the city. None. He took a short break and headed through a narrow passage in Mount Coronet, and arrived in Celestic town. Apparently his picture got in the news, because a whole new wave of pedestrians trying to get justice came.

Bleep, I can’t do this anymore,” exclaimed Chris. He pulled out his Magmortar, Electivre, and Feraligatr.
“Anyone get in my way and you won’t see tomorrow! Move aside!” he shouted at the crowd.

Frightened out of their minds, they all moved out of the way, and Chris went running through. He ran into some deep fog.
Bleep, how the hell am I supposed to get through this bleep fog?!” he shouted.
He ran around until he found someone, and then pretended to have a gun. At “gunpoint” the person he found led him through the fog, and he ended up a little above Solaceon Town. He was close. He dashed through the last route, which was filled with mud right after a fresh rain. Muddy, tired, scared, and lake trioless, he arrived at the front gate of Veilstone. Today was not going so well.

He found Prof. Goodenbocker’s building a ascended the staircase slowly.

“Did you get me the pokemon?” said a deep voice.
“No, I lost them while almost being caught,” Chris admitted.

The man with the deep voice turned around, and got up.

“You idiotic fool! You may as well have ruined everything!”

“Don’t worry, they still don’t have my name. A haircut and a change of clothes, and I’ll be fine.”

“And what about the pokemon you lost?” said Prof. Goodenbocker.

“Forget them, I have my eyes set on a much bigger prize,” Chris said with a gleam in his eyes.
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A Story of a Villain
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