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 Rain Dance NU team.

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Gren Draco

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PostSubject: Rain Dance NU team.   Sat 01 Aug 2009, 8:36 am

Right so this team was inspired by brikien's NU team, which used a tier made of true NU pokes. Not like smogon's which is basically all the UU pokemon, minus a few which stayed in the new UU tier. It is a rain dance team as when i looked through the tier list it seemed the most destructive force, my main two sweepers being Lumineon and Qwilfish, though the Team is not revolved around their sweeping, as Qwilfish attacks early game to kill as much as possible before blowing up. Then lumineon picks up the pieces later on.

At a Glance:

Now for an in depth look:

Purugly@Damp Rock/lumberry
-Rain Dance

My lead. Purugly is possibly the most overused lead in this NU tier, as it has the highest base speed in the tier, along with u-turn/taunt/hypnosis/fake out, it has a natural build for a lead. Rain dance is placed over the usual hypnosis, as it allows me to begin the game aggresively. Since most NU leads are based upon setting up SR or some other hazard or status, taunt is invaluable, and also lets me get in Qwilfish relatively unscathed due to most leads having crappy attacking power. Damp Rock is obvious, although i'm considering lumberry so that if i loose the speed tie with other purugly i'm not put to sleep. Unfortunately the only pokemon in NU that learn both SR and RD are Corsola and Wigglytuff, and neither of them are a decent lead, so i can not set up both of those with my first pokemon, which would have been awesome.
Thinking of Replacing for Corsola, to counter Chatot. The main problem with this is that Corsola is complete taunt bait (it would run RD/SR/Recover/PowerGem) and is also not a strong way to start a game, especially because of the amount of taunt/hypnosis running around in NU.

Qwilfish@Life Orb
-Swift Swim
-Swords Dance
-Poison Jab

Now usually i hate it when people have a structured game plan i.e "So my lead will kill there lead then die so i send in this which will kill loads of stuff" now normally this wouldn't work because of counters, however Qwilfish is relatively uncounterable in NU. For example leads in NU do pitiful damage to Qwilfish, and as such will most probably switch out, thus i get a free SD and have around 500+ speed and 600+ attack. And have 6 turns to sweep. The main answer to any water sweeper in NU is parasect who is KO'd by a +2 STAB'd super effective Posion Jab. Now if i'm met with something which i can't KO for some reason i blow up in their face, and plus two Explosion is going to kill anything in NU (except maybe maxHP/Def magcargo, but why the hell would i explode on him?).

-Rain Dance

My second rain dancer, as well as all around wall and supporter. Wish/Protect/Toxic let's me stall out and kill most things which lumineon wouldn't be able to kill. He is complete taunt bait, but most things in NU that run taunt are leads, and as such it doesn't matter as they are most likely dead, or unlikely to switch in. Now this pokemon, i'm finding, is relatively useless, as his main resistances (Fighting and ground) are basically none existant in NU, so he can never really come in without taking damage. I'm considering swapping him for Wigglytuff, who can run an identical moveset but with better overall defenses.

(**** YEAH)

Lumineon@Life Orb
-Swift Swim
-Hidden Power Electric
-Ice Beam
-Air Cutter

Special Sweeping Lumineon, The Special side of my two sweepers, who go relatively unwalled in NU. Hidden Power electric still has use in NU, as it hits other waters who resist Surf, and is chosen over grass as Pellipper and Qwilfish take neutral from HP grass. Aiming to Get a Hidden Power to hit other pokemon that this set can't hit super effective is pointless, since Surf will hit for pseudo-super effective damage anyway, and will hit harder. Air cutter is only for Parasect, as it hits harder than ice beam, and because Lumineon has no other usable options, really.

-Dry Skin

My answer to other water types trying to take advantage of the Rain, Dry skin also replenishes my health every turn, making parasect even more useable, he also allows me to heal paralysis on my team, which is crippling to my lumineon and Qwilfish, who need their high speed. Spore is their for obvious reasons, since it and Breloom are the only two fully evolved pokemon to learn it, i believe. X-scissor and Seed Bomb get dual STAB, though X-scissor gets reatively poor coverage in NU, due to the amount of bug and/or flying types, so i am considering replacing it for ne of Parasects other support options, such as stun spore.

-Hidden Power Rock

My Special Wall, now you may think "WTF??? Fire Type in Rain Dance Team? Ar You MAD??" Well yes, however this has reason behind it. Without Magcargo i was very very very open for a late game sweep from one of the many bug and/or fliers in NU. Also Rain Dance heightening his fire weakness doens't matter considering he'll die from any fire move that hits him anyway. Hidden Power Rock gets STAB and hits both bug and flying type for Super Effective damage, so is preferable to Flamethrower, who also gets unSTAB'd due to rain. Recover is what makes magcargo such a Great NU wall, as it can take numerous hits and just lol off the damage. Stealthrock makes it harder for the said bug and/or flying types to switch in, and is just a great move to use in the tier. Will-o-wisp seems pretty crappy, since i have chimecho spreading poison and parasect spreading sleep, more status just seems OTT. So i may replace for one of the screens.

Okay this is my NU team, please read the next post, as it includes the tier list, so any "*insert Smogon labelled NU pokemon here* Sweeps your team" comments please.
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Gren Draco

Number of posts : 11
Age : 24
Trainer Type : soo i herd u leik girafarigz?
Friend Code D/P : 1234 5678 9112
Friend Code Platinum : 2119 8765 4321
My Pokemon Team :
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Registration date : 2009-07-31

PostSubject: Re: Rain Dance NU team.   Sat 01 Aug 2009, 8:36 am

Here's the tier list:
• Ariados
• Beautifly
• Carnivine
• Castform
• Chatot
• Cherrim
• Chimecho
• Corsola
• Delcatty
• Delibird
• Ditto
• Dunsparce
• Dustox
• Exploud
• Farfetch’d
• Fearow
• Furret
• Glalie
• Illumise
• Kricketune
• Ledian
• Lumineon
• Luvdisc
• Magcargo
• Masquerain
• Mawile
• Mightyena
• Minun
• Mothim
• Parasect
• Pachirisu
• Pelipper
• Pidgeot
• Plusle
• Purugly
• Qwilfish
• Sableye
• Seaking
• Spinda
• Stantler
• Sudowoodo
• Sunflora
• Unown
• Volbeat
• Wigglytuff
• Wormadam (All 3)

Will update later with threat list and building process, but going c/p'ing all the url's for the sprites was killing me, so i really was put off doing a team building process straight away. Please read the Tier list and criticise away Very Happy
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Rain Dance NU team.
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