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 Shine's Revival UU Team

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PostSubject: Shine's Revival UU Team   Wed 05 Aug 2009, 8:58 pm

As you know, I haven't been around the past few weeks. So, I haven't been playing any Pokemon up until now. I've decided that, by now, pretty much everyone has a VERY thorough understanding of how I play my AnyTrades UU team (pictured in my Signature), and that my play with it might be a little predictable to everyone. So, to try and keep your disappointment to a minimum, I've made a new UU team from a list of Pokemon I either have NEVER used before, or very rarely use.
I will be honest and say that this team has only been in one battle so far, but it faired pretty well, so I figured it's ready for an RMT. Don't be too cruel now!

Here's the list- it'd be nice to stick to it, but you're certainly not restricted to the list alone. :3


At a Glance


Guile @Wide Lens
-Calm Mind
-Fire Blast
-Energy Ball
Flashfire, Timid
252 Sp.Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP

This little Foxy seems pretty standard, but with two exceptions- he packs Calm Mind instead of Nasty Plot, and Fire Blast as opposed to Flamethrower. As his name would imply, he's a clever little bleep. Wide Lens helps not only to boost the accuracy of Hypnosis, but makes Fire Blast a much more deadly weapon, cutting its chances of missing by 10%. Besides that, Calm Mind takes advantage of his naturally respectable Sp.Def stat, allowing him to survive attacks he wouldn't normally be able to, and still hit hard at the same time. This helps to cushion him against Water switch-ins, which he can comfortably 1-2HKO after a couple Calm Minds, thanks to Energy Ball. The fact that he's packing Fire Blast over Flamethrower makes up for the lack of speed associated with Nasty Plot. I chose this as a lead because, well, I'd never seen Ninetales as a lead, and I was curious to see if it would do badly.

Wintry @Leftovers
-Ice Beam
-Heal Bell/Hidden Power Grass
Water Absorb, Modest
192 HP, 60 Def, 248 Sp.Atk, 8 Spd

It's rare to see Lapras these days, and if you do, it's usually running the standard Dragon Dance set. I chose Wintry here to help effectively defend Guile. She loves soaking up Water attacks aimed at Guile, and she can even take the odd Earthquake here and there with all her HP investment. The eight EVs in Spd allow her to outrun other Pokemon that share her base Spd with little to no investment in the stat. Normally, I'd run 188 HP for Lapras, which would bring her to max Leftovers recovery (well, second to last), but Bri suggested I add one more point of HP to help cushion her Stealth Rock weakness, allowing her to switch in more. Of course, this set contains the main Water type staples- Surf and Ice Beam. However, Lapras gets a nice little surprise attack in Thunderbolt, which is rarely seen on a Water type (barring Lanturn). The last slot is something of a filler- I've considered Perish Song, but I figure that I might get more mileage out of Heal Bell. On the other hand, Hidden Power Grass is an option to help me deal with Ground-Water types. Surf should do just fine, but it always helps against things like max Sp.Def Gastrodon.

Nightshade @Black Sludge
-Sleep Powder
-Leech Seed
-Sludge Bomb
-Giga Drain
Chlorophyll, Modest
244 HP, 12 Def, 252 Sp.Atk

Nightshade's here to help along both Wintry, mainly. Nightshade can comfortably switch in against a small variety of Electric, Grass, and Fighting attacks aimed at Wintry, thanks to her typing and relatively bulky stats. Taking advantage of that, I have a set built for survivability. Leech Seed is the main priority, and Giga Drain is used against targets which are weak against Grass type attacks. Sludge Bomb is the main offensive move, since it has the most power and PP. Sleep Powder is there as a backup Sleep inducing skill if/when Guile goes down, and helps to keep Steel types at bay, stalling for time as Leech Seed slowly siphons their HP, or as I switch to an appropriate counter. I've considered reducing her Sp.Atk investment to make her more bulky, so she can better take Fighting attacks. I also considered Muk an option over this, but Vileplume is better for taking Electric attacks.

Hallowed @Leftovers
-Stealth Rock
-Stone Edge
Levitate, Adamant
220 HP, 252 Atk, 36 Def

Hallowed's MAIN purpose is to switch in against Earthquakes aimed at the team as a whole, and his typing allows him to defend Nightshade from Flying attacks, and weaker Psychics. Stealth Rock is always a plus, and Will-o-Wisp provides me with a reliable source of Burn status, which helps to extend the survivability of my team against physical attackers, and might not be so obvious coming from something like Solrock. Stone Edge is for STAB, while Earthquake comes along for coverage. Hallowed is probably the weakest member of this team, but I can't find much else on the list that'll help me against Flying types- and I just plain don't like Golem!

Grievous @Scope Lens
-Swords Dance
-Cross Poison
-Night Slash
Sniper, Jolly
252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4 Def

Grievous, I can admit, is something of a filler. I needed something that could take Dark and Ghost attacks, and while Drapion might not be the BEST choice for that, he IS part Dark type, which resists both Dark and Ghost. I figure that should be enough. As a plus, Grievous also provides me with a Psychic immunity to help Nightshade along. On the negative end, I get another Earthquake weakness. The set's pretty standard- Swords Dance up (only when convenient!), and then attempt a sweep. Cross Poison and Night Slash are both STAB'd, and have high critical-hit ratios, which benefit from both Scope Lens and Sniper. Earthquake is there to keep me from being walled by Steel and Poison types. Skuntank is another good option here, having much higher HP, and probably being more capable in terms of Sp.Def, but I'd like to see how Grievous does, first.

Airy @Leftovers
-Sleep Powder
-Leech Seed
Chlorophyll, Jolly
252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4 Def

Ahh, Jumpluff... I'll admit, I've used this a few times before, but not much, and not recently. Airy's job is to give me another Ground immunity, first and foremost. He runs a pretty standard SubSeed set, along with Bounce. Bounce is useful in that it not only gives me another turn to collect Leech Seed and Leftovers healing, but nothing can safely switch in, because of the 30% chance to cause Paralysis. Things that don't get Paralyzed get put to Sleep via Sleep Powder, and then setup on. Taunt doesn't wreck this as badly as I thought, considering the usefulness of Bounce, but it still usually forces a switch out of me.

So, there's my team! I can say now, that the first three Pokemon are likely there to stay, because of how well they cover each others weaknesses- it's more the last three that I'm a little iffy about. Hallowed isn't that good, I don't think, cause I've never really seen a Solrock do well. Grievous seems really just... Thrown in there. Finally, Airy feels redundant, because both he AND Nightshade are running Seed sets, and Nightshade takes care of her weaknesses better.

Completely open to suggestion!
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Shine's Revival UU Team
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