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PostSubject: Flygon   Thu 06 Aug 2009, 8:28 pm



WOOT! I call flygon before anyone else >:) As we all know it's my favorite pokemon, so of course I make the thread for it. Flygon can do some serious sweeping, but I think it's got some cool gimmicky options at it's disposal. Maybe none that flare out right away, but look deeper, and you can find some cool ones. I know net has a cool specs flygon somewheres. Screech, Rock Tomb, Focus energy, Mimic. But anywho, onto my own set!

Flygon @ Life Orb
Ability: Levitate
Naive nature
252 Atk, 212 Spe, 32 HP, 12 Sp Atk
- Sand Tomb
- Outrage
- U-turn
- Fire Blast

Really cool gimmick set I came up with. Sand Tomb traps the foe in a tomb...of sand! Which means they're unable to switch out. This means you're free to do one of many things. You can KO them with Outrage (They can't switch to their steel type now) U-turn over to a setup sweeper for ONE free turn of setup. Switch over to a setup sweeper (If they outspeed you and outright threaten you) Fire Blast is sort of a filler, but is good for a 2HKO on Skarmory. Outrage is STAB obviously, and in their tomb, they can't bring in a steel type to absorb the hit. U-turn is great for getting in a counter/setup sweeper, and some damage.

First things first, we need to maximize his attack. Then we needed a speed bar. I find it pointless to simply speed tie with base 100's, so enough speed was used to outspeed max speed positive base 95's. Then enough EV's were delegated to HP for 11 uses of the life orb. Finally, any remainder were used to boost his fire blast's power.

Let's see some cool gimmicks folks =D

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