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PostSubject: Crobat   Tue 11 Aug 2009, 2:14 pm


Oh crobat. Though you can't setup rocks like your speedy flying counterpart aerodactyl, you still make one of the most effective support leads of our time. But since this is the gimmick section, obviously i'm not going to post your amazing lead setup. Instead, I myself have come up with a brilliantly fun set that I simply can't WAIT to try out!

Crobat @ Life Orb/Leftovers
Ability: Inner Focus
Adamant nature
164 HP, 216 Atk, 130 Sp Def
- Roost
- Curse
- Brave Bird
- X-Scissor/Payback

A lot of us may very well be familiar with the fun to use Nasty Plotting Crobat setup, but what happens when we use him to setup his mediocre (yet better) attack stat? We get the mighty cursebat. Curse is where the wrath begins. You curse to boost your attack and defense while simultaneously bringing down your glorious speed. As you do so, you roost to bring your health back into green territory. Brave Bird is your primary form of sweeping, and works wonderfully with roost. Just watch out when you hit those high healthed foes, as crobat will take quite the beating from recoil. The final slot is more or less filler. Payback is truly the superior option though, since after several curses you'll be going last almost always. X-Scissor can be used, but the only thing I can think of off the top of my head it would hit harder than the other two moves would be cacturne and shiftry. Seeing as their defense and HP is already crap as it is, you wouldn't really need it unless you fear the recoil.

The HP EV's give you a lefties jump point, and some decent overall bulk. Attack was then put into a jump point area so you could have as much pain to your attacks as possible, while still being conservative with the EV's. Finally, the remainder were put into special defense for the special bulk.

Leftovers or Life Orb?
The choice between leftovers and life orb is indeed a very tough choice. At first glance, Life orb may seem the superior option with roost, but when you're suffering horrid recoil from brave bird, poor crobat is gonna be taking a beating from his own attacks after only one or two curses. Leftovers on the other hand, gives you better overall survivability, and keeps you from some 2HKO's, and heals off your brave bird recoil long enough for you to roost later on. The choice is yours.

Let's see some fun sets please. Any recommendations for mine would be nice as well

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