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 Feraligatr (Must read for competitive battlers)

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PostSubject: Feraligatr (Must read for competitive battlers)   Wed 12 Aug 2009, 3:02 pm

Feraligatr. When we see a feraligatr in a battle, what's the first thing that comes to mind? If you answered dragon dancer, then you are correct! But what about it's other options? Sure it's got a great attack stat, but what about it's 100 base defense? Surely that can't go without a thought could it? I've been playing around with a RestTalk Feraligatr set, and just got finished running some damage calcs. Freaking Amazing. I'm here to share my RestTalker with you, and you're all reading it to find out about it AND post your own cool gimmick feraligatr sets.

Bulky Water. Eat your heart out vaporeon

Feraligatr @ Leftovers
Ability: Torrent
Impish nature
228 HP, 216 Def, 66 Atk
- Rest
- Sleep Talk
- Waterfall
- Double Edge/Return

I just finished running some calcs of this. Note that everything I ran calcs against are very common UU physical attackers.

Quote :

2 LO Absol Adamant Night Slash

66.03% 71.20% 77.72%

CB Absol Adamant Night Slash

37.77% 41.03% 44.84%

CB Slaking Adamant ThunderPunch

63.59% 68.48% 75.00%

CB Azumarill Adamant Return

40.76% 44.02% 48.10%

LO Arcanine Adamant Extreme Speed

25.82% 27.99% 30.43%

LO Arcanine Adamant ThunderFang

41.85% 45.11% 49.46%

Scarf Blaziken Atk SuperPower

41.03% 44.29% 48.37%

Scarf Blaziken Atk ThunderPunch

34.24% 37.50% 40.76%

CB Ambipom Spe Return

41.85% 45.65% 49.73%

6 Charizard Adamant Earthquake

71.47% 77.45% 84.24%

CB Dugtrio Jolly Earthquake

35.87% 38.59% 42.39%

2 Drapion Adamant Night Slash

50.82% 55.43% 60.33%

LO Hitmonlee Jolly Close Combat

52.99% 57.34% 62.77%

CB Honchkrow Adamant Night Slash (Critical Hit)

73.64% 79.89% 87.23%

CB Honchkrow Adamant Drill Peck

41.85% 45.65% 49.73%

2 LO Kabutops Adamant Stone Edge

85.87% 93.21% 101.36% (87.18%)

Guts Swellow Jolly Facade

51.63% 56.25% 61.14%

Tangrowth Adamant Power Whip

72.28% 78.26% 85.33%

2 LO Toxicroak Adamant Cross Chop

81.52% 88.32% 96.20%

And there you have it. There are VERY few things that have the ability to OHKO feraligatr with physical attacks. Water and Normal provide fantastic coverage, but which normal attack you choose is up to you. I personally prefer Double edge for the higher power output, and it's recoil is offset by rest, but if you're worried about any of the above attackers 2HKO'ing you, then you can opt for return so the 3HKO's don't become 2HKO's. RestTalk prevents status and such, and makes him a great absorber of hypnosis's.

Agilitizer =O

Feraligatr @ Life orb
Ability: Torrent
Rash nature
252 Sp Atk, 68 Spe, 188 Atk
- Hydro Pump
- Ice Beam
- Agility
- SuperPower

A fun agility set I came up with. The Speed EV's put you past timid scarftran if I remember right. Hydro Pump decimates things like skarmory, steelix, and assorted fire types. Ice Beam takes out the grass types, swellow, dragons, etc. SuperPower is there to hit chanseys and snorlax's, as well as clefables and special walls. Pretty fun set to use =D

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Feraligatr (Must read for competitive battlers)
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