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PostSubject: Kangaskhan   Wed 02 Sep 2009, 3:33 am

Right. Well, erm... not much to say about Kanga apart from it's pretty high in the ranks of awesomeness. Pretty random but did anyone else happen to catch that one-off (pretty awful) Mystery Dungeon episode that had one in? They should have given it an Australian accent! Like, Kangaskhan > Kangaroo > Australia. GAWD! Anyway. I'll talk about the set now. A little more interesting. Yeah.

Kangaskhan @ Salac Berry
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Scrappy
EV's: 252 Atk/252 Spd

~ Substitute
~ Endeavor
~ Reversal
~ Sucker Punch

So basically, this set revolves around Substitute and utilizing your ever-decreasing HP. Kanga can pull off Sub/Endeavor/Reversal better than a lot of stuff, thanks to its awesome ability, Scrappy. This ability alone guarantees that no type will stand in the way of this strategy since Normal (and Fighting) type moves will hit Ghosts.

Begin by subbing, aiming to get your HP down as low as possible. Once you ARE low enough, pick your poison: either get the opponent down to your level with Endeavor or hit them with an extremely powerful Reversal. Endeavor is great for stuff like Metagross whilst Reversal hits Frosslass (along with Sableye and Spiritomb) Super-Effectively. The Salac boost will make you fast enough to pull off whichever move you choose. Sucker Punch is the best Kanga's got in terms of priority but it's great for finishing things off. Your opponent will most likely try attacking you once they see what you're up to, anyway... they wouldn't want their next Poke to fall foul of Endeavor too, would they?

The EV's are pretty straight forward. This set actually only has 504 EV's altogether since any more would strengthen Kanga's defenses and frailty is pretty important here. Attack and Speed are both at their maximum since that's really all that's needed.

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PostSubject: Re: Kangaskhan   Wed 02 Sep 2009, 3:36 pm

That seems like a great use of Kanga's ability. But I recommend running adamant nature, since there isn't any thing of merit at 458 speed to outrun with jolly. However, with Adamant you still outrun things like electrode and timid scarfed heatran.

I have a set of my own i've been working with...

Kangaskhan @ Life Orb/Leftovers
Ability: Scrappy
Adamant nature
252 Atk, 148 Spe, 110 HP
- Rest
- Sleep Talk
- Return/Body Slam/Double Edge
- Earthquake/Aqua Tail

Trying for an offensive ResTalker here...Rest and Sleep Talk give you some good survivability in the face of danger. Either item can work here. Leftovers is good for the prolonged survivability, but Life Orb is also a good item for this set, as it gives you a nice power boost. Either ability actually works here. Early Bird allows for that one-turn rest, but scrappy keeps away the ghosties and ghouls that attack you. Return is necessary for good strong STAB. Body Slam can be used for that nice little chance at paralysis. Double Edge can even work well there, since it's got substantially higher power, and you can rest off any damage later. The last slot is for coverage. Earthquake provides some great coverage, but Aqua Tail nets some great neutral coverage with normal.

The attack is maximized for the most attack power as possible. Then enough EV's were poured into speed to outrun adamant absol and below. Then all the remainder were placed into HP for some extra bulk.

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