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 Doubles Strategy!

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PostSubject: Doubles Strategy!   Thu 03 Sep 2009, 6:48 am

So lately, it seems we've all been getting our creative muscles working in the Gimmicks Section. This is awesome, but I've been thinking 'why not do the same for doubles?' By the looks of things, doubles is thrown by the wayside in favour of thinking about singles, so this could be a great place to post combinations and sets to use in a Double Battle :) They don't have to be completely gimmicky either! I'll start:
Gallade and Gardevoir

Gallade @ Choice Scarf

Nature: Jolly
Ability: Steadfast
EV's: 252 Spd/188 Atk/68 HP

~ Trick
~ W-O-W
~ Brick Break
~ Night Slash

Gardevoir @ Leftovers

Nature: Calm
Ability: Trace
EV's: 236 HP/120 Def/96 Sp Def/36 Spd/22 Sp Atk

~ Disable
~ Icy Wind
~ Wish
~ Psychic

The Strategy

If it's possible to feel crazy about two little drawings from a video game, I think I've managed it. It's just personal opinion, but Gallade and Gardevoir blow all other Poké-Pairs out of the water. They're both awesome so I felt madly inclined to make a strategy between them. I've found that these two function best as leads but can work later (especially Gardevoir).

Start things off by using Gallade's Trick on something you feel is going to set up. Psychic the partner so as not to spoil the surprise of what's going to happen on the next turn. After the Tricked Pokemon has used their set up move, 9 times out of 10, they're going to switch out. Use W-O-W here to burn the switch in. Have Gardevoir use Icy Wind on this turn, also. If all goes to plan, the switched in Pokemon will now have reduced attack and -1 speed, making them battle under unadvantageous circumstances from the very beginning (unless your name's Choice Scarfed-Guts-Heracross). Attack with Brick Breaks and Psychics until the scarfed Pokemon comes back in. Gardevoir is pretty slow so odds are she'll be moving after them. This means she can use Disable, causing them to either struggle or switch again, letting her get off a free Wish.

I was going to have CC on Gallade but I thought the defence drops would be counter-productive when factoring in W-O-W. Brick Break's great for breaking screens that leads may have set up, anyway. Night Slash is just for Ghosts. Gardevoir's set has already been explained =D

Oddly, the biggest problem I've found with this set is the accuracy of Disable. For such a rarely-used move, it should really have 100% but it's only got 80 (the same as Hydro Pump!?!?). That's crazy. Also, Heracross and Weavile both counter these two easily since they don't really have much Physical Defence to speak of (although getting a quick burn on Weavile with the Scarf does help). A good few Defence EV's have been given to Gardevoir, though, since she's the more defensively realiant of the two.

I think I might have got Gallade's EV's a little wrong, though. Given the set's ideas, with speed not being such a big problem since switching almost always goes first, I should have found out how many EV's I needed to outspeed, say, Timid Darkrai, with the Scarf, and then put the rest into Defences. I may get round to doing that soon.

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Doubles Strategy!
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