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 Pokemon Masquerain

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PostSubject: Pokemon Masquerain   Mon 14 Sep 2009, 8:19 am

Masquerain @ Choice Specs
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Timid/Modest
EVs: 4HP, 252SpAtk, 252Speed
- EnergyBall
- AirSlash
- Bug Buzz
- IceBeam/HiddenPower-Fire

I love Masquerain especially the moves it gets which makes making its moveset much easier lol this is a simple Choice Specs set I use this Masquerain more in a BP team in the BP Team it gets passed a few Iron Defenses, a few Calm Minds and 1 or 2 Agilities and then its set to sweep.
Airslash and Bug Buzz for stab, Energyball for coverage to get rid of things like Whiscash, Ice Beam is there to get rid of flying types like Pidgeot, Hidden Power-Fire to deal with one of the biggest threats in NU which is Mawile.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Masquerain   Mon 14 Sep 2009, 3:10 pm

I recommend you put Hydro Pump on that set Net, 120 base power move is fairly useful for sweeping with i'd imagine. Here's a masquerain set I made

Masquerain @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Intimidate
Timid nature
252 Sp Atk, 252 Spe, 6 Def
- Bug Buzz
- Air Slash
- Hydro Pump
- Ice Beam

Simple revenge killing Masquerain. Save it for extreme late game to take out all the weakened foes. Bug Buzz and Air Slash for STAB, and with that speed boost Air Slash's flinch chance can be used. Hydro Pump is great for hitting golems and other random rock/ground types that plauge masquerains very existence. Ice Beam is good for hitting fliers and whatnots.

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Pokemon Masquerain
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