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For pokemon Diamond and Pearl players who need a place to find others to trade/battle with.
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PostSubject: HOW TO USE REDSHARK NETWORK   Mon 14 Sep 2009, 10:37 pm

Okay, so to get the RedShark program working, you need to use a Network Emulator called Hamachi. It sounds difficult, but really isn't.

So, fist, download Hamachi

Once that's isntalled and all good, click Network at the top and click join existing network. The Network Name is anytrades and the password is anytrades

once that's joined, you will need to go into RedShark. Click Game -> Preferences

Go down to the Network Connection section. Click the Favorites button, and then go back to the Hamachi netowrk. You need your IP address, which is above your name on the main window. Put that in the box next to 'me' in it. Then, put your opponents IP, (found next to thier name) one of the other ones and name it whatever you like. Save and close.

Once that is done, one of you must go and host. The other must join within 30 seconds. After that, just use Redshark and carry out the battle.


[00:24:18] @ Captain Nick : (that new guy is breathing on me)
[00:24:23] @ Captain Nick : (i feel dirty)
[00:24:43] @ Captain Nick : (like some wanna be japanese model i once knew)
[00:24:44] @ New Guy No1 knows : im new
[00:24:50] @ Donald : (creepy)

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