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PostSubject: Infernape   Wed 04 Nov 2009, 4:59 pm

Doctor's orders-here's another dose of gimmick medicine, since we all seem to a be a little low on it recently. Recommended dosage: 6 tablespoons, 4 times a day. Drink up!

Infernape @ Focus Sash
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Blaze
EV's: 252 Atk/252 Spd

~ Fake Out
~ Counter
~ Endevour
~ Mach Punch

I had no idea Infernape could learn Counter, but I guess it makes sense since it's a Fighting type. This set is based around the move and also shows the advantages of priority attacks, such as Mach Punch.

I'm gonna go slightly emo here and say that I hated myself (in the nicest way of course) for using Fake Out, since every Infernape I come across seems to have it. Well, actually, I take that back. Every LEAD Infernape I come across seems to have it. True, this could work as a lead, but really, as long as you know there are still physical attackers on the opponent's team, it can be used whenever you feel like it. Anyway, you start things off with said Fake Out, eliminating any opposing Sashes. Then, if you can see a physical attack coming from miles away, use Counter and smack back double the damage they dealt you, giving you the KO. With one down, try your luck with Endevour on the next Poke, taking them down to 1 HP. For some bizarre reason, if they'd decided not to attack you that turn, finish them off with Mach Punch.

The EV's are pretty straight forward and let Infernape be as fragile, fast and powerful as possible.

This set is extremely venerable to revenge kills and other priority moves but I reckon (and I hope I'm not blowing my own horn too much here) this is quite unexpected so you could have almost two Pokemon down from the very start of a match against an unwary opponent.
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