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Friend Code Platinum : 4082 2306 9446
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PostSubject: Gliscor   Sun 28 Mar 2010, 1:51 pm

Does anyone remember Gligar the little oddball pokemon, who never really did a lot, now after gaining a evolution, it looks like Gligar wasn't a waste after all. Gliscor has amazing def and pretty good typing if you'd ask me, good atk and spd, okay hp, and so-so sp def, which can be taken care of with sandstorm, or his ability. So it's easy to see why he's such a good wall in OU, and one of the best baton passers too.

Ability: Sand Veil
Item: Leftovers
Impish Nature
252 hp 216 spd 40 def
-Knock Off/Stealth Rock
-Stone Edge/Aerial Ace
Having such good def and typing he is a shoe-in for a wall right? Right. EQ is for STAB, and with these speed ev's, pokes like lucario will get rined by EQ. Roost is to take off any damage by enemies, and also takes off your flying weaness, so yah for rocks, bad for grass. Knock off is pretty good for crippling something on the switch in like scarf Lucario trying to hit you with ice punch. Where as Stealth Rock is great to have, but you might not need it if you have someone else who can set it up. Toxic is an interesting choice, as most of your counters, besides steels, hate being toxiced, such as vaporeon, or swampert. The last move is just for either coverage and power with Stone Edge, or STAB and countering breloom, and heracross with Aerial Ace. Leftovers is obvious, and nothingelse really can stand up to it. San Veil is useful if you have sandstorm up. The EV's allow you to out run certain hazardous enemies like Lucario, while still maintaing some bulk with 252 hp. If I was to say this set is simple, it would be an understatement, anyone can use this set, and it really isn't that hard to come up with, it's just the fact that people think smogon created it...The strategy is switch into something you can wall, like heracross, set up SR, or knock off/toxic an enemy coming in. Then fire out strong attacks, and heal off damage. Simple yes? Hells Yes.

Sweep Than Pass
Ability: Sand Veil
Item: Leftovers, Yache Berry, Lum Berry
Adamant/Jolly nature
252 atk 252 spd 4 hp
-Baton Pass
-Stone Edge
-Rock Polish/Swords Dance
With good bulk, decent speed and attack, and 2 boosting moves it can pass wasn't enough of a clue already, gliscor makes an excellent baton passer. EQ is for STAB, and hurts whether your using SD or RP regardless. Baton pass is obvious for passing either SD or RP to a sweeper waiting to rape stuff. Stone edge is for coverage, and it i really powerful, and not many other attacks come close to it. Rock Polish is for speed, and allows you to either get a easy lightweight KO, or Baton Pass without a hitch. Where as Swords Dance gives you massive attack, and with your decent speed, you might be able to KO stuff, and pull of a nice pass to a speedy sweeper. Hyper Cutter is a good ability, but Sand vVeil is way more easily used, as you or your oppoanant have a good chance of brining T Tar/Hippowdon. Leftovers is good for recovery, as you don't have roost, but Yache berry and Lum berry are good for SD, t make sure you either KO the poke trying to status you, or KO you with ice moves, or Baton pass your SD boost. The EV's are pretty straight forward, and if you go with Rock Polish, use adamant, and if you use Swords Dance go with jolly. Come in against something that doesn't scare you, like heracross again, set up a boost with either SD or RP, maybe stay in for a couple of KO's, or baton pass it out to a sweeper in need of either attack or speed.

Ability: Hyper Cutter
Item: Choice Band/Scarf
Adamant/Jolly Nature
252 atk 252 spd 4 hp
-Stone Edge/Aerial Ace
-Fire/Ice/Thunder Fang/Quick Attack
This set may remind you of something else in the OU tier, who does revenge killing and scouting with U-Turn, hmmmm, perhaps it's Flygon. Having better bulk, and decent typing Gliscorcan do the same as Flygon, whose only real advantage is outrage, and 1o more atk/spd. Earthquake is for STAB, and hurts even if ypu go with scarf insted of band. U-Turn provides good scouting techniques, and allows you to get a counter in. Stone edge is for power and coverage, where as Aerial Ace still makes you a counter to breloom and heracross and has STAB. However, most prefer the power and coverage provided by Stone Edge. The last slot is a filler, either priority, or certain KO's to certain pokes. If your not using band don't even think about quick attack, as you will already be faster, but if your using band it might be a nice trick up your sleeve. The elemental fangs or for revenge killing and countering. Fire fang for steel types who are immune to EQ (skarmory) and also OHKO's forrtress and scizor, and these 2 you don't need a scarf for, so if your using band, go with fire fang or quick attack. For scarfers thunder fang dents bulky waters trying to counter you, and also OHKo's and out speeds a 1 DD gyrados. The same applies for mence and Dnite, who after 1 DD are still taken down and out sped by you. Gliscor has unique typing, good attack and speed, while retaining great bulk, and can also scout and dent stuff for you, it also can't be intimidated, why wouldn't you try this to see if it fits your team better than Flygon?

Gliscor is a top dog in OU and should stay that way until gen 5, and has capabilities in sweeping and defense. He is also really easy to use, and makes battling go by quicker in your head =p. Unfortunately, he's not perfect, and might need some help to be all he can actually be. He absoluetly loves having sandstorm to make up for his average sp def, and it also activated his ability Sand Veil making hax a bigger role than it had before, and T Tar doesn't mind SR support, or being passed a rock polish. Gliscor's sp def is average a best, and in sandstorm it is still taken out by beastly sp attackers, so a strong sp wall is usually a blessing to have paired up with Gliscor. Pokes like Suicune, Vaporeon, Milotic, and other bulky waters are excellent at this role. With sandstorm support, and a good sp wall, Gliscor feels at home in any team. I guess i should go ahead and put some counters up too. Anything fast, and with decent bulk can either obliterate it with ice attacks, or beat it up with strong sp atks. Things like Heatran, Lucario, Vapoeon, Suicune, Gengar, Swampert, make excellent counters. So if your ever in a tigh spot with a gliscor just think, sp atks, and ice.

Hey everybody this is my first PoTW, it looks like fun, so I will be
doin it every Sunday, please post any comments about what i can do to
make it better, any idea's you may have, or some movesets you would like
to post. Thanks you!

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