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For pokemon Diamond and Pearl players who need a place to find others to trade/battle with.
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Friend Code Platinum : 4082 2306 9446
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PostSubject: Farfetch'd   Sun 04 Apr 2010, 2:25 pm

Oh boy does this PoTW bring back memories, like trading your spearow just to obtain it, or even though fearow is so much better. Thats right Farfetch'd is this weeks PoTW, and the Easter PoTW. Other than a lot of good memories, Farfetch'd outlook is bleak, very bleak. He is truely a cool pokemon, that if you talk meanly about, he'll wack you with his onion stick. But other than that, he's poorly built, and almost any other normal flying can out do him.

Mighty Duck
Ability: Inner Focus
Item: Salac/Leichi Berry
Adamant/Jolly Nature
252 atk 252 spd 4 hp
-Swords Dance/Agility
-Aerial Ace/Night Slash/Leaf Blade
Pretty simple here, come in against something that doesn't scare you, then boost up, then endure, and flail everything. This set actually works, and not many normal flying types can boost there attack, or speed like this. Endure/Flail combo is pretty strong with a boost, and it gets STAB, plus you only have 1 hp. The last slot is a filler, either STAB with aerial ace, night slash for those pesky ghosts, or leaf blade for rocks, and steel types with a second type weak to grass like ground or rock. If you choose swords dance go with jolly and salac berry, but you might be a little slow, and if you use agility go with adamant and liechi berry, however, you might not hit as hard as with SD.

Cursing Duck
Ability: Inner Focus
Item: Leftovers
Adamant Nature
252 atk 252 hp 4 def
-Quick Attack/Return
-Aerial Ace/Night Slash/Leaf Blade
A gimmicky set, but with a good player, and surprise factor, this just might work. Go in against something that you can take, like choiced ground attacks, boost up, maybe heal and fire off attacks. Curse boosts defense and attack while decreasing speed, but farfetch'd wasn't really a fast poke anyway. Roost provides instant healing, which not even snorlax can do. Quick attack makes up for your awful speed after 1,2, or even 3 curses, and also has STAB, but return is very powerful, but if might allow you to get easily revenged killed. The last slot, again is either STAB with aerial ace, night slash for ghosts, or leaf blade for coverage. Leftovers are really the only thing that fits here, as it gives you some form of healing. I have not tested this set, but it looks like A LOT of fun, and might surprise your opponent into a stroke =p.

Ability: Inner Focus
Item: Leftovers/Focus Sash
Adamant Nature
252 atk 252 hp 4 spd
-Knock Off
-Quick Attack/Return
Banette and Farfetch'd are almost alike, besides the massive gap in attack between the 2, they both knock off items, cripple attackers, have priority attacks, and can provide support for their team. Toxic, much like banette's will-o-wisp, criplles walls trying to set up SR, or screens. Knock off kills leftovers, and breaks choiced items, and other items. U-Turn could provide some scouting, which banette can't do, while roost provides some healing if you have the chance. Quick attack has some uses, allowing some weak revenge kills, and has STAB and will hit for decent damage on everything that doesn't resist it. While return has more base power, and might hit harder, but you will be missing priority attacks. If you use this as a lead focus sash might be an option, but other than that jus use leftovers.

Farfetch'd is not an amazing pokemon, but has it's niches, and has some unique roles that it plays in teams. But this is one pokemon you definitely need team support for. Farfecth'd appreciates rapid spin support on all of it's sets, and being such a fragile pokemon, even with curse, Farfetch'd loves strong tanks and walls that can shrug off damage. However the one thing farfetch'd loves the most is a decent lure, and prediction. Like gyrados attracts electric attacks, now switch int your e-vire. Anything that has a ground or ghost weakness works well, as you just gave farfetch'd a free switch. Farfetch'd isn't a perfect pokemon to say the least, but if you have love for it like Captain Nick, it might be fun to try out.

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