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 Jay's adventures with a pink hippobear!

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PostSubject: Jay's adventures with a pink hippobear!   Thu 08 Apr 2010, 7:38 pm

hey all!!! im re-starting my fan fic with new pokemon and stuff so here we go! i think im gunna try to write it in first person... oh and the thing says "Jay's adventures" but its actually "Jack's adventures"

Chapter One!
Mega adventure starter!

The green pokemon threw its body against the little boulder, unfortunatley the boulder blew up...
Hey all! Im Jack, 12 years old. I should probably tell you how things got to this exploding rock so I will.
My adventure started a few days ago at my house...

I was brushing my teeth and my mom was downstairs in the kitchen. I was going to see Proffesser Elm today and i didnt want my mom to be fussing over how I looked so i climbed out the window and called through an open window,
"SEE YA MOM! IM GUNNA GO GET MY POKEMON!", and started to run. I think im a pretty avreage lookin' asian. Black hair that is usually standing up with black eyes that look brown with dark brown flecks if our looking at them in the light. Just your average asian kid...
*Earlier that day*
"hey kid! you wanna go to the city with us?"
"I would, but i gotta keep people from goin' into the grass"
"They'll be fine! lets go!"
"...Fine, i guess the people in this town are pretty smart..."
Our town is pretty small, but like most others the kids have the choice to go on an adventure with a pokemon when they turn 10. I decided to start mine a little later then most.
I walked outside and started walking west from my house, thats the direction Professor Elm's lab is.
As i was walking i started thinking about which pokemon to get. I had studied up on them with my computer, each of them had their pro's and con's.
Chikorita is a really sturdy pokemon with some high defensive stats, but its offenseive stats are just meh.
Cyndaquil has some great sp. att and speed but it cant take very many hits...
Totodile is all about the attack, but it is SLOOOW!!!
While I am thinking about the starters i feel a tickle on my calf, and reach down to scratch it. Thats when i feel the grass.

When i looked down i was surrounded by a sea of grass.
"Isn't there supposed to be some guy that keeps me from goin' out here...?" I say to myself
Then a pokemon jumps out at me. It looks like a little mouse with some really big teeth. As soon as i see those chompers i start running, but that is one speedy mouse cuz its catchin' up to me reaaally fast.

I was looking behind me keeping an eye on the little guy so i didn't see the ledge in front of me and i fell face first. That was when I saw a leaf come to life and ram into the little mouse. The two pokemon duke it out right in front of me for a few minutes before the crazy mouse falls to the ground.
"HEEEEY!!! HEY HEY HEY!!!!" I heard a familiar voice yelling at me. I turned around and see a dude in a lab coat running towards me.
"HEY! THATS MY CHIKORITA!!" He yells. I look at the leaf and finally recognize it as a Chikorita. I walk towards the Chikorita and talk to it and pet it until the lab coat guy gets to me.
"HI! Looks like you found my Chikorita. I'm Professor Elm." he said
"Hi. I'm Jack. I was just on my way to your lab, but i got lost in thought, and ended up out here. That Chikorita just saved me."
"Well, just follow me then. I'll show you to my lab."
At the lab the prof. and I talk a little bit about starters and that Chikorita. He told me that it was special because it is female and that one of his assistants tried feeding the Chikorita and came in contact with it. In response the Chikorita leaped out a window. He explained that this particular Chikorita was always having problems making friends.
"So which starter do you want?" Prof. Elm asked me.
"Well, i was gunna get totodile, but after hearing about that Chikorita I really liked it and it seemed to like me. So can i have that particular Chikorita?" I asked
"AAH! good choice!. So... Do you want to nickname your Chikorita?"
"...Dude, you sound like a video game or something, but I wanna name her Claire." I told him.
"Here you go. Most people keep their pokemon in their pokeballs, but some people like their pokemon alot and keep them out next to them." He told me.
"C'mon Claire lets go!"


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Number of posts : 103
Age : 21
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PostSubject: Re: Jay's adventures with a pink hippobear!   Fri 09 Apr 2010, 3:44 pm

RIGHTYO im starting ch. 2, but im gunna go with 3rd person cuz i kept switching between present and past tense words in my last story so here we go!

Chapter Two!
Crazy Rat...

Jack and Claire walked along through the tall grass just west of New Bark.
"We gotta train you up, right Claire?"Asked Jack
"Chika Chikaaa!" was the response

At this a a brown pokemon rose up on its tail to see what was making the noise. It saw the Chikorita, and apparently thought it would be able to deal with her on its own. It threw itself and Claire missing by inches, and Jack automatically countered with Claire's tackle. Claire missed but got into position for another attack, and Jack got ready for his first battle with Claire.

IT WAS A CRITICAL HIT! Claire took down the Sentret in one hit.
"Great Job Claire!!" Yelled Jack
"Chika Chika Chikaaa!" Claire responded happily.
"let's move on okay?"
"Chika" Claire nodde her head.
Jack and Claire walked along for a few minutes before they heard someone yelling at them.
"HEY YOU! COME BATTLE ME!!" A little boy ran up to him with a rattata.
"Okay, but im warning you my Chikorita is pretty awesome!" Jack said, "lets go Claire!"
"C'mon Rattata"
"Since you challenged me I get the first attack right? Okay then! Claire use tackle!"
The little Chikorita threw its weight towards the Rattata and hit its body.
"You use tackle too Rattata!" screamed the boy
the little rat, that reminded Jack of the crazy one that attacked him before, charged at Claire and hit it head-on.
Claire was getting angry at the little mouse, so puffed out its cheeks and started swinging its leaf around and around. After a rotation small leaves flew at the rattata and each leaf hit the rattata at a different place on its body.
"NO! RATTATA!" the boy screamed "i guess i should go train more. Here is some cash. You are supposed to get some whenever you win so dont forget!"
"COOL! I didnt know you learned razor leaf already! I wonder how i know when you learn knew moves..."
The little leaf pokemon smiled happily at its friend's praise.

The little boy returned Rattata to its pokeball and walked away. After they were out of sight Claire ran up to Jack and nuzzled his leg with her leaf.
"Good job Claire" Jack said as he kneeled down to pet her. "oh! look! its a town! we better get to the pokemon center. You look like you took a pretty bad hit there."

Jack and Claire walked side by side as they entered Cherrygrove. Anybody that saw them knew that the two had already built a close friendship.

OH YEAH! thats chapter two. might be a bit short but hey! and dont worry net and the rest of you. ill get some suspense in next chapter. im already thinking of it in mah brain. GOOD READING ALL OF YOU!
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Number of posts : 103
Age : 21
Location : In that one place...
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PostSubject: Re: Jay's adventures with a pink hippobear!   Sat 10 Apr 2010, 10:57 pm


Chapter Three!
The pink hippobear

Jack and Chikorita strolled into Cherry grove happy that they had won their first trainer battle. They walked into the pokemon center and up to the counter.
"Hi! Can i help you?" asked Nurse Joy
"Yeah... My Chikorita and I just had our first battle and i think she took some damage." Jack responded.
"oh. If you put her in her pokeball ill heal her for you!"
Jack turned around, held out Chikorita's pokeball and said "return" a red light shot out of the pokeball surrounding Chikorita then they both dissapeared into the ball.
"Here you go." said Jack
"OK just give me a few minutes and she will be prefectly healthy again!"
*3 minutes later*
"Here you go! all better"
"Thanks alot," said Jack "UH OH! I forgot! I told my mom i would visit her after i got my pokemon! ARGH she is gunna be so MAD!"

Jack took his pokeball from Nurse Joy quickly yelling his thanks as he ran out the door. He released Claire from her pokeball as he ran. He was outside and turning a corner in a matter of seconds taking the longest strides he could when he ran headlong into someone coming from the other direction.
"OOF! oh uh sorry! im kinda in a hurry!" they both said at the same time.
Jack bent down to pick up his backpack and when he stood up he found himself looking into the bluest eyes he'd ever seen.

"uh yeah really sorrry about running into you..." Jack said " I gotta get home before my mom kills me"
"Yeah me too. My dad'll kill me if im not home for dinner." said the girl "by the way my name is Luna."
"Hi I'm Jack"
The two of them started talking, and Claire walked up next to Jack and started nudging his leg. After a while she sees a leaf drift by on the wind and started chaseing it around and around. She chases it onto the beach and into the shallows where it lands in the water. Claire nibbles the leaf before a wave takes it out farther. She chases it out where a tide pulls her out farther.
"Hey what is that?" asks Luna
"CLAIRE! Thats my Chikorita!" yells Jack "I gotta go save her!"
Jack runs out to the beach dropping his backpack and shoes before he dives into the water. As he swims he remembers everything he learned when he was on the swim team a few years ago.
Stroke, Stroke, and breath, Stroke.
Jack was always a strong swimmer and was able to reach Claire in just a few seconds. He grabbed Claire and started swimming back to shore. Then he felt something wrap around his leg and started pulling him down. He looked down into the water and saw what he recognized as a tentacool. If he had been wearing shorts he would have gotten stung.
The tentacool pulled him deeper and deeper, and just when Jack thought he wouldnt have been able to make it back up the tentacool was surround by a purple glow. The tentacool let Jack go and sank down. It took Jack a while to register that he could start swimming up. By the time he had realized it he felt something pushing him towards what he assumed to be the surface. He broke the surface and swam as hard as he could while still holding on to Claire.
When Jack reached shore Luna was there waiting for him along with Nurse Joy.
"Oh my god Jack are you OK?" asked Luna
*splutter splutter*"yeah im fine"
"Lets get you and your Chikorita into the pokemon center okay?" said Nurse Joy
Jack and Chikorita rested side by side for a few hourse before they woke up. Jack walked down stairs and thanked Nurse Joy after she told them that Luna had gone home. Just before they left Nurse Joy gave Jack a few pokeballs
"I figured you need a few if you are going to be a pokemon trainer" she told him
they walked outside and walked to the beach to see if they could find whatever it was that helped them. After a few minutes they turned around and there it was.
Jack pulled out his pokedex and aimed it at the pink thing.
"Slowpoke." it said in its mechanical voice, "It is usually slow and immobile. It takes a large amount of provocation to get it to do much of anything"
The slowpoke walked up to Jack and sat down. It took Jack a while to realize what it wanted. He pulled a pokeball out of his backpack and gently tapped the slowpoke on its forehead. A red light surrounded it and pulled it into the pokeball.
"Awesome!" He yelled "OH MY GOD! I GOTTA GET HOME!!"
He his new slowpoke in its pokeball and Claire running alongside him dashed back to New Bark town before his mom decided whether or not to kill him.

there we go! my spelling and punctuation need some work but you can probably understand what im trying to say ill put in the pic. when i wake up tomorrow
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Number of posts : 103
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PostSubject: Re: Jay's adventures with a pink hippobear!   Wed 14 Apr 2010, 2:46 pm

been a while since i got mah fan fic up so im gunna try to get 3 up today

Chapter Four!

"Ugh my mom FINALLY stopped yelling at me," said Jack, "Well, i guess we better set off again huh Claire?"
"Chika Chikaa!"
and that they did. they leasurly strolled down route 29 encoutering few wild pokemon and trainers winning easily. After a while they reached cherrygrove city and took a rest at the pokemon center. After a half hour or so they got a meal and set off to train.
They decided to go north because, although Jack could swim, they didnt want to see any tentacool for a while. So north they went hoping for some good battles.
"LETS GO!" Jack heard someone yell.
He turned around and Claire instinctively lept into her fighting position.
"we'll see. but i havent EVER lost."Jack said "fair warning..."

"Alright Claire, I wanna see how Slowpoke battles," said Jack "GO! SLOWPOKE!"
Jack held up a pokeball and a red light shot out forming a slowpoke. Jack checked his pokedex to see what moves his slowpoke knows.
"so you know... curse,yawn, and tackle huh... alright i can work with that."
"lets go rattata!" the kid threw her pokeball and a rattata came out."rattata! use quick attack!"
the rattata ran, hit slowpoke, then went back to its original position in less then a second.
"slowpoke use yawn" The pink hippobeara opened its mouth wide and yawned. Seeing this the other pokemon yawned too.
"alright rattata use tackle!" Rattata tackled slowpoke but barely seemed to move it.
"now slowpoke keep using curse"Jack said
"Well while you are doing that...QUICK ATTACK!eh? h..hey! wake up! aaargh!" the rattata had collapsed and was snoring loudly on the ground. After slowpoke used curse a few times Jack told it to use tackle. It took out the rattata in one hit and swept the rest of her team.

After wandering around they were far into route 30 Jack noticed that it had gotten dark out so he started back to Cherrygrove to spend the night. On his way back he encountered only one pokemon. Jack pulled out his pokedex and checked on this pokemon.
"Zubat." it said in its computerish voice, "this pokemon wanders around only at night using ultrasonic waves to guide it."
"Doesnt look like much, but my team is kinda lacking so i guess im gunna catch it" Jack said to Claire, "its you and me alright Claire?"
"Chika!" said Claire while nodding its head.
"Alright, we'll go with razor leaf!"
The Chikorita spun its large leaf and a bunch of other smaller leaves seemed to come out of no where(>.>)
"ALRIGHT!" yelled Jack "GO POKEBALL!"
Jack threw a pokeball at the Zubat, but he missed...
"I should probably work on my aim...ALRIGHT! lets try again!"
This time Jack took a few steps closer and chucked the pokeball at zubat's eyeless face.
"Yes! I actually HIT it this time!"
The pokeball bounced off the zubat and extruded a red light surrounding the pokemon and absorbing it. The ball dropped to the ground and Jack went to pick it up. He had it in his hand when it burst open and zubat popped out.
"ZOMG i forgot...."
At this moment the zubat shot out a purple beam and hit Claire.
"Uh...That didnt really do anything...LETS TRY TACKLE!"
Instead of tackling, Claire rammed its head into the ground.
"WHAT?! OOOHHH confuse ray... GO POKEBALL!"
Jack threw another pokeball and this time he waited for it to stop shaking before he gingerly picked it up.
"Cool! I actually caught this one for real."
Jack moved to put the pokeball away when he saw that Claire was stumbling around like she was drunk.
"Ahhh..My bad. Lets get cha back in your pokeball then i'll go get you healed up!"
So Jack strolled marrily back to Cherrygrove with a new addition to his team.

well... im just gunna write one a day no matter what. so this is it for now
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PostSubject: Re: Jay's adventures with a pink hippobear!   

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Jay's adventures with a pink hippobear!
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