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PostSubject: Jumpluff   Sun 09 May 2010, 4:37 pm

So, not the definition of power, but Jumpluff does have things he can do. With a 55 sp atk/atk your really not going to be hitting ANYTHING, but, with decent typing, okay defensive stats, wonderful speed, and an amazing support movepool, maybe this lil cotton ball can earn a role as a support pokemon.

Ability: Chlorophyll or Leaf Guard
Item: Leftovers
Jolly Nature
252 spd 252 hp 4 def
-Leech Seed
-Sleep Powder
-Aerial Ace/U-Turn
Now we've covered the awful attack stats, but lets focus on something all grass types do with ease, sub-seeding. With great speed, 4X resist to fighting, grass, and an immunity to ground, you will get some easy switch ins, then you sub, either powder or seed, Simple. Leech Seed, as always sucks like 1 16th of you enemies health, and works well with Substitute which protects you from attacks, and allows you to regain with leech seed, and create huge amounts of subs. Sleep Powder, which actually makes this set stand out, being the fastest poke to set up sleep powder, combine that with sub and leech seed, and your doing pretty good. The last slot is either Aerial Ace for STAB, and is the only attack that can hurt grass types that resist your leech seed, while U-Turn hits grasses too, but also allows you to switch out to a better counter, keep in mind the awful attack stat. Leftovers are for some healing to be combined with leech seed. Either ability works, as they don't really matter...Jolly nature allows you to maximize speed, and 252 spd 252 hp 4 def gives you a bulky Jumpluff, thats pretty fast.

Ability: Chlorophyll
Item: Heat Rock/Focus Sash
Jolly Nature
252 spd 252 hp/252atk 4 hp/atk
-Sunny Day
-Sleep Powder
Electrode is a really good rain lead, and Jumpluff is a GREAT sunny day lead. Having sleep powder, and a wide range of support moves is just fantastic. Sunny Day gets your sunny day team off to a easy victory, and boosts your ability. Sleep Powder allows you to sleep potentially threatening enemies, while allowing you to set up snny day if you haven't already. Memento, is what really allows you to beast, a 2 turn potentially game breaking decision, as you set up Sunny Day, you then memento to a sunny day abuser, they set up, taking little damage, and you now have a early game sweep. Encore, allows you to make fun of leads that try to set up hazards or boost, while Reflect works great with memento, while U-Turn allows you to switch out, if you can't hit the other lead. Chlorophyll works great with Sunny day, as if they do have a faster lead after Sunny Day, your faster and can either memento or sleep powder. Focus Sash allows a for sure sleep powder/sunny day, or even a memento, while Heat Rock allows 7 turns of sunny day, which can give your memento sweeper a bit more time to sweep with sun up. The Nature again is for speed with Jolly, and 252 spd 252 atk 4 hp can be changed, as long as you have 252 spd, as your atk is awful, and if your using focus sash, you don't need def/hp.

Ability: Either is fine
Item: Leftovers
Jolly Nature
252 spd 252 def/hp 4 hp/4 def
-Leech Seed
-Sleep Powder/Toxic
Now this set may look like sub-seed, but it has a lot more helpful qualities, like reflect, or encore, or Aromatherapy, the possibilities are endless. Leech Seed catches an opponent on the switch, and you can switch to a tank to give it some healing. Sleep Powder is an amazing move to take down a big threat thanks to your great speed, while Toxic, which might not be as good as sleep powder, but might get a big threat like Suicune, or Quagsire poisoned, (depending on your tier). Reflect gives a huge benefit to your teams defense, while Memento can give your next sweeper a benefit, but will kill you in the process. Encore gives you time to set up sleep powders, or leech seeds, or even Reflect, while Aromatherapy clears your team of status. U-Turn is just for an attacking move, and provides scouting support. Leftovers are for some minimal healing, while either ability is usable, because it doesn't really matter. Jolly nature gives you max speed, and 252 spd 252 def/hp 4 hp/ 4 def is either for speed and defense, or speed and hit points.

Now that we have covered the awful attacking stats, we can shine on the support moves, and aren't you a little impressed. Having so many good support moves, it's kind of sad to see some moves to to the back of the cart, like Aromatherapy, or Encore. Of course this non attacking cotton ball needs help. Jumpluff appreciates strong attacking buddies, that can come in and kill counters like grasses and ice types. Although other than that, Jumpluff doesn't need help, he helps your team, but on the Sunny Day Lead set, a very strong set up sweeper is required for Memento, like Shiftry, who can set up either SD or Nasty Plot, and tear the other team to shreds.
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