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Friend Code Platinum : 4082 2306 9446
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PostSubject: Hippowdon   Sun 23 May 2010, 9:19 pm

Many Pokemon boast the ability to be defensive powerhouses, and for this weeks POTW, your looking at the king, Hippowdon. Huge hp, and defense, great attack, a unique ability, that raises it's special defense, and hurts the opponent. Hippowdon is the bulkiest pokemon in OU, and there's no debating that.

Ability: Sand Stream
Item: Leftovers
Impish Nature
252 hp 168 def 88 sp def
-Slack Off
-Stealth Rock
-Ice Fang/Stone Edge/Roar
Being so bulky, and still being able to hit hard, is definitely nothing to be taken lightly. Earthquake is for STAB, and hits particularly hard. Slack Off recovers any silly damage, and keeps this hippo alive longer. Stealth Rock, is for support, and is recommended, because it is so easy to set up. Ice Fang destroys any dragons, but Stone Edge gets better coverage, and Roar is only for phazing. The ability ups your special defense and hurts the enemy, while leftovers gives you minimal recovery. The nature maxes def, and the ev's make you as bulky as possible.

Ability: Sand Stream
Item: Leftovers
Careful Nature
252 hp 252 sp def 4 atk
-Slack Off/Rest
-Stone Edge/Ice Fang
Already super bulky, whats that you want to make it more bulky and raise attack, YES please. Because he doesn't care about speed the increase of atk and def help Hippowdon a lot through Curse. Earthquake again, is for STAB power. Slack Off is usually better than Rest, but if an opponent poisons you, you could become stall bait without Rest. Stone Edge gives coverage, but is short in PP, where Ice Fang murders dragons, but is not as powerful. Sand Stream makes your decent sp def even better, and allows maximum sp def capabilities, and Leftovers is for healing. The ev's are simple, as they up your sp def and hp, while curse ups atk and def. Impish nature helps maximize sp def.

Ability: Sand Stream
Item: Leftovers
Careful Nature
248 sp def 176 hp 84 atk
-Slack Off
-Stone Edge/Toxic
If you thought the cursing set was hard to take down, you'll never want to face this annoying lil bugger. Stockpile raises his obnoxious sp def, and def to great levels. Slack Off gives great recovery, and is preferred over Rest, because it's instant healing. Earthquake gives STAB, and is powerful, although there is ony 84 atk evs. Stone Edge gives good coverage, but toxic allows you to stall them out, as most steels are afrai for Earthquake, although watch out for Skarmory. Sand Stream gives you better sp def, and withers down the enemy. Leftovers give you some extra healing. Careful nature helps in special defense, a and the evs give great bulkinss, but also minimal attacking power.

Now do you get why I call him the bulkiest Pokemon in OU? Well if you don't try him out, and you'll be bulking your way to the big leagues. Hippowdon does appreciate bulky water support, especially ones with large special defense. Hippowdon also appreciates fast sweepers to take care of anything faster. Bulky waters usually counter nicely, or any strong ice attack, but watch out for grass type moves, especially Grass Knot.
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