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For pokemon Diamond and Pearl players who need a place to find others to trade/battle with.
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 So what's happening...

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PostSubject: So what's happening...   Thu 23 Feb 2012, 8:22 pm everything is being cleaned out. Like. Everything.

All the member's colors? Gone!
Admins Group? Disbanded! Mostly....
Mods are disbanded too.

Nearly all the threads have been moved to the new Dump forum. Located here.

Returning members, please go look there and PM me if there is a topic you want returned to the main board. Recentish/new members, please be patient while the forum is being revamped.

Revamp will see changes, so if you have any suggestions or things you want to see show up or be kept, post here.

Things that may possibly be removed or not be returning:
-Therefore, Elite Four
-Item Shop

If you were around for them, the GPs system has been removed until further notice.

[20:37:41] @ Prof. Cowie : bish i run faster than u!
[20:37:53] @ Prof. Cowie : too bad i have a car >.>

[18:58:51] 2icy47 : im so caramel

[19:29:17] @ Prof. Cowie : FLARK!
[19:29:41] @ Prof. Cowie : my friend humped a flark...
[19:29:45] @ Prof. Cowie : he's dead now
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So what's happening...
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