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For pokemon Diamond and Pearl players who need a place to find others to trade/battle with.
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PostSubject: Admins/Mods   Fri 24 Feb 2012, 2:25 am

Old team of Admins have been released, with the exception of a couple.

Apps for a spot on the Mod team will posted here later. To get this site up and running again, there needs to be a new team of overseers to keep an eye on things and help with any and all changes. That being said, nothing will be officially approved without the agreement of the rest of the members. All we need from mods is for them to be creative and responsible. Nothing will be official during the revamp, which means if you submit an app and make it to a mod position, there is no guarantee that you will remain a mod. Obviously, if you're a good moderator, there would be no reason to kick you off, so, don't let that discourage you from applying.

An official application will be posted in due time.

[20:37:41] @ Prof. Cowie : bish i run faster than u!
[20:37:53] @ Prof. Cowie : too bad i have a car >.>

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[19:29:17] @ Prof. Cowie : FLARK!
[19:29:41] @ Prof. Cowie : my friend humped a flark...
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