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 Breeding How To - Not In Depth

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PostSubject: Breeding How To - Not In Depth   Fri 21 Mar 2008, 1:00 pm

So, you may have come here to learn about Pokemon breeding or how you can get an egg. Maybe you've just opened your Pokemon Crystal, Gold, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald... or any other game that includes the breeding option. So I bet you may want me to teach you how to breed. Well, there's no time to waste and I've got plenty of time, so sit down and read along! I'll lead you through many lessons until we're complete.
Lesson One (Step One): How Breeding Works

Hey, you don't expect me to just tell you how to breed yet, do you? Well, first of all, you should know how breeding works. It's simply when two Pokemon get together, and if they like each other and stay together for a while, soon an old man will announce that you have an egg. But it's not so simple sometimes. Maybe some Pokemon won't get together when you put them in the Day Care Center. Then you have to take them out and waste money. It's better to leave them in for a little while if your lovely start has failed so you don't have to waste your money PLUS your Pokemon will gain some levels. This is a way I got six little Minun in my Pokemon PC before. I got together one male Pokemon and one female Pokemon. They were the same species and had opposite genders. Wish yourself good luck and put them in. This is a common way to get an egg. Usually the man stays outside near the house where your Pokemon are when you are announced an egg, so don't be surprised if he's not in the house.
Remember these helpful tips...

  • Opposite Gender Pokemon (they help, trust me! If you get a male and a male, you won't gain any progress but only levels!)
  • Same Species (most of the time this works, but if you do it with different species, then the baby will be the same species as the mother.)
  • Be Patient! (you have to wait. Do you actually think an egg will appear in just five seconds? You will probably wait half an hour before you see the man is near your Pokemon. Roam around the cities for a while.)
  • Non-Breedable Pokemon (sometimes you'll find non-breedable Pokemon. Do you expect baby Pokemon to produce more baby Pokemon? Check your instruction or guide books for more details.)

Well, we're done with this step! Go on!
Lesson Two (Step Two): Gathering Party Pokemon

Okay, now it begins! First, before you go to the Day Care Center, look in your party. You should have six or less Pokemon in your party. Find one male and one female Pokemon. Make sure they are opposite genders (if it has no gender, don't pick!) and they're not non-breedable Pokemon or you will not get any eggs. It's very effective if you pick up two Pokemon with opposite genders that have the same species. It's also quite effective if they have the same nature, but don't bother doing that unless you have already the same Pokemon with the same nature. If you can't find any Pokemon, head to a Pokemon Center and go over to the PC. Click and then roam around your boxes. Find a new-coming couple of Pokemon and then smack them in your party.
After that, you should be going to the Day Care Center. You should give the male Pokemon to the old man and your female Pokemon to the young lady if your game is Gold or Silver. If it's Ruby or Sapphire, give your Pokemon to the person that is there. After that, get out of the Day Care Center.
You can look at your Pokemon and ask how they're doing to the old man waiting at the fence (R/S) when you get outside. If he says that your Pokemon are getting along, that means you should be getting a Pokemon soon. If they aren't cooperating, then it's probably a no. NEWFLASH though! You have a high chance if you get a "they aren't cooperating" or they "don't seem to like each other" because I got six Pokemon Eggs when that message came up.
Then you can roam around the cities and wait until you get a Pokemon Egg. In a hour or so, return back. If you haven't gotten your egg in about three hours then, that means you're not really successful. But it takes patience so wait another hour. After the fourth hour, save your game and close. After three days, that probably means you aren't getting your egg. Take your Pokemon out of the Day Care and re-try my steps until you get down to the next lesson.
Lesson Three (Step Three): Egg Arrival

Once you come back in half an hour or so and see the man either in the place where your Pokemon is (G/S) or standing nearer to you in the fence (R/S), that means your egg has arrived! You were lucky enough to get some of your very own baby Pokemon. Talk to the man and he will tell you about the egg. He will ask you if you want to keep it. Press "YES" and you will recieve an egg. But remember, you must have one empty slot in your party, or else the man won't give it to you. If your party is full, hurry to the PC and put out one Pokemon and then come back for your egg. Then you should be ready.
If you clicked the "NO" button, you're busted because then the man will keep the egg. You will either have to repeat all of these steps again or you will have to wait for another egg. Sometimes you can get up to six eggs, but there's a chance you may get up to ten or higher Pokemon eggs.
Once you have your egg in your party, view its stats. It currently just has "???" or "Unknown" on its stats, so you will have to wait for it to crack by moving around. The quickest way to make your egg crack is biking around. If you bike a lot, soon your egg will crack. But in the next step, you will have to know some things before cracking your egg.
Lesson Four (Step Four): Crackling the Shell

Now you're almost done! To crack your egg's shell, you have to move around and be active. You cannot battle with your egg. And if you put your egg in your PC, it won't hatch for quite a while until you get it out. Keeping the egg in warm places may help sometimes. Walking around is a good way to help your egg hatch. Walk in long paths or roads, or bike on Cycling Road (Ruby/Sapphire). Biking and walking is a great way to have your egg hatched.
Battling can be effective too! Only remember that you can't battle with your egg until it hatches. Running would be another excellent way of trying to hatch your Pokemon egg. I will list all of the good ways you can hatch your egg quickly. If you have another way that is easier for you, then try your own!

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Battling
  • Biking

You may use those four techniques to help you hatch your egg or you may use your own. I don't mind which one you use! However, walking may not be such a good idea because then you may have to walk over two hundred steps to make your egg hatch. I'm not saying that it really takes you over two hundred steps, but I said it could. Shopping and battling can make you forget about your egg, and your egg can surprise you when you're just walking.
Soon, your egg will begin to crackle, and you should know by viewing its stats when you've walked, ran, battled and biked a long time. Once your egg cracks, it'll be anywhere! Like, once, I had this egg and it hatched when I was battling the Elite Four! Eggs can mostly surprise you always.
Once you're done hatching your egg, go on to find out all about your new Pokemon!
Lesson Five (Step Five): What's Come Out of Your Egg?

You've come to it! Your Pokemon should be a baby Pokemon, and I'll tell you something. Once you're done hatching your Pokemon, try to remember what your female Pokemon was when you started breeding. If your mother Pokemon was the highest evolution, then your Pokemon would be a pre-evolution of the mother. If you still do not understand, here are a few examples that should make you understand. Still need help? Go ask a friend or ask me on the SayBox!

Female Swampert + Male Marshtomp = Baby Mudkip
Female Mightyena + Male Linoone = Baby Poochyena
Female Wurmple + Male Wurmple = Baby Wurmple
Sometimes when you put both of the same species together and the mother and father are pre-evolutions, your baby Pokemon will be just like his or her parents. Also, remember that legendaries cannot breed.
Remember to check your Pokemon's stats to see its moves, its stats, and almost everything about it. If you still don't understand your Pokemon and how to tell apart your baby Pokemon before it's hatched, ask a friend or read it again. Or, here's another helpful hint. Check your Pokemon guide book.
Now, stock up some potions because your level five Pokemon is going out to train!
Lesson Six (Step Six): Training Your Baby Pokemon

Now you're ready to make your baby Pokemon stronger! All baby Pokemon start out at Level One. But once you train it and make it stronger, you will begin to increase power. First, before you battle in any hard grassy plains, head over to a place that's a excellent place for newbies to hang out.
Littleroot Town (R/S) is a perfect place to hang out with your baby Pokemon. In G/S, New Bark Town is the most perfect place for you. Probably you can take your Pokemon out for a stroll. Then head out for the wild grasses. You should encounter a few Pokemon. If your baby Pokemon gets badly injured, heal it up with some Potions.
D/P - Twinleaf Town
Here are a few tips while battling with your baby Pokemon:

  • Never give up! If you do, then your baby Pokemon will lose! Try some special attacks and heal your precious one with some Potions and status healing items.
  • Try not to get beaten! If your baby's health goes low, take a Potion and heal! Make sure you stock up on Potions. If you use a lot after a battle, go get refreshed at the Pokemon Center and then go buy some more Potions.
  • If you can't do anything and you're about to get beaten, switch to another Pokemon! That Pokemon will handle the rest and in the end, your baby Pokemon will recieve a lot of experience points and maybe gain up to the next level!
  • When you're battling in hard places, put your baby Pokemon in the front slot and then switch on your turn to a much more powerful Pokemon that can beat your opponent and your baby Pokemon will earn mega experience points!
  • Rest whenever you go to a new place to train. Also, give your Pokemon a few breaks at a few points.

You can try to use those tips to make your training quite easier. Whenever your baby Pokemon is injured, take it to a Pokemon Center, give it a Revive, or go to Littleroot Town (R/S) to ask Mom to restore your baby Pokemon. Remember, that's her specialty!
Also, when going to Verdanturf Town in Ruby and Sapphire, go in a tiny house in the corner. Your Pokemon guide book calls it the Happiness Rater. Put your baby Pokemon in your front slot of your party and then she will rate its happiness. If your precious one is happy or content with you, that means you've done yourself a good deed. If not, or if your baby Pokemon is confused, then attach yourself and make a bond between it and you.
Next time... learning other stuff! Now you're finished! Now gain some more levels, and get your old Pokemon from the Day Care Center before they get more eggs!
Lesson Seven (Step Seven): Multiple Eggs

Okay, when you read the title, you must be thinking, "Huh? Multiple eggs?" Well, I'll explain to you. You can get up to six to ten eggs. Maybe sometimes you can get more! Every once in a while after you get your first egg, another egg comes. So you better get your couple out before a million eggs come!
I recommend one egg per month, because if you keep on breeding, then your PC will be filled and you cannot catch any more Pokemon, even though breeding is incredibly fun.
Having multiple eggs can fill up your entire party as well. And then you wouldn't be able to battle!
Make sure that you have one egg each month or week or so, and then you may go on breeding and following my simple steps. Even if you did get multiple eggs anyway, this lesson is going to tell you what would happen.
Oookay, here we go!

  • Imagine one million baby Pokemon. Seriously, do you wanna train all that?
  • If they all got hurt by a million Mightyena, you'd have to be RICH to get enough Potions...
  • Uh-oh! You can't visit your party again!
  • You can't catch any more Pokemon!
  • You'll have to wait a million years to train all your Pokemon.

That's probably all, but it'd be a tough time. Do you understand now?
Having multiple eggs can be fun, but it's really tough work. This is also a reminder to organize your PC. You can organize by the types or the species or the looks. Or the sizes or the colors. That way if you have a ton of baby Pokemon, you can find them in the same exact spot!


Do not use legendary Pokemon to breed. It will NOT work.

Use the opposite gender, male and female, so your breeding will be successful.

Try to attach to the baby Pokemon so it will be more fond of you.

Those are some helpful tips, but the techniques are up on the guide, so if you forget 'em all, go look up and find 'em.

That's all the lessons I have to say for now. So happy breeding to you!

Happy Breeding!

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PostSubject: Re: Breeding How To - Not In Depth   Mon 24 Mar 2008, 9:02 am

Wow, who knew so much could be written on the subject of breeding.
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PostSubject: Re: Breeding How To - Not In Depth   Tue 25 Mar 2008, 10:14 am

Very Happy also another nice guide thank ya!
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PostSubject: Re: Breeding How To - Not In Depth   

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Breeding How To - Not In Depth
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