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 Full Description of Individual Values

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PostSubject: Full Description of Individual Values   Fri 29 Aug 2008, 3:47 pm

Brief Despcription of IV's
Individual Values, or IVs for short are numbers, from 0 to 31, given to
each and every Pokemon when you first encounter it either by catching
it in the wild or getting it fresh as an egg. These numbers determine
what your pokemon stats are going to be with 31 being the highest
possible IV and 0 being the lowest. If you have two pokes and they have
the same nature, same EVs invested, and same level but they still have
different stats....thats the IVs making up the difference. Iv's make a
big difference in the long run, as to how strong your pokes are against
your opponent and how much faster you are even though you and your
opponent both have a pokemon out that have the same base speed.

Do you know that thing at the pokemon summary that says wierd stuff
like "likes to run" or "somewhat of a clown"? well that actually means
something. That tells you what its highest iv is. There is a pattern
with it as well. If the description is, "Alert to sounds" the speed Iv
MIGHT be 31,26,21,16,11,6, or 1. Most likely it will be either 31,26,
or 21 since its telling you the highest IV, unless you have a crap
pokemon. Here's the list of what each description's possible IV along
with the pattern.

31-Often dozes off
30-Loves to Eat
29-Likes to Relax
28-Likes to scatter things
27-Often Naps
26-Often dozes off

31-Likes to thrash about
30-Proud of its' Power
29-Hot Tempered
28-Quick tempered
27-A little Quick-Tempered
26-Likes to Thrash about

31-Capable of taking hits
30-Sturdy Body
29-Good perseverance
28-Good endurance
27-Highly persistent
26-Capable of taking hits

31-Alert to sounds
30-Likes to run
29-Quick to flee
28-Somewhat of a clown
27-Impetuous and silly
26-Alert to sounds

30-Highly Curious
29-Very Finicky
28-Often lost in thought
27-Thoroughly cunning

31-Somewhat Vain
30-Strong Willed
29-Somewhat Stubborn
28-Hates to lose
27-Strongly Defiant
26-Somewhat Vain

Alot of people breed not only for natures but mainly for IV's. They
mainly do this by using pokes with good ivs such as parents, since they
pass down 3 ivs (one from each parent and one random one from either).
I myself breed by having a ditto with the nature i want and the IVs i
want along with the other parent. Usually breeding to get good IVs
gives you WAY better pokemon then to catch some pokemon in the wild or
something. Also some people go to the extreme of breeding for Hidden
Power(HP) by IV breeding, which can take a LONG process.

Checking IV's
People mainly check their pokemon IV's through an IV calculator from
a pokemon website, like marrilands ultimate stat calculator for
example. But in order to know what their ivs are, you have to know
exactly what evs it has along with its Lv and stats. The problem with
checking your ivs on a calculator, if your pokemon isnt lv 100......the
calculator will only give you a range of what your IVs MIGHT be. For
example, your checking the IVs of a pokemon whos Lv 10 and the
calculator says its speed IV is 22-31. Some people might think to
themselves " OH HECK YEAH MY POKEMON'S SPEED IV IS 31", but they fail
to realize that thats ONLY a range of what your speed IV might POSSIBLY
be. It doesnt guarantee that it will be 31. Its MORE accurate the
higher the pokemon level is.

Alot of people who just finished breeding some pokes find that they got
the pokemon they wanted with the nature plus the possible highest IV in
the description in the summary (like loves to eat, alert to
sounds...etc). So what they do is give that pokemon a couple of rare
candies and then check using a calc or they train it to a reasonable Lv
(like 15 or so) by doing the exp share method with a high lved poke
,and then check it (considering you put down what evs you just invested
on the pokemon).

The most effective way of checking a pokes ivs are through iv battles.
When you battle, the pokemon Lv elevates up all the way to Lv 100. If
you check a pokemon IVs if its Lv 100 on a calc, it wont give you a
range of its possible ivs, it will tell you what its exact Ivs are.
This is why its the most effective way of checking them.

How to do IV battles
-Basically just post in the iv battle thread i made or ask someone for an IV battle first through pm or whatever.
-Make sure when you set the conditions for the battle that its set to Single battle (or double if you want) Lv 100.
-Once the battle has started, go press the option that you normally do to switch
-Then check your pokemon summary
-Now just write down the pokemon stats on piece of paper or somewhere. Do this for all the pokes in your party.
-Once your done writting them down, either make a move in battle by
using an attack or switching......or either run away or disconnect.
-Once the IV battle is over, just check your pokemon stats in a calculator and your set!

Some people check their ivs in a calculator while the iv battle is
going on, which WASTES MORE TIME. since it takes a while to check each
single pokemons ivs. Its way better to write them down and check after
you have disconnected or ran away from the battle. This saves you and
the other persons time. This also allows you to check your pokemon ivs
later just incase your forgot or something.
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PostSubject: Re: Full Description of Individual Values   Thu 25 Sep 2008, 9:33 pm

uhh.... if you dont know the EVs you put into your pokemon in IV battle, you wouldnt get a proper iv set up either... IV battle is prolly one of my favorite ideas good stuff. this can be done at lvl 1 on a prestage it doesnt matter
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Prof. Cowie

Number of posts : 137
Age : 30
Trainer Type : Edumacator....
Friend Code D/P : gonna hve to be my friend to get it >=3
My Pokemon Team :
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Registration date : 2008-02-25

PostSubject: Re: Full Description of Individual Values   Thu 25 Sep 2008, 9:39 pm

wtf lol O.O have you ever IV bred? passing IVs 3 set by parents is a generation 3 trait.... edit please... Ivs on parents tend to help the IVs on the child like real genes... your mom could be a skilled painter and maybe u wont be as good as her but chances are you'll have the talent
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PostSubject: Re: Full Description of Individual Values   

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Full Description of Individual Values
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