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 my Platinum team

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PostSubject: my Platinum team   Sun 14 Sep 2008, 8:47 pm

well since Platinum is drawing closer and closer to the US I decided to make a team for the game so I can beat it quicker >=] lol well here it is
by the way natures, items and moves will reamin confidental just have fun look at the glamerous pokes. lol

Calm Mind
Hydro Pump
Ice Beam

Close Combat
Blaze Kick
Thunder Punch
Rock slide

Calm Mind
Thunder bolt
Shadow ball
Destiny Bond

Ariel Ace
Night Slash
Double Hit

(why not Togekiss you say? well simple answer TOGETIC RULE AND THEY ARE MUCH CUTER)
Ancient Power
thunder wave

Sludge bomb
Energy Ball
Weather ball
Shadow ball

lol I am going to start this team in my diamond version and I won't evolve them until I put them in Platinum wooo for ev training in diamond advantage lol :]

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PostSubject: Re: my Platinum team   Mon 15 Sep 2008, 4:07 pm

lol i like how u put in ur mascot so i wont say anything about that

but ur next few choices concern me for two reasons...
1) a lot of flying types on the team (and yes togetic <3 is the cutest form)
2) i think you could use another wall on that team but remember i dont know how ur using these pokemon so if u make a wall golduck or something else then go with it

now that the moves are in i see problems too (but remember net this is a very good team for a game u prollly gonna sweep)
1) unless that scyther has a choice band u should give him swords dance and take out double-hit
2) i didnt really see but i dont think u put blimmy as a sub-er, you should teach it substitute/calm mind/and then other moves

i like how ur golduck has hypnosis (it gonna surprise Cynthia.....little ho....)
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my Platinum team
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