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 Pokemon fanfiction:Pokemon: The Legend of the Guardian

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PostSubject: Pokemon fanfiction:Pokemon: The Legend of the Guardian   Fri 12 Dec 2008, 11:50 pm

Hope you like this pokemon story i made

chapter 1
Guardian. What is a Guardian? A Guardian is someone who protects no matter what the cost. A Guardian will fight until the bitter end. A Guardian will even give his or her life to keep others safe. It is also true that a Guardian may be pared with a legendary Pokemon in order to serve and protect the land.

This is the legend of the sacred Guardians that has been passed down generation through generation…

Hooves pounding and heart pounding, a Rapidash and his rider raced through the forest that surrounded Rota. Both feared that they were too late to protect Cameron Castle and Queen Rin. Another worry that was added was that Sir Aaron was at the castle alone. No. Not alone. He has Lucario, the rider thought.

The rider was a woman named Jean. She looked like a mythical warrior rather than a mere woman. Her long brown hair, which had been pulled back into a ponytail, was flowing behind her. Her pale blue eyes focused straight ahead. She even wore armor—lightweight, yet durable, armor covered her chest and back. Her white tunic showed through in the cracks of the armor. Jean even had a sword by her side.

“Rapidash! We must make haste! We cannot allow Aaron and Lucario to face off against those armies alone!” Jean’s voice sounded desperate. She had to reach Aaron. Had to.

Rapidash whinnied and galloped faster. He wanted to reach the battle as much as she did. He knew that this would be an ugly battle and that Cameron Castle might fall if it were to take place. Suddenly, the duo reached the end of the forest.

“Oh my…” Jean whispered. Her eyes locked on the two armies massing. “There is no way we can defeat all of them.” Then she sensed that someone was coming. She looked up. A Fearow was riding the thermals, but it was also carrying someone.

“Jean!! Do you see that?” Sarah, a friend of Jean’s, yelled down. Sarah wore a pink and white tunic. She did not wear any armor, though.

Jean sighed and dismounted. She waited for the Fearow to land before saying, “Yeah. I’d have to be blind not to see it. Can you believe how many people are there?”

“Not to mention Pokemon…” Sarah muttered.

Jean bit her lower lip and turned back to face the battle. “What do you think the odds are that Aaron is down there?”

“Pretty good,” Sarah answered bitterly. She didn’t like the fact that Aaron might be in the battle either. Sarah was Aaron’s older sister.

Jean sighed and glanced back at Rapidash. “Do you think we can fight off such an army?” She asked Sarah.

“Who? You, me, Rapidash, and Fearow? Are you joking?” That was Sarah’s answer.

Jean sighed, “I’ll take that as a no.” She rubbed her hands together and tried to think of a way they could reach Aaron before his luck ran out. If he’s down there, not even Lucario can save him, she thought.

Sarah noticed Jean’s determined look and said, “No. Jean. No. If you go down there, then you and Rapidash will parish. You can’t face the army on your own.”

“I know that. It’s just that…” Jean paused. Something bad was about to happen. Rapidash reared up on his back legs and whinnied in fear. The crystals that surrounded Rota and the castle began to glow green. “What’s going on?”

Sarah shrugged, “Maybe something is happening at the Tree of Beginning?”

“I hope not.” Jean muttered. The crystals began to release a strange green ray of light. “What is this?!”

Fearow opened her wings and cried out, “Row!”

“I don’t like this. Not at all.” Sarah stepped away from the crystals and watched the armies. “Something is going on down there. Look.” She pointed.

Jean’s gaze followed Sarah’s finger. The armies were beginning to disperse. “The light must have spooked them.”

“That light came from Aura.” A new voice said. Jean and Sarah turned. A very old woman stood behind them. “I fear for the worst. Aaron or Lucario must have reached the Tree of Beginning and gave Mew his power.”

Jean gasped, “Elder Guardian of Ho-oh, what do you mean?”

The Elder Guardian of Ho-oh looked at Jean. The old woman wore a dress that showed all colors of the rainbow. On her gray head was a headband made from the feathers of Ho-oh. “They might have decided that the only way to save the castle was to sacrifice themselves to Mew. Mew, in turn, would have used the aura that came from their bodies and saved the region.”

“How would we know who it was that died?!” Sarah asked eagerly.

The Elder Guardian of Ho-oh smiled sadly, “We don’t. However, if Lucario returns to us, then we will know that Aaron died. If Aaron returns, then Lucario gave up his life.”

“What if neither of them returns?” Jean asked

The Elder Guardian paused, “Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen.” Jean and Sarah looked at each other. “I understand your fear. Sarah, Aaron is your baby brother. Jean, Aaron is your fiancée. However, you two must have faith. Everything will be as it should.”

Sarah nodded, “I understand.”

“But in the meantime, we must make plans just in case something unforeseen happened. I will call all the local Guardians to our hideout. We will decide what needs to be done.” The Elder began to walk away. “Guardian of Mew. Guardian of Latias. Let us make haste. We don’t want the Council to be waiting, do we?”

Jean and Sarah reacted quickly. Sarah went to Fearow and straddled her body. The bird Pokemon cried out and began to flap hard. They slowly rose from the ground.

Jean, on the other hand, leaped on Rapidash’s back. She calmly tucked her sword close to her body and grabbed the reins. With a soft yell, she and Rapidash took off back to the headquarters of the Guardians.

The Elder Guardian of Ho-oh, for a moment or two, gazed at the Tree of Beginning. She had no doubt who died. She knew. Sir Aaron, the younger brother of Sarah and future husband of Jean, had sacrificed himself in order to protect the castle. The Elder closed her green eyes. And now the Council will decide what needs to be done in order to prevent further attacks. With that thought, she picked a leaf from a tree limb and blew on it. The sound carried far and wide. The Elder watched as Ho-oh flew overhead. The sacred Ho-oh would be her transportation back to the Council.

more chapters coming soon
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon fanfiction:Pokemon: The Legend of the Guardian   Sat 13 Dec 2008, 9:19 am

thats cool. but you spelled perish rong. otherwise its really interesting. but wasnt it lucario that died in the past to stop the armies?
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Pokemon fanfiction:Pokemon: The Legend of the Guardian
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